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  1. Why developers still open up forums years before the game has any hope of a release date is still a mystery. Why waste the gamers enthusiasm ! Spare me the “when its ready” or a link to some 1-2 month old post. I have a full time job and family just as all of you and I can find the time to post a few words on forums., and I don’t stand to gain a monetary value to do so. How is it that a developer is to busy to post on their own fan forum, get serious Its like running a retail store and putting a new product in a display window , but when the consumer comes into the store to
  2. Been there -Done that Nothing wrong with CC, damn fun game in its day. To bad we are going into 07 not 97
  3. The lack of updates is uncharacteristic of BF period. We all know darn well if there was anything to report we would see it first, but the fact. It has become abundantly clear there is just nothing to update the forum members with. This title may not be or may not be making progress , how would I know, I have no inside intel. But its painfully obvious CMC is in a stalemate.
  4. If this was the case, we would still be looking forward to the CMBB demo
  5. Campaigning for the swastika and trying to add validation to your asinine request by comparing your perceived similarities to the Stars and Stripes is extremely offensive. :mad:
  6. Get off the high horse , Maybe you should go back and re-read this thread and how our enlighten forum members try to explain the workings of the Bill of Rights and how they apply to Battlefront. It’s a joke, why would anyone even ask such a question, perception is reality , that’s why ! Example: Ever go to a book store and approach the counter/sales person with a German WWII book in hand. Did you feel uncomfortable as they looked at the cover with a swastika.
  7. Lighten up, Frances Am I the only one that has a hard time taken this forum serious. To tell you the truth I could care less about the symbol or any of your personal view and beliefs others on this forum have. LOL, how can anyone be offended to a reply they received on a swastika thread IT’S A JOKE !, kind of like this thread.
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