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  1. I like the new scenarios for free! Thanks! Just started playing them now.
  2. Yes For $4.99 its a lot of game, with a free 1.1 update to follow. IMHO It IS pretty cool for what is it!
  3. I would like to suggest that might be fair to say about the iPad1 and even the iPad2 but the New iPad is supposed to be A LOT faster and better at handling "Resource hungry, CPU intensive, 3D games" if I am not mistaken. CM Touch runs pretty well on my iPad2 but I would really like to see and feel the difference of how the New iPad would handle the game. FWIW
  4. It may be more an advantage to the human player VS the AI. It could be an Allied tank or a German tank, but it is the clever human player that lines up the tank in the correct position with respect to the Bocage that gives the camouflaged tank the advantage. I can not say this for sure, but I highly doubt the AI is using the same tactic. FWIW
  5. The tutorial was FANTASTIC (I sincerely hope, with our help, it goes viral)
  6. yes an editor on the desktop computer would be nice
  7. OK but clearly there are some hard/real technical limits that any iPad game has to work within, and from what they are saying, they have forsaken the iPad 1 as lacking the minimum hardware standard to make the game work and I am guessing they are pushing the limit of what they can do given the technical limitations of the iPad2 I agree with the main thrust of your point, "they should put the peddle to the metal and GivER!" but I would humbly suggest they are in fact doing just that, having played CM Touch today for about 2 hrs!
  8. Like what? Sorry I may be a little to Combat Mission "centric" and I am sorry I don't know what else out there like turn base strategy games are available for my iPad2? (I am also cheap and tend to only look for the free downloads. What I am missing?) thanks
  9. When you start selling add ons and scenario packs for $0.99 each, you should have no problem$ at all!
  10. Um 30 sec turns.. wego only, Internet automatic opponent finder... for starters.
  11. In the picture of the Pz IVH late where all the sub systems are green (good) the crew is Regular and they are in PANIC mode, in that example it looks like their rear aspect is exposed, so they panicked and bailed out. (I guess) A crew can panic even if the tank and its sub systems are all fine from just one penetration as far as I am aware.
  12. its real, no joke, nice to have a little fun on April 1st I guess.
  13. Ever play Angry Birds? (they give that game away for free, but they SELL you the Eagles you need to succeed.) It would not surprise me that other scenarios maps and vehicles will pop up on iTunes for $0.99 each. BUT I am JUST guessing.
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