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  1. I see the limitations in the equipment units. Thanks so much for the quickly answer Kingfish.
  2. I see units that no exist for 21┬║PZD in Normandy on Dday :confused: -Puma (no exist) -Panzer IVG (one tank only:5Ko/IIAbt/22Reg) What could be the equivalent to the SOMMUA in the game CMBO?. I think This was the second main battle tank (the first was Panzer IV H) for the 21┬║panzerdivision. PzKpfw 35-SOMMUA(french) Armament (mm) -Main 47 mm -Second 7.5mm http://www.wwiivehicles.com/html/france/s_35.html Thanks
  3. Now without drastic changes in the engine,but with different graphics could be possible: A-Napoleonic European wars. B-Independence American wars. 1-in the era of the "Rifles" the top range of artillery in this era was 1800 meters (with the most heavy artillery of 12 pounds).Not exist the "indirect fire" of artillery. 2-There was not tanks or air units. But the range of artillery in Napoleonic era done a new opportunity for those beauty ships and interesting close Naval battles as Trafalgar,etc. 3-There was Tactics very interesting (as the infantry with moving in a combinatio
  4. But Michael , maybe it isn't a "Panzerfaust" or a "Panzerschreck". Maybe it is a "Faustpatrone". In any case the fact that it is under his arm it is not relevant. Most important is the fact that we do not see in the picture an explosion blast of three meters behind the tube that can damage the soldiers behind. I think. And that not change that we must to expect a better infantry animation in CM-X2. At the same high level of the great mechanism of this game : CM. Regards [ January 04, 2004, 04:38 PM: Message edited by: Halberdiers ]
  5. Hi GaJ , I agree with the nice Tanks of CM. But I think that the infantry animation is a bit forgotten by the developers of CM-AK. You must agree here. And I'm not only talking about if the Squad have 3 or 15 soldiers in the picture. Similar to "up" and "down" , the "Column" and "Line" are basic and the minimum that we can expect in the animation for "infantry squad" in the develop of this great Tactical game,CM-X2. Movement--Up--Column Stopeed--down--Line Not only to recreate the eyes (that I suppose is already a very good reason for it self ,you know ).Most important, t
  6. Thanks for the fast answer Martin. I'm happy to ear your words about CM-X2. About infantry: I would suggest to the developers that: "INFANTRY SQUAD" could be a picture with around 10 men in "COLUMN" when are "stand up" and "walk" or "run". And in "LINE" when are "stop" and "down". Regards and Happy new year Pedro [ December 31, 2003, 07:23 AM: Message edited by: Halberdiers ]
  7. simply question about CM-X2: it will have better animations than these?...for infantry too? [ December 28, 2003, 02:19 PM: Message edited by: Halberdiers ]
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