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  1. This causes a crash every time - doesn't matter if I select Marines or Army. Stock install, no mods, no added maps or campaigns.
  2. If I click play, I get an empty splash screen. If I close and launch again, the PLAY button is grayed out. I activate and I get this screen. Loopy-de-loop. Can I get a refund???
  3. Same issue. Shows both base game and Marines module update success. I go to play and I just get an empty splash screen or if I launch it from the desktop shortcut, the PLAY button is grayed out and it asks me to activate again. I've gone through that circle jerk 5 times already (and have probably used up my licenses). I knew that this would be a headache....
  4. Thanks guys and good to see you again ZPBII. Ok, got it going by installing patches in the order you suggested and it seems to be working fine. A little later today I'll find out if it will let me install and run two copies concurrently on two different PC's. Yeah - I've dabbled with CMBN (I actually own it as well) but for some reason (familiarity) I still hang out with CMx1. In fact, I see that my pbem turn just came in to my email as I'm typing this.
  5. Addendum: I found this link that seems to have all of the patches that I need: http://www.worthdownloading.com/game.php?gid=2525 Before I install v1.20, et al, I should ask - is it correct to run each of those patches in sequence for the CMSF/Marines combo pack (installer v1.11) that I just installed? Silly question: what if I bugger up my game by running the wrong patch or run them in the wrong sequence and have to start from scratch. Does that use up one of my PC installs that I have available?
  6. Wave - hi all - CM player of long ago, old school with a question about CMSF. Long story short, my son is very interested in modern warfare and so I thought of CM:SF. I was in the Marines and so I see that BF has CM:SF with the Marines add on for a very reasonable price. Great, I make the purchase. I install and the readme says that I am about to install version 1.11. Great. Install runs and now I run the "Check for updates" link that is put in to my programs folder. I go to this BF page: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_versions&catid=24&myVersion=1.11 So
  7. COI isn't ASL for clarification - I'd like to see a Dorosh ASL Interface mod - his mod made all 3 versions of CMx1 for me. Sergei has a nice look with what he has going there.
  8. Wow....a few years since I posted on BFC. Hey ya'all! Dorosh pointed me over here saying that my ears may be ringing (ok, not his words, but same reason). I'd love to move on to the next gen of CM and make a site (or update the existing sites) that supports CM:BN aka CMx2 scenarios. I enjoy chatting with fans of the game and the initial work was a labor of love for me as I loved playing the games; CMBO, CMBB and CMAK. Thus far however, I've only had a brief time with CM:BN so I'm not sure what it would take to make a site that was compatible with it. I'm also unsure if such a site is
  9. Isn't that what the mother is for? Signed, Oedipus
  10. If you look up CoC on Consimworld.com, the discussions there are making the comparisons of it to ASL - a more playable ASL for the ACW, which sounds pretty good to me. Boardgamegeek.com page on CoC CSW discussion forum for CoC
  11. Crucible of Courage is a tactical, company level ACW game that just hit it's P# so should go into production very soon. MMP has an excellent policy on VASSAL support, so no doubt that there will be a VASSAL module made soon after release for either live or pbem play. I don't know of any computer (AI enabled) wargames that are ACW company level-
  12. Let's start a thread predicting how long it will be until the next attack on US soil occurs - our President has already taken the first steps in letting that happen.
  13. All good but for the Vista. M$ is dropping Vista faster than they dropped WinME. Windows 7 has been pushed up for release 6 months early. We have a copy of the late beta running on some machines at the shop and it's a ton better than Vista- half the crap loaded, half the footprint, half the resource hog yet some really cool Ubuntu like features. I believe the target date for it is June or July.
  14. I hate to be blunt, but I think that 22 yrs remaining is an over-projection. High BP, diabetes, smokes and drinks. 22 years seems like a long time now, but look back at how quickly you got to 39. Start taking care of yourself dude, seriously - especially if you have a family and others that care about you, do it for them.
  15. Nah, I just keep them all chained up when I'm boardgaming....
  16. Cat and kid(s) owner myself with no problems playing and keeping a game set up.
  17. CM blows compared to ASL - IMVHO of course. Nothing (gaming wise) beats sitting across the table from your opponent as the all important CC ambush die rolls fall in the critical CC in a victory hex location. Don't get me wrong, I obviously very much enjoy CM but I hate when any game thinks that it knows what it is that I want to do and proceeds to do it for me. I love fingering up my ASL counters.....:drool:
  18. I'm hosting ASL game day at my house on the 10th GWDWD if you want to come up and play. A regular opponent of mine (well, regular as in I played him last month) who's a professor at Baylor is bringing a "newbie" that I'm playing/teaching in our first game. You could play against Kevin who could be teaching you at the same time.
  19. It was interesting how they addressed that - the first few lines are Cruise (or a very Cruise sounding person) speaking german as he's writing in his diary. Mid-sentance, he switches to english and then it just stays that way the rest of the movie.
  20. I was pleasantly surprised. If you have an interest in the subject matter, it will hold your interest. If you don't know the subject matter or have no interest, then the movie would get about a 63% rating because there was never that "edge of the seat" experience. Whether or not everything protrayed is factual or not I don't know, but if so, it does go into great detail about the plot and the execution of the plan.
  21. The idiots are going to lose more dollars in lost sales than they would of if they would of just put a simple serial number activation and let the bit of piracy that would of occured anyway happen.
  22. It's the liberal "tree huggers" fault. The coffee itself is ok, it's the cups that all the hotel chains are using now. They're "environmentally friendly" so that the planet Earth, which withstands hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, tidal waves and more won't be destroyed by us throwing paper cups out the window (yes, stolen from a George Carlin bit).
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