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  1. It's battlefront. You know it will be more complicated than that. First they will need to determine whether the hole is above or below the waterline. No, wait, I skipped a step. First they will need to determine where the waterline is based on the number of men and equipment being carried by the SW. As well as the density of water, which can vary slightly based on temperature and salinity. Then they determine whether the hole is above or below the waterline...the angle of shot will be important because some shots may enter above the waterline but exit below it. Af
  2. And Schwimmwagen. And partisans in Schwimmwagen.
  3. I heard a rumor (or a "rumour") that the MoD was interested in replaying France 1940. I think Battlefront should begin preparing now.
  4. You aren't fooling us Steve; we know that's from the CMBN Space Lobsters of Doom module. What we don't know is why the British MoD is worried about space lobsters.
  5. I would like to see realistic modeling of the sponson gun and turret on the Char B. I would also like to see a Char B. And it should be included in a '39-41 early war module.
  6. Despite the many steps, my installation has gone flawlessly.
  7. I would also recommend River of Blood against the AI. I also won, but I also felt like the AI kicked my ass. It has an interesting puzzle aspect to it, plus lots of opportunities for realistic tactics.
  8. I've had good luck using area fire with the new Granatgewehr teams the Germans have. They aren't as effective as mortars (and I keep expecting them to be like mortars), but when you fire enough rifle grenades, you will eventually kill some infantry.
  9. I've had some luck with having Granatgewehr teams area fire on an occupied building. I'm still kind of figuring out how to use them...
  10. It's not a magic bullet, but remember that troops can wade through shallow water. Mr. Agua...
  11. I played this scenario earlier today - I like it quite a bit! I broke a scout team off of two engineer squads and sent them forward at "move" speed to find the mines. (Right next to each other, near where you sent your guys). Once they found some mines, I send the remainder of each squad forward to mark the mines, and then sent the scouts on up to blast two lines of wire with my demo charges. I then sent one scout forward to breach the wall of the hotel, but when I sent the other scout to join him in the hotel, he went through the front door rather than the breach...as did a couple
  12. It's not my favorite theater, but I think a CM North Africa could be interesting. But I do think you would need to play on very large maps to get the flavor right and to permit some common tactics like using trucks to transport AT guns so they can be deployed ahead of the advancing tanks. This would also simulate the "the attack can come from anywhere" feeling. Whether my computer can run those large maps is another question. I think that the game engine can already account for things like dust and heat haze.
  13. Just played "The Copse" - very cool little scenario!
  14. So close...you totally would have gotten that jeep if the tank hadn't been in the way. I guess those are the breaks. Better luck next time!
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