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  1. The World at War Historical Flags version 1.3a mod has appeared in the appropriate section of the Repository and can be downloaded. Take a close look at the screenshots in the previous post to get an idea of what it does. I've been playing around with an experimental version of the mod which will be 1.4 if it ever sees the light of day. It uses flags or details of flags exclusively for the activation symbols. I'm very pleased with how it makes the strategic maps look, but I'm not so sure about what happens on the two zoomed in maps where you move the units. I wish there were a way to s
  2. Hi Bill, Many thanks for getting back on this before the files from Historical Flags and Symbols mod version 1.03 landed at the Repository. I'll restore the Union flag and activation icons to the Egyptian slots in version 1.03 (as well as the hitherto undisclosed and almost completed version 1.04). A fundamental principle behind the mods that I make is that they are graphics-only. That's important because it allows someone who uses one of my mods to play someone who doesn't without any difference in their game files, so no one will be accused of cheating if there's ever any kind of c
  3. [i'm trying out a new image host since I refuse to start paying for imageshack. Don't quite have the hang of how the linking works yet, but these images are sneak previews of version 1.03 of my AOD historical flags and symbols mod that will probably show up at the repository next week]. 01 (Click on link for larger version) http://i.minus.com/iYFfRn0IHGkDr.jpg 02 (Click on link for larger version) http://i.minus.com/iOS05yIzw8nKL.jpg 03 (Click on link for larger version) http://i.minus.com/idOVguw3nf25W.jpg 04 (Click on lin
  4. I've asked this question before for the Storm over Europe scenario in the WW I Great War/Breakthrough engine and I know what happens in that case. But I've just revisited my AoD flag mod and there are a few more Commonwealth flags that I would like to change, and this is one of them. As it stands now Egypt is flying the Union flag, but it should actually be using the green flag that it uses in the un-modded version of WW I Breakthrough. In the Breakthrough Storm over Europe scenario using a green flag for Egypt causes problems when reinforcements from the rest of the Commonwealth star
  5. I've decided, at least temporarily, that I'd prefer to see India flying a flag that is different from the Union flag. So India is now using a red ensign with the star of India centered in the fly. It wasn't really the official flag, but most people back then thought it was. It was also the flag that was used at sporting events, the League of Nations, the founding of the U.N., and several propaganda posters. The Historical flag mod is now up to version 1.2 and can be found in the Assault on Democracy section of the Repository.
  6. Graphics-only mods have zero impact on what is going on in a game unless they use up huge amounts of system resources. These particular mods should be fairly close to identical in terms of system use as the original game. Short answer: the mods shouldn't affect the stability of anything. Because they're graphics only, one person can use them and another not in the same pbem game, and it will have no impact on anything (apart from the user's aesthetic experience).
  7. While AOD is certainly very interesting and has potential, I think Strategic Command WW I is a very good and very polished game and is a better purchase if you had to choose between the two. You have to buy Strategic Command The Great War as well as Strategic Command Breakthrough, though there's a bundle which makes them more affordable. The configuration of the games as two separate entities is a bit unusual, and it took a while for me to wrap my head around the concept that Breakthrough is an expansion, but it really is. As I found out when I tried to mod Breakthrough, the Breakthroug
  8. And rather than take my word for it, there is a demo available for each game: download and play both of them, and see which you like better. Tastes differ, and you might prefer something that I dislike.
  9. Assault on Democracy allows you to play WW II starting in September 1939 in all theaters at once. The good part is that it gives you a feel for the strategic implications of the naval war, even in the Atlantic. The bad part is that even though the scale is not as abbreviated as its predecessors, there are still so few hexes on the French-Belgian border that an AI-controlled Germany may suffer from a logjam when it tries to throw its army at France in the spring of 1940. Most of the scenarios provided cover rather far-fetched what if's, though the assault on Malta could and/or should have ac
  10. As already mention in the Assault on Democracy part of the forum, version 1.1 of the World at War Historical Flags mod has been posted to the Repository. This mod adjusts the flags in Assault on Democracy's World at War scenario to more historical versions, and makes a few graphic improvements that are mentioned in the program notes. There will probably be a couple of more iterations of the mod to adjust my Storm over Europe historical flag mod's Nato 2D sprites to Assault on Democracy, but the current version is pretty much it for the time being. Don't unpack the mod directly into g
  11. Version 1.1 of the World at War Historical Flags mod has now been posted to the repository. To find it go to the Strategic Command WW II Global section and click on the Assault on Democracy subsection. You'll see it at the bottom of the list. I'm in the process of coming up with an AOD-specific version of my 2D-Nato sprites. I think I've got a way of distinguishing divisions from corps from armies that is consistent with the color progression I used in my Storm over Europe mod. I'm currently trying to decide what the appropriate WW II-era Nato symbol is for armored trains, V-2's, and
  12. I was surprised and amused to discover that the Red River in Vietnam is written in German (Roter Fluss) complete with the German letter for double-s (aka es-zed). I wonder if there is anything else like that buried away in South America?
  13. Version 1.0 has already been posted, and version 1.1 has been submitted for review (it will probably be up sometime tomorrow). This mod draws heavily on my flag mod for Storm over Europe. There are still a few minor issues that need to get ironed out with the activation icons, and I haven't really addressed the Nato 2D icons yet (but I will, eventually). Testing the mod made me realize what a good scenario Storm over Europe is, and also made me realize that the game I really wanted was Storm over Europe expanded to the entire world without reducing its scale. The invasion of France jus
  14. After much shoe-horning I finally managed to get all of the as-yet untreated WW I scenarios for the Marsden Hartley Historical flag mod into one place. Looking at the new file downloads this morning I found it a tad confusing, and if it confuses me, it is probably worse for everyone else. It doesn't help that I haven't figured out how to edit the displayed text on the repository page without re-submitting the mod, because I noticed one bit of text was written before I figured out how to combine the uncovered scenarios into one place. So to clear things up, here is how it works. There a
  15. I should start by saying that I probably don't know what I'm talking about, so take everything I say cum grano salis. My understanding is that the MPP per country graph shows the total of all income from all sources. There's another graph which shows convoy income and convoy revenue lost. I beleive the convoy income number gets included in the total MPP per country. If the convoy revenue lost number gets high enough, the convoy income number will go to zero. Somebody will probably come along in a minute and tell you what the real answer is.
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