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  1. This is kinda what I figured. Glad I didn’t start that go fund me for Poland invades the world lol.
  2. Yes very cool and thanks indeed. I actually mis-spoke/ typed when I said Kickstarter. I was thinking more on the lines of a go fund me. But Kickstarter would work too. I believe it would come down to how much is on their plate. As far as the patches go I figured it may be cheaper to offer now that they are with steam instead of having to buy additional space themselves. But like I said, I’m ignorant when it comes how that stuff works.
  3. What!!!!! I never heard this, what other games came about like this??? Would you guys be open to Kickstarter campaigns for different games/mods? I have love CM/BFC since I was a young lad back in 03 when I found CMBB in the PX. My biggest complaint is the slowness with hot fix/patches. Do you guys for see now that your games are on steam that the patching process will be streamlined some what? I know nothing about code and am sure it’s harder than it looks but if you already have something fixed, why wait months to years to release the patch?
  4. @akdso if spotting to the rear is the worst 90 degree cone and I place a cover arc to the rear, would it not increase spotting to the rear 90 degree arc? I have seen many instances of my atgm teams not spotting until I narrow their, with cover arc, zone to scan. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. I do believe like you have stated that it can also be useful to give HE units cover arcs so they won’t hit close friendly units as well. But just because you give a cover doesn’t mean they disregard everything outside of the arc, I have many times witnessed my units with cover arcs spotting things outside their respective arc. And on occasion seen them fire on something outside the arc as well.
  5. Well use the cover arc and see. I understand what you are conveying and agree it should see right away. But it’s hard to explain what I’m trying to say. I believe the code is such that the game isn’t expecting to be on the range. It thinks it’s constantly in combat and scanning for close threats first working it’s way out. Just a guess and maybe not expressing myself correctly.
  6. @dbsapp did you try the CM test with a cover arc on the t-72? I wonder if that would help. I get what Capt is saying, the game isn’t meant to simulate a range. The crew is scanning all around instead of seeing what’s at the end of their nose. Maybe the cover arc will be different result.
  7. This happened to me the other day playing CMBS. The wall with no door was blasted and the troops sprinted past three buildings to run in the front door. With my other blast adventures it would seem blast is a bit buggy at the moment.
  8. I agree in general. I will say it has been improved leaps and bounds from what it used to be. It’s seems now that vehicles in cover (tree line etc) are much harder to spot than they once were.
  9. Ask yourself this; what RL AFV would you rather be in, US or Russian equivalent? In a real life situation of course. I’ve wondered what your answer would be. I do think there could be tweaks made but I think you’re a little dramatic. I doubt very much that BFC hates Russia some much they made a game just to beat the hell outta some Ruskies
  10. I am positive it is a bug within the game. When you click blast order it automatically defaults to the jog order. You have to be mindful of this and click the jog order movement yellow line and select blast for it to switch back to blast. Happens every time, it’s not a one off. So this isn’t game breaking but needs to be added to bug list @BFCElvis.
  11. Yes sir, it was a green squad, maybe that had something to do with it??
  12. What exactly does it do? I tried to blast through an interior wall and instead my troops ran to the roof, got shot up and then ran to the next room over.
  13. This is a very juvenile question I know but I’ve been reading the forums and gather that it seems most people disagree with my assertion. So the question is which force do you find the easiest to play with Rus/Germ and which one is your favorite. I know the first question is complex because it depends on which force in what quantity specifically. But the question is in general. Personally I find in this timeframe the Russians are generally easier to play as. Armor is on par generally and I believe the Russian infantry is far superior. As far as my favorite, I lean slightly more towards the Rus.
  14. I seriously want to hire that guy to be my hype man. Lol
  15. He shouldn’t be checking his phone while driving
  16. I’d say my top three are: Black Sea (because you can capture Ukraine) Shock Force 2 CMRT
  17. Hmmmm hull machine guns aren’t on turrets!!!!! Do you mean turret machine gun?
  18. It happened again last night while playing a scenario against brads “hit opening” but no injuries or damage. On another note I think I have been converted to the Brad’s needing a small tweak. 30mm rounds were bouncing from the side of the Brad until finally I got a lucky turret pin and killed the gunner but the Brad itself just backed away into cover. The other Brad in the scenario got walloped by arty and was immobilized but the optics/gun/fire controls weren’t damaged and was making amazing spots even to its left and right.
  19. I almost think it’s a T-90 thing. Was just playing a scenario as the Rus where my mission is to take out a Ukrainian checkpoint manned by those 30mm vehicles. One of my T-90’s took a 30mm round to the front and I received the same hit message. It didn’t KO the tank nor did I lose a crewman. T-90 was buttoned up. My experience with the US forces apparently has been vastly different than some others in here. The US forces are better equipped but god mode???? Not even close. It would seem that I received a copy of the most balanced version of CMBS in circulation. Every time my US forces miss a shot or otherwise screw up I find myself cursing db, Bufo, and Sgt lol. IMO I think it has a lot to do with experience lvl of your troops vs the opfor.
  20. Also I seem to recall your save may be bad if you save during the replay portion of your turn. So as a rule I always save on the command phase.
  21. There is an issue with saving over previous saves from what I understand. To avoid this I just create new save files every time I save.
  22. “We also found out through our Dutch intelligence network that the enemy may have armour in the AO, something to keep an eye on.” Haha hilarious
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