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  1. BigAl, I've stolen your idea and posted in the CM:SF forum, you may want to weigh in there. I'd advise against the angle you're taking here though. All the good intentions in the world won't put bread on the table. I don't think anyone has to agree 100 percent with the design philosophy shifts in the CM line to understand why they were made. It's easy to judge when our livelihood isn't on the line; for us, CM is just a lark and a pastime.
  2. I'd pay 75 bucks for a simple CMBO gold version. I'd pay 100 or more for an expanded CMBO gold version (i.e. all CMBB and CMAK features like factories, King Tigers, etc.) with additional features - say portagable boats, church steeples, etc. You know - the whole point of the CMX2 engine was to save them coding time, so once they get the bugs worked out, it is possible they might be able to do something for CMX1 in this way - a final gold version with CMBO/CMAK/CMBB rolled into one with all terrain and modelling features in the same package. I'd gladly pay money for that. AND perhaps it could
  3. Haunted Tank! May J.E.B. Stuart and his fictional namesake Jeb haunt you!
  4. The rounded Panther mantlet is also modelled such that 75mm AP rounds ricocheted off the underside of same can be sent through the thin armour over the driver or co-driver's head. I believe this is called a "shot trap".
  5. Just did a search at cmmods and through all the forums here (archives and CMBO) - trying to figure out when Tom (?) first posted the graduated winter mods - the ones with bits of green peeking through the snow? I remember being blown away by how cool they looked. ISTR that the concept was so popular it was adopted for CM:BB as standard? I was hoping to find the thread they were first introduced...anyone have any recollection?
  6. The solution is to select "stick to scenario default" when starting the game. Otherwise the computer places all forces.
  7. I think I can actually see the logic to this, come to think of it. However, it is possible CM:C will keep the CMX1 brand alive for a few years to come...? Otherwise, having seen what 3-D modellers have done for Operation FLASHPOINT and other games...yeah, why not. Could be an amazing experience. Unless it helps them unlock the CMX2 code.
  8. The Scenario Depot. http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/ They just added "The Devil's Bridge - Arnhem" The Devil's Bridge - Arnhem I realize there is more to Market-Garden then Arnhem, but if you don't know about the Depot - you should! EDIT - oops. I see this is in the CMBO forum...the link I gave was for a CMAK battle...but there are CMBO missions if you poke around there. Try the Proving Grounds also, which is the sister website and linked to from the main TPG site. [ December 30, 2006, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: Michael Dorosh ]
  9. Yeah, I did a detailed one of Tiger Woods cause it was a nail biter! Ran out of energy after that.
  10. Managed to find it.... Fire On The Mountain This was quite the tactical challenge. In brief, I assigned one group of GJ to lie in ambush in the stream banks waiting for the Allied convoy. One platoon I left in my village as a reserve and to guard the flag there, a third group to assault the centre hill mass, and the far left group to assault the village. The hill attack did not go well, and was eventually augmented by my reserve. The attack on the village slowed down after gaining a foothold - too many Poilus in the village, but I decided to await the arrival of reinforcements.
  11. I get the impression from that site that the narrator was firing a large calibre (3-inch?) gun, with the M16 firing seperately in support. Ie it wasn't an M16 that took the bunker out. Edit - not a 3 inch, then: From his bio in the other link "The first squad was a M15 Halftrack armed with a 37MM cannon and twin 50 caliber Machine Guns. All guns mounted so they would fire together at the same target."
  12. Radley-Walters of the Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment.
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