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  1. If you have an Nvidia card, I would suggest testing a few of the settings in their application. I have a number of anti-aliasing settings ticked that seem to help at least smooth the shadows out. The obvious ones are all worth adding (except for FXAA, which impacts the text). The rest of the available settings have varying impacts on performance, and should really be tested out on an individual-setting basis, but the expanded anti-aliasing settings do help (in my case, and a few others here that use them).
  2. That is looking spot on- great blending of the terrain in the above screen, too. Did you adapt the 3D model at all? Those planar ones are both easy to do, but quite hard if they don't intersect in ways that benefit the texture. That example is convincing. I'm of course in favor of releasing it, along with your other endeavors.
  3. It would also be interesting to play any game saves from others- something like a saved scenario, 25% of the way in (or around when everything gears up), for instance. Like the player is 2nd in command, suddenly thrown into the action (and in charge of adapting someone else's plan).
  4. I think flavor objects are cover, but no concealment. I have a bunch of links saved from way back about it, I'll double check that one. But they would seem...excessive to place in a large forest. Edit, the link: Thickets would be a good add to the game engine, overall, a proposed new add- The 2 hedges as they are (and will be, with your mod in place) do well with some additional variation in the other terrain stuff that gets deemed (narrator voice) "appropriate for the scene, based upon weather conditions, and specific situations represented in the actual period terrain" kind of stu
  5. Fantastic stuff. I can see lots of uses like apples on some branches, some not, or thinning/destroyed foliage- subtle, but that's where the ground-players (like my own self) notice things. One terrain type that seems missing when I make forested areas is a "thicket"- the dense underbrush that exists at the edge of newer-growth forests. Tall enough to hinder movement and LoS, but unable to provide much cover. I've taken to using hedges (taller and shorter) to fill this in, but maybe there's a solution with this mix-'em-up method to get a more convincing look.
  6. That type of expectation should indeed be disrupted, expectations should be thwarted if it makes sense to the overall schema Mike describes. Part of the issue is that the designer has to guess where the player may head. Testing guides that, and triggers now can help with reactivity to player moves. There are two main tools in the shed (found next to the Map Axe for Deforestation) to partially help replayability- - Alternate AI plans (the obvious one). The AI plans can be up to 5 different plans the AI will be assigned at the start, randomly. Most are familiar with how that plays out
  7. I think you are probably right, but I mainly glean an understanding of Steve and Charles in disassembling their creation, as you do. There may be something worth trying in resizing things here and there for those stubborn billboards- maybe a trick combo of two+ graphics on one file (sized-up, to take the doubling of the graphics)? That would yield double the plant-graphics, but they would repeat. The possibilities are endless to experiment, but time is always short.
  8. There are a number of games inside the game. QB's, The Editor, Scenarios, Campaigns. A few things that keep QB's interesting for me, with the inherent randomness of these in mind- I most often use the "Suggestions" button (top left of the UI) to keep the FoW aspect, but this also allows some control over what the selection is. Click it multiple times until a sensible parent formation appears. The game engine will also assign attachments, so individual tanks, etc. will be added without the player seeing that. I'll sometimes do a hybrid- peeking just enough to strip out hefty amounts of ar
  9. I'd guess (having done the same tests)- the difference is that the doodads are billboards, and the other textures do not rotate on-the-fly to match the camera angle. Why that category is limited is probably due to the large amount of doodads on-screen at once (there are lots of leafy-type textures as well, but they are static, with LoDs for camera pull-back)- some would be great with a dozen different doodad textures, but someone running on an older machine may not be. This is one of the only cases where the numbers can't be amplified to produce more on-screen textures, so the hedges
  10. Excellent advice. I use the small hedge, or a path (that I partially delete to simulate some foot-traffic) to do the same trick. Cemeteries can get a bit clicky, so organization helps. Another cemetery in winter trick- use the garden flavor objects for the covered plots, with a headstone at the top. They could also be modded for summer use as well by alpha knock-out of the crops. Small sheds as tombs work decently as well.
  11. Very nice work. The textures are distinct and detailed, which can be tough where the areas align.
  12. Probably good timing by Mark in the plan as well if CMSF2, and lots of testing. Watching the flow of the QB play out in testing over and over helps. Scenario Author, Turn-Based. Repeat until the plan is working (adjusting timings and AI locations to suit). The 4.0 AI additions are a big help with doing the AI, regardless of other controls. "Withdraw" alone keeps behaviors looking like something humans might do, which ranks well in my estimation for a "must have". Add in some "area fire", and it can be (somewhat- it's a QB, thus completely open) controlled chaos. And "Facing"- that is
  13. I think we are just getting better at remotely understanding Charles' and Steve's brains. The 4.0 AI additions help. "Withdraw" and "Area Fire" are very useful. Just remember the plan is somewhat general, so it may not be beneficial to overdue any behavior, and I expect you will do well. It helps to do as much AI testing as possible. It's always an unknown as to the forces, so consider that a given plan may be foot/wheeled/tracked. Lots of forest movement might get complicated for tanks, etc. I don't fight the engine, I try to adapt to it and see if you can come at your idea from ano
  14. He was a good example to all of us that make things for these kinds of games/simulations- he kept it interesting and fun. A person that understood how to create a like-minded community of tinkerers. I was lucky enough to correspond with him, like others here- ages ago by now. But I recalled him when working on things, even just last week. His help has grown into many like-minded makers of things. That's a gift. Thanks again, WBW. With gratitude, "Recon" (he assigned nicknames, that was mine- I think I was researching something!).
  15. Don't see the file- is the new UI here doing something different with attachments?
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