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  1. this thread is about 2 months old but it might be handy
  2. Why would anyone pay for a scenario when most of the good one's are free? there is NO market for it I find the whole idea that some feels they could or should or would like to make money from this "hobby" by offering their (questionable) wares (scenarios) for $ale, objectionable and bordering on profoundly offensive! But that is just my personal opinion! carry on and all that other stuff about it NOT in keeping with the spirit of sharing and community and that stuff too! -tom w
  3. What does HSG and CSDT mean/stand for? just curious thanks -tom w
  4. Thanks! I would be VERY interested in the Battle of the Bulge packs and some of the Action around Stoumont or La Gleize or the Santitorium like the "good olde days" in CMBO he he thanks -tom w
  5. This is it This is the WHOLE truth I have played and Enjoyed the CM series since the CMBO beta days. I have been a Loyal and patient customer I have purchased the CMBB companion book and ALL three CM releases for my OS 9 Mac BUT guess what????? I don't have a mac that can run OS 9 any more Right now I am on a zippy 15 inch 1.25 Ghz G4 Mac laptop and it won't boot into OS 9 do I have any old computers? SURE!! a Crappy old G3 it only has 8 megs of VRAM so it won't run CMAK! BUT Did I buy CMAK?? .... YES, because I am either Loyal or Stupid!! (pick one) Here
  6. Does anyone else have any experience with this issue? does the fix work as expected?? Thanks for the update -tom w
  7. did he say it freezes when the mac Sleeps? This is a long KNOWN problem with all the CMx games from CMBO to CMBB and I will Bet for CMAK to if you let your Mac go to sleep the game is GONE! wake up the mac and the game screen is white only and then you have to reboot but the auto save in CMBB did catch the last thing that happened in the game. is this issue the Mac Sleeps and the Game Freezes and you need to reboot issue? (or not?) -tom w
  8. anyone have any other news or new tests with the new driver? anything new to report here? I still don't have an older Mac to test the new driver on. sorry -tom w
  9. I have the same problem does this problem occur in the same way in the full version of the game I only have the demo so far so I don't know for sure. -tom w
  10. Thanks for the update!!! That's GREAT news! anyone else test this new driver yet! -tom w
  11. OK then If you have a Dual Boot TiBook that is mHz 867 or newer then you might be seeing the problem caused by the ATI driver when you play CMx in OS 9. The very last Dual boot mac TiBooks had this problem due to there video cards and the poorly supported ATI video driver..... I regret I don't have a dual boot Mac TiBook at hand to test the new driver but I do have a copy of the beta driver. (just in case one comes my way!) Thanks Matt!!! -tom w
  12. Does this same thing happen in CMAK? IS there any chance there is NOW a new ATI driver released (rumoured to be RELEASED) to fix this problem in the dual boot macs??? anyone have any NEW news on this issue? Matt -tom w
  13. Did anyone else here get the e-mail that notified you of a possible NEW ATI driver for the 9000 card that might solve the CM pyschedelic colours problem in some dual boot machines. I don't have a dual boot computer "handy" to test it on but there is a rumour of a NEW ATI driver that will work in the latest dual boot macs and "fix" the graphics problem the old driver was causing. Any one else heard of this?? I am wondering if MadMatt would like to post any thing further here?? -tom w
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