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  1. By an incredible amount, but I'm still towards the top of the list. However, the Members List is disabled so you can't see the comparative "scoring". It's just as well; number of posts means little compared to quality of posts, and I think I've contributed over the years at least as much as some, less than others as far as constructive contributions to the "on-topic" areas. wbs was asking just recently about my absence. Since I didn't get to give a proper "farewell" let me just say that I truly respected Steve's principled stand on adhering to his own forum rules. I thought the reasoning behind dropping the hammer in my particular instance was murky, but in the end I didn't feel hard done by. For those curious, it was more a personal matter between Steve and myself, and a personal contract between us I felt obligated to break for reasons that he did not accept. I am grateful the matter has not been discussed beyond that. I found it hard to argue with his logic. I don't imagine the fact my ban has slipped through the cracks is some sort of backdoor clemency so I will leave you in peace with this reminder to the gatekeeper to flip the switch on my account. I enjoyed my time here a great deal, and I wish the new forum good luck, success and long life. I'll see some of you over at Gyrene's.
  2. Are you willing to hold your breath until I reveal all about that evening in a Melbourne hotel? </font>
  3. To be fair, the Germans discovered that in May 1940, much to the consternation of the Matilda crews. P.S. That's me who just friended you on FB. </font>
  4. http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=52;t=004065;p=1#000014 Read sentence one. Not much of an invitation. As much fun as it would be for you, Combatintman, to see Steve and I swinging our purses at each other, I recommend you get your jollies someplace else. You can accuse me of chucking grenades - by leaving - whatever sense that makes - but your own comments seem more provocative than mine at this point. It really doesn't matter; Steve and I have been back and forth on the same topic in a few threads at any event and I think it has all been said. You're new here so I don't blame you for not knowing that. I do blame you for judging people without knowing the whole story. Settle back and enjoy a few more threads and learn the lay of the land. Maybe read the Peng Thread and challenge a couple of the lads to a friendly game or two. Introduce yourself with a friendly hello, they like meeting strangers. (Steve is right about one thing; gamers can be vicious bastards when the mood strikes. )
  5. Me either, though I don't come into the CMSF forum much. He makes excellent points I happen to agree with a lot of the time. </font>
  6. http://dosomefink.com/phpbb2/index.php?topic=2851.0 Fixing the link for you, Steve. It's not a private club; you're welcome to join in there; you always have been. I don't see any reference to dicksucking as of late, just some concerned friends and customers of yours talking about stuff that interests them. To those that don't know about the Annex, it was started when the General Forum here shut down after 9/11, as a place to discuss current events without disrupting the GF here. Mostly BFC forumites there, a few outsiders. Not as much traffic by far. Definitely not a secret by any stretch.
  7. Well, that's the way the way the cookie crumbles every time. You're on the team, anyway. We now have half-a-dozen know-it-alls in primo position to make the most advanced 3-D level, squad-based, company-level tactical turn-based wargame EVER that will oustrip Combat Mission, Steel Panthers, Close Combat, Muzzle Velocity, Operation Flashpoint and Panzer Command COMBINED and the only thing stopping us is the fact we don't know how to code it, market it, make the models, advertise it or deliver it to the consumer. And we might have argued a little bit about what colour the uniforms should be, but only because dalem is a tight ass about such things AND TOTALLY DOESN'T OWN HIS OWN MANNEQUIN EITHER I MIGHT ADD. But aside from all that, we're golden. The only competition we have to worry about is...well, everyone who posts to this forum, really, since they're in about the same place as us. But we have a great logo picked out for the business cards. So we're a step ahead.
  8. Well, when JasonC, dalem, dirtweasel, Cpl Steiner and I start to work on the BEST GAME EVER, you are hereby invited to join the Beta Team. You can even be on the Alpha Team. In fact, you can write it for us, because I don't think any of us know thing one about coding. And if you know anything about 3D modelling, we'll need some help with that, too. And if you know any girls, bring them along. You'll also have to tend the bar, proofread the manual, and snake the toilets on occasion. But you don't get to name it. That's the one part we've got. In fact, we have 325 "perfect titles" ready for debate. We might let you vote.
  9. Huh? There is no "fight" and nothing "between us". I just wanted to know who wished that Steve was dead. I never read any such thing on this forum and was a bit surprised to see reference being made to such a thing. If the inference is being made that I suggested such a thing, it's false. Anyway, as per the topic at hand, suffice to say JasonC stated very well what would have taken me five times as many words to sputter out without getting across half the meaning, so I'm content to leave it there. Webwing - speaking in general, if a game doesn't appeal to you, why would you buy it? You don't need to own a Smart Car to realize that they don't deliver a family of four complete with groceries from point A to point B, so do you really need to own one before you can criticize it for being poorly designed for that purpose?
  10. Even if you had anything at all to do with it, Steve would never admit it. You're welcome. PS - did you ever get that beta team slot you so stated that you so richly deserve? *wink*
  11. /yawn Now that all your hysterical ranting about me is over, name one person who feels that way and has expressed same. Just one, Steve. One person who has told you to "drop dead on the spot." You can't do it. And even if so, it certainly wasn't in this thread, so why bring it up? Emotional blackmail? Can't win a fair fight? /yawn
  12. Bingo, Ken. It's like viewing an actor's face close-up on a HD digital screen instead of one derived from an analog source; the blemishes, wrinkles and razor burns really stick out. Pitiless, but there's the dilemma. </font>
  13. Poisoned, dirty water guaranteed to make you sick in a city that's water and sewage lines have been bombed. Great thinking. How about cheat codes so you not only have unlimited time to make up for your limited tactical abilities, but an "instant win" button too? And an end screen that gives you the Medal of Honor after every scenario?
  14. Sounds like a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross to me. More likely a Military Cross, if that. The press are always quick to jump on any rumour of a VC being awarded. Not to say it couldn't happen, but the standard being applied recently seems to require death in action or prolonged/multiple instances of bravery or exposure to danger. Not to diminish his actions, but the press have erroneously reported on VCs in a couple of cases with regards to Canadian servicemen in Afghanistan also. No such awards appeared and possibly no recommendations had ever been made. It's really irresponsible of the press to report on such things in my opinion. The guy did it to save the lives of his comrades - not "win" a medal, or for that matter, have some jackass like me judge him in absentia with regards to his relative level of worthiness. At least those comrades who are buying his beer for him know what he did and what it all means; they may be the only ones. The reporter who scribbled that story likely doesn't any more than I do.
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