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  1. That map looks great. Time to play some CMFI for a bit.
  2. The AI seems to like to select groups in QBs with a preference for allocating entire higher command groups to their own AI Group. I tend to hit the Random selection when playing a QB, and fixing that somewhat with adding another 2 formations, with the expectation that they will then be assigned to their own AI Groups. It seems to work for QBs larger than Tiny pretty decently, and seems more cohesive. The player would still need to prune these formations, to match the point total, using the system above. I will also start a QB, then save it, and forget about it for a few weeks. That keeps my selections forgotten, and random enough. Saved games are underutilized. It seems that they could also be saved and forgotten for a while/shared, to get the feeling of being dropped into command at a particularly busy phase of combat. I had considered a system for FR where I'd use AI Groups 1&2 for foot, and AI Group 3 for wheel/tracked plans. That way, people could select based upon those presumptions, and get a more appropriate AI Plan. I'm not sure adding lots of additional AI Plans above 5 or so would be to the strength of the AI, with the above in mind. Lots of penny-packet randoms running around, without the illusion of cohesion in many cases after testing this for some time a long while back.
  3. That could be a game engine thing, I believe. I think I had some of this when I was taking whacks at the buildings ages ago (they are...complex, and best left to Cassio's particular genius). The game doesn't do the next-generation ray-tracing deal, but there are directional shadows mapped. It seems to be based upon what models should be there, rather than what we might mod them to be. That may not hold for everything, though- helmets don't seem to cast shadows- but they can come off. If they are 2D based, the solution above would certainly do the trick. But these deep dives are rarely easy, as we know!
  4. The Alpha Channel on anything you want to not see will need to be converted to all black (0,0,0 RGB). It will be rendered invisible afterwards. As suggested, you will want these ModTagged. I'm not sure what other associations that file/files may have (other branches that may or may not be present in the scenario), but it will also affect any shared textures. Shoot me a PM if you run into issues with it still showing up.
  5. I'll post a bug report if it isn't producing a screenshot as intended with the standard combo, as I expect that impacts all titles if not working as intended. I don't expect that has been changed since the advent of CMx2. My old go-to screenshot utility FRAPS stopped working for me, maybe with Windows 10. I've had to go to the NVidia Tools as a replacement, which is good but you need to be NVidia-based.
  6. The best method is to play to whatever strengths are available. In most cases, this is longer-range firepower (particularly medium machine guns) that should be tasked to keeping the SMG forces at arm's length. Any armor or half-tracks available can work as mobile "bunkers", as well. In terrain that has longer sight lines, this is an easier task than towns and urban areas. In these cases, the fire-lanes should be investigated and strong-points established where these can be as well situated as possible. These scenarios (defensive ones, in particular) involve displacing your forces as the enemy advances. It also helps to establish pickets in any building interiors where the enemy may be infiltrating forward to flank your MMGs. In the attack, use scout teams to identify enemy positions- I tend to give these a fairly tight covered arc, and withdraw them at the first sign of trouble with smoke- easier said than done, but better than risking entire squads. Smoke any lane of fire prior to crossing, if enemy forces may have a good lane of fire. Recon by fire is also a decent tactic for keeping those street-lanes quiet. Infiltration is also useful, but that tends to play to the Soviet SMG strength if surprised- so head in close if the enemy has their heads down, from a direction they don't expect.
  7. Wild Bill has a dedication in FR. He was a generous and helpful guy.
  8. I'd try the delete that portion (by vertex, so you don't miss any faces) option first. The more "gone" it is, the better chance of losing the shadows.
  9. Is that an Alpha Channel knockout? If so, the light tracing will still be stopped at the "invisible" model and cast a game-shadow. Probably best way to do it without any unwanted lighting would be to remove the offending part on the actual model.
  10. There should be longer than 45 minutes, if that's the first Soviet campaign scenario. Should be 1:20, or something. Double check that you have the patch, I had to fix one or two times and it should be in there. The "group move" at the start is a great time for setting formations. If you can do a setup zone, you can position everyone then give the orders. I use that for the bigger first moves stuff, then expand out as chaos ensues.
  11. Those are done "on the fly" along the set path - I don't believe there are any 3D models for that, only textures. The FR new rubble walls are 3D models, however. The fences were the base for guiding sizing. They could be adapted into any number of things.
  12. Haven't seen that. Let's figure it out. -Make sure all mods are out of the Mod folder. Retry (I figure you have done this already). -Post your Save file here It may also help to know where it is in the loading when it crashed. Some idea of system specs may help, as well.
  13. I found genealogical websites had helpful lists of name conversions, when a place was particularly difficult to locate. The real problem we need solved is why crucial map pages always seem to be missing from archives, when every one surrounding is easily found.
  14. Of course it is. I'm talking about naming maps in the game due to their historical source maps, though. People making scenarios generally prefer that method, over contemporary names. Maybe both could be added in future games, if the need arises.
  15. Not sure how you used the German names to look up the locations (now with Polish names) - They are now in Poland. They were in Germany during the game's time-frame. They are maps set in Germany during that time-frame. No politics in that, if it was set i the 1980's the Polish names would be used.
  16. Wrong. Batzlow, Aarnswalde, Naugard, Marzdorf. That's seven maps set in Germany.
  17. Photoshop. "Closest" layer 100% opacity, they fade with each layer behind. Pictures are sourced from Berlin in 1945.
  18. That suggestion would be more a proposal for an order system for securing structures, dealing with enemies in bunkers, or behind hedges - which seems to be where most of the desired behavior would happen. If that isn't the going concern, an explicit "toss explosives" seems the option. This is the domain of the TacAI, and they do utilize their explosives (in close range) - which is probably part of why this hasn't been an explicit order. The AI also utilizes most every behavior the player can, so that would be an area it would need to be "taught" to utilize reasonably. We tend to control a lot in CM, but leave this (and a few other behaviors) up to the TacAI - it may be worth a suggestion, but what behaviors exactly to suggest (that don't upend the entire apple cart) is the question to ponder.
  19. There shouldn't be any reason the code is different from the other games, in that regard. A new command suggestion I'd submit for this (knowing there are many ahead of it) would work as follows - Proposed new order - "Seize" command. Order is plotted like a Blast command. -Unit moves to wall. -Upon reaching wall side of order, throws (if available) 1 satchel charge OR 2 grenades -Short Pause -Unit Assaults to location of order end (further Target commands could be strung to this, as usual for covering fire)
  20. I know - wish the diagonals were in myself, but we got in as much as we could reasonably get. Here's what I did have reinforced by your particular work - that CM does have a fairly viable way to depict urban combat, particularly in the hands of inventive types. The maps, and elements on them contribute to that, and give a sense of place. Of course - a "Clear" command, or some other type would be even better, but improvements happen in increments.
  21. Correct - the camera must be inside the structure to get consistent results. I aim for the base of the wall, and that seems to have the least chance of mistaken clicks. Buildings that join will not have doors initially, and need be added. For RT FR- Blown out windows are only with the Berlin modular set. Those are Mod Tagged with [germany city]. That building is building number "7". Those windows could be renamed to any window from any of the modular buildings to (not) show up.
  22. The Berlin maps were started not long after CMRT, and that required some urban-type additions. This factory was suggested for the breweries in Berlin, but can be any factory of course. The request was made in the original set of asks, and this building was a good candidate, being the largest (it had to fit the footprint of an existing one). We often have stuff in development for years, only to see someone catch on to a similar thread through modding the game. I remember giving you advice for your own urban mod years ago - that was based on stuff that I was doing for Berlin in the background, even way back then. There's always some ideas cooking. Some more cutting-room experiment stuff may get released here and there if it won't be used elsewhere. I have logged these factory bugs a few times now, they seem to like to stick. The texture issue will be looked at again. As Mike added, it is something that seems to like to keep popping up. The diagonal issue has to do with the building models, according to Cassio. The ones from MG are similar, in that I believe. That positioning seems to be fixed in place, unfortunately. You can see me work my way through that limitation by mixing in modular and commercial types in the maps that have a lot of structures.
  23. City-type modular building textures, horizons, some Flavor Objects (S-Bahn sign, and maybe a few others) all use those tags. Rubble walls are a Map element, and work regardless of Mod Tags - though you could Mod Tag it as something like a stone, wall, etc. You will also see something like [hungarygermany] - that one does Hungary, and keeps the German-style churches. Mod Tags also work with models, so this allowed an easy swap to Hungarian terrain with a few extra textures.
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