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  1. Anyone know how Mike is doing?
  2. Yes, dismount them from their current vehicle first, then move them to the new vehicle.
  3. The door thing is an issue in various scenarios throughout all games. I wish there’d be some way to know if it’s locked. It is frustrating to have your troops walk around only to get mowed down.
  4. @Sgt Joch I don’t mind that green troops are included in the campaign, in fact I believe it is most likely realistic for the infantry or other basic units. My gripe is only with the Oplot crews being green. The Ukrainians can only field a few of these tanks and so like Haiduk says these would only be given to their best troops.
  5. The Steam version works but not BFC version
  6. Red Thunder just did the same. Then powered through.
  7. Title says it all, I just recently had an update from Microsoft and after that update game crashes at 43%.
  8. Still no steam version. Maybe Slitherine forgot to send it lol.
  9. I’d like to call again for BFC to patch this campaign now that we have the subject matter expert weighing in. It really ruins an otherwise great campaign. The Oplot should either be crewed by reg or vet crews.
  10. Run a quick test but yea when I tested I did not get that constant rotation from the commander
  11. I ran a few test. It does not seem the commander rotating issue exists anymore. I could not recreate it, seems more of a skill level issue in regards to poor spotting or something else.
  12. @BFCElvis patch link is not working, saying invalid link.
  13. One thing that may be effecting spotting for the Oplots (and one of my biggest gripes with this campaign) is that for whatever reason the designer decided to make a lot of the crews green. Seriously, it’s supposed to be the best equipment they can field but the just grabbed some dudes off the street to drive them around?!?!?!?! Beautiful scenario design but horrible decision for experience lvl’s. It plagues the US campaign as well. One of my biggest gripes in an otherwise awesome game; high tech equipment that is operated by some random hillbillies off the street. Very unrealistic and not likely at all. I am wondering if the oplots have been patched though. If not why not?
  14. It looked like he was trolling the vehicle he just knocked out. I had no idea this was a feature. BF never stops amazing me!
  15. Interesting you mention this, and one of the aspects of CM games I love. In SF I had a Brit Challenger with too much downward angle right as an AT-3 came to make its acquaintance. The missile hit the top of the commanders hatch and destroyed the tank. Not saying that this is what you have observed but maybe. I am actually quite surprised by the dragons effectiveness as well. I personally have witnessed stray shots but generally if it hits, it destroys.
  16. Steel Division II that’s the other game.
  17. Agreed 100%. Nothing like it, it ain’t perfect but just like Democracy it’s better than the next closest thing lol. I have another game that I tried, can’t remember the name, deals with Operation Bagration and other east front battles. I really like the overall operational aspect of it and wish CM would have something similar, like you get to pick which units are going to enter battle. The tactical level battles of the other game are not my cup of tea. I really like turn based games.
  18. Was playing the Engel campaign. Completed the first mission, my infantry had some casualties but luckily for me it was mostly to k98 troops and one SL carrying an mp40. So imagine my surprise when I start the next mission and all my Stg44 are gone. I remember from ages ago this was a bug, it was actually one of the bugs that made me take a break from CMBN but I thought it was fixed. I know there are issues with saves for some reason or another so could it be a corrupted save or is this still a feature of CMBN?
  19. Grey just means that only part of your formation can see what you’re aiming at. How many meters away are your troops there?
  20. This was kinda my point. In other games I use the same commands and my troops launch away like they are playing hot potato. I believe it is an RT specific problem. I too wish there was a grenade specific command. I would also like to see an option for vehicles to fire different rounds like there is for fire smoke, fire HE, Heat, AP, missile or machine gun etc.... RT-FR is in my opinion (yes I spelled that out cause I’m an adult) one of the best BFC releases but with a few odd game specific bugs if this nade thing ends up being a bug. Such as I would provide a save to show my issue but alas the save bug has eaten my file 😆
  21. While giving a temporary target command within 30 meters the Germans seem reluctant to throw grenades. I am currently playing the first mission in the broken shield campaign. First instance, German assault team in cover from the woods given a temp target order to a building 20 meters away. No nades thrown. Second instance, entire squad in a building temp target a different building 25 meters away. No nades thrown. Third instance, Plt HQ in the woods temp target given 28 meters away in the woods. No nades or shooting in this instance. This could be chalked up to a bad roll of the dice but in other titles grenade usage seems to flow like the Nile. Possible bug but want other’s opinions and I will do more testing before reporting.
  22. When give your units a hide command you must give them a cover arc too. Because even on hide they can spot and will engage
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