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  1. Spoilers I won but I cheated by reloading about 5 times after losing Shermans in crazy ways (one to a shrek at 500 meters ) As soon as I found the trench with the 88s, closest to the tracks I took out both guns with 60 mm mortar precision strikes... moved a few units up and down the tracks on my side of it so they had some cover. Some shooting ensued, I used the 60mms to take out the 2 HMG teams in the previously mentioned trenches... Then edged my Shermans forward near where I took the 88s out and busted some holes in the wire (i knew there'd be mines at the other spots). I kn
  2. Have you messed with in CMBN? IMO its much more predictable seeing as how you have to call for it with FOs and can restrict it to a point target or a several hundred meter radius. You can also choose a heavy/medium/or light mission depending on what you want them to use.
  3. I wondered the same thing a lot of the time... beautiful skies and no air support I enjoyed the campaign but I found it to be very challenging. Quite honestly, by the last mission I just wanted to get through already. Numerous times I had to replay missions. My biggest problems seemed to come with actually using my artillery assets. On the very last mission (my second time through) I decided to change to preregistered barrages at the start of the mission. My biggest pain throughout the whole campaign was spotting for my artillery. I'd waste precious time hung up somewhere rotating throu
  4. Any tips (against human players) for playing the Soviets in 43? The bad parts of 43 where your best tanks cant handle Stugs. And in the worst kind of terrain. Light trees open ground. Maybe gentle slopes too. Flat is a nitemare. KVs just run away from enemy Stugs from almost 1000 meters. It seems the only chance you stand is at close range. In an ME, should i bring regular tanks or Vets? green? I cant see how Soviets even survied that year. It seems like You can only buy as many tanks as your German enemy unless maybe you bought conscript which are useless.
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