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  1. One could make a map of an area of interest in CM, then use branching decision scenarios to choose a path/next battle. It would require a number of scenarios, but this all can be done with the game as is. Below is an example of what I mean. I made this proof of concept for FR (and it was possibly adopted in CW, if I recall), but there was already too much to fit it in. This "operational map" covers the area of Operation Spring Awakening, with Székesfehérvár at the top, and Simontornya being the terminal battle. My idea was to have a few new flavor objects for the towns and smaller trees, but it can be done with what we have (and maybe a 2D mod or two). I suppose there should be some standard for what the 3D stuff means (2 small barns= town, 4 large buildings= city, etc). This could be done in any of the titles. It would require making an "operational" map, Core force, the campaign script, and included battles.
  2. When you see something like that, it means a change was made in response to testing after the graphics for the scenario were added. I'll look at it, and pass along a fix for when BFC is ready for an update.
  3. Try this online-Photoshop clone (it does export BMP's): https://www.photopea.com/
  4. Also be aware the "Face" command won't work as a Setup order in the AI dialog, only during the following AI orders. As a work-around, I generally leave any vehicle in an ambush position (it is not moving at the start of the scenario) with no painted order for Setup. You may then issue the Face order in the first AI order slot (along with any other concerns like fire arcs and behaviors). The "Withdraw" order is also very useful for AFV's for directional positioning, as it keeps the facing to the direction set, and the vehicle will reverse while popping smoke (if available).
  5. Ammo distribution would fall under the 2IC role for most nationalities represented in CM. That would hew to the "real". There isn't a TOE for things like Signals units in CM, so some other solutions for runners would fall under the "game" classification.
  6. Thy can be useful doing things like tending to wounded soldiers/ammo scavenging, replacing a wiped-out higher HQ, or any other duties like relaying spotting information from squads/teams and higher HQ (like a "runner"). That last use is helpful for calling in artillery, when the radio unit doesn't have LoS and you don't want to risk them in an exposed position. Security uses also are another slot you can drop them in, and you could do some extra-self-imposed rules, like moving them near prisoners to simulate moving them to rear-areas, etc. I'm always checking the visibility icons to see what the "range" is in the UI. The benefits of any HQ will be greatly lessened when out of any given C2 contact range.
  7. You will also find this AI action used in some FR campaign scenarios (particularly in the German campaign, as I recall). It is a bit tricky to use as far as timing when using the capability, and works best when the AI is on the attack and aimed at an obvious area the player may be defending.
  8. I had suggested different QB categories of orders based on foot/wheeled/tracked categories at some point. However, that's 3 x more AI orders! That's a lot to keep track of. I keep track of what the AI plan is via a Photoshop template (I made a post about that somewhere - I call it the P.A.I.N. system), but even with that, it would be a lot of information to juggle.
  9. Correct, Ian! Thanks for catching that. It is the distribution to groups.
  10. A few QB suggestions from someone that has now made a bunch of QB maps that you see in FR and FB:Downfall- -If the QB map is Huge/Large, select mechanized/armor forces only - infantry can't traverse the map in time and be fit enough for any AI plan where that branch is concerned. Large force sizes will work best with these maps -Medium sized maps can be used with all forces, but the infantry can struggle sometimes with any AI plan in terms of lagging where the plan is set for. -Small and Tiny QB's are for all force types, and I think will give the best challenge for single-player. Don't over-stuff them with more forces than are appropriate for the map-size, though. When making AI plans for QB's- -The AI plans weight heavily to Groups 1-3. Group 4 may never be used, or assigned to a very small, ineffective group in Small/Medium sized force selections. I concentrate on these 3 plans, and will only add 4rth or 5th AI plans for Huge maps, as there may be a far larger force used. -If AI plans use these 3 AI groups primarily, they seem to distribute each AI group to a higher HQ. If the AI force has 3 Platoons, each one seems to always be assigned to a different AI group. -PAY ATTENTION TO THE TERRAIN when making the AI plans. Don't just make a blob in a location, and hope for the best. Use the available cover, and the height toggle to judge good positions for the task. This takes some extra time, but it pays off in better simulating at least half a brain for the AI side. Look at the AI plans from Downfall to see examples of this, if you have it. A lot of work went into these QB plans in FR and Downfall. -Use the appropriate movement state for a wide-range of forces. Quick works for unobserved areas, but Fast will tire out any infantry beyond use. Know that the AI plan could be either infantry or mechanized, so it needs to suit either. -I use Assault/Maximum Assault and Aware for areas where contact is likely. It gives the AI a chance to fire back and be more active, and not just keep charging towards the player, doing the crawl of death. It won't avoid it completely, but this gives the AI more of a fighting chance. -Let the AI set the artillery targets. It can do a decent job of calling in support, when available - and this is actually reactive to the battle that is happening. If choosing manual force-selection, give them an observer or two if they have artillery. -Keep the AI orders to a large enough area that most force-sizes can utilize. But pay attention to the underlying terrain, and don't leave unit areas in open areas when they are near cover. -Embrace odd AI plan shapes when necessary, based upon the underlying terrain and heights Other Single-Player QB Suggestions: -Start a QB. Make manual force selections and manual map selections. Start the game, and save it. Name it something helpful, like the size of forces and map. Forget about it for a while. Make a bunch of these. Return to them later, after you forget what the manual force selection was. That method adds some randomization to the experience. Trade these with other people. -Trade mid-game save-games with people, or use the above method for your own. It should be a save from once the opposing forces are coming into early contact. This simulates being dropped into command, mid-battle.
  11. Aschaffenburg is a further anomaly, as the Germans had a 4:1 advantage over the attacking US forces. Quality and motivation counts for a great deal, obviously. Lots of ciphering on this example here (though not formatted for most human eyes): https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/citations/ADA212023
  12. They all carry over, unless noted otherwise in the scenario briefing (I believe I noted these non-Core units with an asterisk, which should be noted). This is a concentrated period of time, just a few days of fighting. This is a mild spoiler- The forces that come in as a KG replenish your force by adding to it. You have what's left of the starting forces in addition to that to hobble alongside the attempt to recapture the bridge. The difference between hard and easy is 25% more replenishment and repair in "easy". Beyond that, you don't have much of anything (25%, IIRC) to rely on, as is stated. It is plainly described that there isn't much to rely on, so let that be your guide.
  13. I believe it is around 8 or 9 scenarios of differing sizes for the US and UK, and 6 or 7 for the German campaign (6 if you aren't doing well, 7 if you break through in the counter-attack).
  14. As a guy from ancient history once sang "I don't need to be forgiven". We can talk campaigns somewhere else on the forum, if you want to start a separate campaign thread. This one is like a black hole. I would wait to play through 5-6 scenarios, to get a fuller sense though, if you haven't yet.
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