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  1. Currently PBEMing the 1st opus. Remarkable work i must say. Kudos !
  2. If they are dug in at the setup phase, no you can't move them. The same if they have been immobilized from battle damage.
  3. It's difficult to write a review when you're not a native english speaker. I suspect this might be the reason why many people don't review.
  4. I've always been asking myself, when selecting a HQ for a AT guns battery, what the most beneficial bonus. Personnaly the double morale bonus is my preferred for towed AT guns. They are very exposed to ennemy tank fire so the longer the guns are able to shoot (before being pinned dowwn) the best are their chances. What do you think ?
  5. I'm just finishing to play it in PBEM, double blind. Excellent scenario i must say, one of my favourite until now ! Nice map and excellent tactical situation. (Be sure during the set-up to view the ENTIRE map, wich i didn't so i missed some of my troops).
  6. Ditto, that was an extraordinary scenario too !
  7. Motard is modern. WWII era term is motocycliste.
  8. I played Opening Moment in PBEM as the Germans, and won a major victory (my opponent surrenderent at turn 86, otherwise it would have been a tactical. Good show from the Tigers, two of them abandonned after immobilization by small caliber guns. They led the convoy and blasted almost anything that was trying to interfer with their advance. They left the road and turned right toward the big flag (not the last one, the one before). I was quite worried to let them go off road because of the ground conditions but finally it went right. According to my opponent, the battle can be quite frustrating
  9. Maybe there is a way to restore the file with Windows ?
  10. I have suffered a total defeat in PBEM as the Allies in this one. I had totally re-worked the default set-up, but it apparently based upon desastrous tactical choices. According to my opponent, my forces were too scaterred. Ok, but as the front is quite large and the visbilty low, i'd like to hear other experiences from players in this scenario.
  11. It's not linked to PBEMH. I've this problem too (i'm a PBEMH user myself) with some of my opponent. It is related to the e-mail provider. Sometimes ziping the file (which PBEMH can do automatically) solves the problem.
  12. CMBB B&T The Baskan Bridgehead CMAK Bir Hakeim All is Fair Brits at Anzio Panic at Gela I know it's Rune policy not to post his, but at least others scenarios deserve reviews.
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