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This may belong in an already open thread, in which case my apologies for starting an unnecessary one, but I am pressed for time at the moment and can't spend a lot here yet. But I did want to bring friends and colleagues up to date.

On December 20th. I suffered a fall which fractured my upper right arm and had to spend the next three months in a nursing facility more or less incommunicado. I only arrived back home Monday and am scrambling to pick up where I left off. I had for instance 751 emails waiting for me which I have so far only managed to put a small dent in.

Anyway, expect to hear more from me in the future. For some inexplicable reason, I missed you guys.



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Welcome back and a belated merry crimbo & new year !  You're absence has been noted and accounts debt will be making deductions for time off without notice. You could have still used your left arm or, like Christy Brown, used your left foot to let us know you weren't in full working order but otherwise okay.

Now you've emerged I hope you're safety bunkered down and wrapped in cotton wool and being treated as a national treasure, during these tipsy turvy days.



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