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  1. WASP kits were issued to all infantry battalion carrier platoons beginning in late 1944, at least in Canadian service, so yep - they were fairly common.
  2. BigAl, I've stolen your idea and posted in the CM:SF forum, you may want to weigh in there. I'd advise against the angle you're taking here though. All the good intentions in the world won't put bread on the table. I don't think anyone has to agree 100 percent with the design philosophy shifts in the CM line to understand why they were made. It's easy to judge when our livelihood isn't on the line; for us, CM is just a lark and a pastime.
  3. I'd pay 75 bucks for a simple CMBO gold version. I'd pay 100 or more for an expanded CMBO gold version (i.e. all CMBB and CMAK features like factories, King Tigers, etc.) with additional features - say portagable boats, church steeples, etc. You know - the whole point of the CMX2 engine was to save them coding time, so once they get the bugs worked out, it is possible they might be able to do something for CMX1 in this way - a final gold version with CMBO/CMAK/CMBB rolled into one with all terrain and modelling features in the same package. I'd gladly pay money for that. AND perhaps it could
  4. Haunted Tank! May J.E.B. Stuart and his fictional namesake Jeb haunt you!
  5. The rounded Panther mantlet is also modelled such that 75mm AP rounds ricocheted off the underside of same can be sent through the thin armour over the driver or co-driver's head. I believe this is called a "shot trap".
  6. My CM:BO scenarios were such complete dogs, I will be happy to see them relegated to an early grave...
  7. Just did a search at cmmods and through all the forums here (archives and CMBO) - trying to figure out when Tom (?) first posted the graduated winter mods - the ones with bits of green peeking through the snow? I remember being blown away by how cool they looked. ISTR that the concept was so popular it was adopted for CM:BB as standard? I was hoping to find the thread they were first introduced...anyone have any recollection?
  8. The solution is to select "stick to scenario default" when starting the game. Otherwise the computer places all forces.
  9. Oh,by the way Sir37mm I appreciated your offer of a game (actually, I think you wanted me to playtest with you, you sneaky boy). Was tempting but my dance card is a bit full right now and I'm not sure I like the idea of herding cats. I do think being the Germans would be instructive - perhaps if the offer is open at some future date I may take you up on it. But thanks again for the generosity - will continue to watch this thread and the scenario discussions at TSD with interest.
  10. I dunno - looks like a Peng Thread special - how come the Canadians are all "Green"? :confused:
  11. I think I can actually see the logic to this, come to think of it. However, it is possible CM:C will keep the CMX1 brand alive for a few years to come...? Otherwise, having seen what 3-D modellers have done for Operation FLASHPOINT and other games...yeah, why not. Could be an amazing experience. Unless it helps them unlock the CMX2 code.
  12. Many thanks - I have weather info via Canadian Army war diaries but will have a peek at that. As for which areas I am interested in terrain... ummm...all of Walcheren Island, the South Beveland Peninsula, North Beveland, and the area from Antwerp to Bergen op Zoom, including Hoogerheide and Woensdrecht? As well as Groningen. And Deventer. Apeldoorn. Ijsselmeer... A detailed map of Groningen would be a real boon to a current project, though.
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