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  1. Done. Good call, imo. I don't see any time in the near future to finish this. I am about to lose internet access for a couple weeks, then it will be Christmas, and so on.
  2. I think I am less than 20 turns left on all games, maybe quite a bit less on one. Waiting on St. Nazaire for a day or so, otherwise I am back to an email or two a day, average. I will try to keep that up--if so, I'd say two weeks to finish, assuming my opponents can also return at the same rate.
  3. Pace picking up a little here, but correct, no way all will be done in a week.
  4. Okay, okay, I found it. Didn't think of looking for an entirely new forum! I thought modern had been firmly ruled out, but it appears not...
  5. I read that thread, lots of allusions, no quote of a statement by BFC. I guess it's clear enough, but they could at least have put up a nice sticky topic titled something like "Another kick in the gut." Not that I'm finding much time for CM at the moment, or the foreseeable future. Perhaps I should be glad I won't be tempted...
  6. What are these allusions to "no more WWII" games for a while? What did I miss? I take it there was some announcment that the next CMX game won't be Combat Mission at all, I mean, won't be set in WWII?
  7. Apologies to my opponents for the delay. Real life is being a nuisance again--both work and personal. I expect things to clear up by week's end. Except SteveS. No apologies to you because of what you just did in Loaded for Bear. You just had to, didn't you? Sheesh. Now I'm going to have to change the whole plan...
  8. The best plan was to have me direct the Russian attack. That seemed to work very well for the defenders...
  9. Shouldn't be a problem, but no promises after the way this week has gone.
  10. Did seven turns today, all PBEM, but I think an extension is probably a good idea. Perhaps take a cue from BFC...when it's finished.
  11. Yes, we have finally started! Half a dozen files exchanged before it was bed time in the UK. I don't know what the deadline was originally (this weekend?), but I'm pretty sure we won't make it. Looks like most games are a bit slow this round, so I hope there will be an extension?
  12. Me + Russians = horrible loss anyway. If you've got someone who works from home as I do, it's possible we could plow through fast enough. I can't devote blocks of time to TCP play, but I can work in quite a few turns a day most of the time, especially on defense. Watch 60 seconds of Russians dying, click GO, repeat.
  13. Still no reply from my opponent. No hope of finishing here, since the battle has not even started!
  14. Turn 0. Still no reply to my setup. Email sent to Holien...no reply to that either. I think I was added to everyone's ignore list or something!
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