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  1. I believe that only the WH and Waffen SS branches get the M44, randomly distributed within the formations selected. Under "Standard" Appearance/ warm weather, I believe.
  2. Double check that you are creating the campaign from the Core scenario file- that's the file you need to have open when creating the campaign. The units not showing up sounds like there isn't a source to be drawing the units from.
  3. A few were picture requests- There's an M44 in the top picture (center), and the other two are Soviet winter (with the random mix of Ushanka and helmet). There's a good deal of visual variety for the infantry, always at the service of showing things that could be a characteristic of the unit ("military" versus "standard" appearance for Volkssturm), and for breaking up visual repetition over large formations (Soviet winter helmet/Ushanka- also for greatcoat models).
  4. It's already part of it! There are somewhere around 20 fully detailed historically derived maps of areas fought over in 1944/45 (most 3k+) included. Portions of some are also used for the campaigns and quick battles (all are based upon these real-world maps this time around), and maybe a battle or two- so there's some content on them ready to play, out of "the box". And plenty that are for use for make-your-owns.
  5. I do think the scale of the object matters, somewhat- maybe it was a smaller object. Bigger object=some more cover/ but no concealment.
  6. Good idea. The image does wrap the model. Maybe resizing the hit decal could expand that sizing to more of the underlying model.
  7. Flavor objects provide cover, but not concealment. I keep this link handy, for every time I forget myself:
  8. Think about it- There are only so many of us to make any of these things. If they hired outsiders, how would they even know how to do any of what is necessary? And would anyone want something made by a person with no real investment in what they are doing? This is games developed by people that like the game (and made it themselves, because no one else could).
  9. I can't even remember how far back that was. I don't think any of the Italy games overlapped, at all as I was helping to work on 'em at the time. I started background work on this in 2016 with BFC (mainly Mike and Cassio, my real stars of this show). That expanded a few short years ago to a full-tilt FR production team. That's not too far off from some of the larger base-games, to which this is comparable to in scope, but there's a lot more happening these days. Which is a good thing, ultimately.
  10. It was many things, combined. Making games is damned complex on an easy day, and we didn't get many of those. BFC got busy in spurts as Steve laid out with projects that had timelines other than the traditional ways, that's been said many times. Otherwise- health issues, people vanish between modules, the pandemic. We all stuck with it, even though it took up vast tracts of our time when we needed it elsewhere. This has been intense, and it is something of a miracle it will exist, at all. That's the facts. If I ever did anything remotely like this again (not likely), I'd have it spri
  11. It's akin to an existing one (one of the big ones), with double smoke stacks. Floors on every floor- 3, IIRC.
  12. Yes- those were bridges were added as a specific. They served a purpose beyond the ornamental, which is probably why they made the cut. It takes time and capital to make these things- they are sensible about what can and can't go in. Every title gets a full pass on the art. In FR we did get 3D terrain asset stuff that was made specifically for the module- I'd say the rubble walls are the specific add- but there are lots of buildings (middle-European churches, a factory, and a few more details I'm probably missing off the top of my head).
  13. That's the gist, Dan- it looks good. It just didn't work with the scenario it was attempted in. A different situation, definitely (if people can use 5% imagination). The western Berlin map ends just east of the Siegessäule, so the Zoo area isn't in. It would be a good candidate for a scenario.
  14. I'll try to answer that one, best I can (I'm BFC's content manager-type for FR, but I don't see the code guts of the beast)- The code is updated to the latest version, as RT is behind the curve on updates. BFC don't really do code changes beyond weapon specific stuff for each game or module- but they update all the games to the current standard (eventually, for a really nominal fee) to the work that goes into that. I don't know of any company that keeps entire game systems going like this, otherwise people would mainly just be playing the latest one. So FR will be updated again with bug f
  15. It was tried in testing. It works fairly well (with the mix of flak placed) offensively- if the guns survive. Didn't cut it in the looks department, and it doesn't hold up to the inevitable artillery in the defense like the chunk of rebar and concrete above. The remaining insides of the Humboldthain tower make the defensive qualities clear- there was a lot of reinforcement in those things. BFC aren't generally prone to add things that are one-use adds to maps. If a model gets added, it should be useful for as many things as possible for the time sink to make and code it.
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