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  1. It's already an amazing tool, and amazingly conceived to start with. I suggest things sometimes, and then realize it is already possible- in some form. There are a few things that could make it both easier to use, and be a bit more effective at replicating a human.
  2. Good thinking. Many of these are already suggestions that are previously logged as things that would be helpful, and make the single-player experience as "human" as possible- I'll add anything we may have missed to the list, as AI stuff is very (very) high on my own hopes for adds.
  3. My comment was about the assault command and the AI.
  4. Scenario Author Mode will illuminate any movement patterns, and their results- use Turn-Based, and run it through to see everything in detail, as many times as needed. Look at the movement lines for the color codes. This gives an idea of what the designer can expect, and also gives an idea of when exhaustion might kick in, etc.
  5. The QB maps made for CMFR will not use the "right in your path" artillery strikes. The AI will use it for smoke and softening up (if it is on the attack), or generally leave it up to the AI to decide when to use it (on defense)- which it generally does a decent job at.
  6. I have a German and a Soviet helmet, both from Simontornya, Hungary. They each have distinct evidence of shrapnel damage. One no better than the other for the unfortunate wearers.
  7. One German campaign is in the Baltics (Ithikial's), and one is set throughout Operation Konrad I-III. The Soviet one is focused upon the 219th Tank Brigade (covering from Poland to Berlin).
  8. This outfit does tours, including the Humboldthain one (it is massive)- https://www.berliner-unterwelten.de/en.html I've been on most of the tours, I'd recommend it when they can re-open.
  9. Oh heck. I have it on my PC, but this is what I need on my laptop. I don't see the Mac version yet, but I think it may be a beta branch?
  10. These (Volkssturm and partisan forces) are intended to be depicted as (semi) organized, large-scale forces that were intended to serve a useful field-combat purpose in conjunction (or often in place of in 1945 for the Germans) with the larger armed forces. The Volkssturm is an obvious inclusion for the time-frame, the Soviet partisan far stuff less so in a module covering late 1944-45. They are added to cover the last phases of the partisan movement in the Soviet Union during the main game period of the Bagration offensive. If BFC makes modules that cover commandos, that seems a bett
  11. I already made you guys a conical hat (these are for the nonexistent Old West mod- Red Dead Combat Mission Redemption).
  12. The group order (double-click and select multiple units) can be used as a basic "formation" order. It depends on how the group is arrayed at the move's start, but they will hold that formation pretty well. It's especially useful at the start of a scenario- particularly where larger distances might need to be covered. Couple that with adjustable waypoints, and it's effective.
  13. There is a second map, as well (from the big map, which can be cut down for these things)- that one covers the Reichstag, Adlon Hotel, and a bit further in. There is a typo (Lehrter Station) that won't be in the one everyone plays.
  14. Squarehead's example is correct. These are used (in the module) in conjunction with terrain and flavor objects to achieve whatever look one is going for. Some of the new flavor objects have popped up in previous screens- some new rubble objects included for strewing about the base and ends are there. There are also segments that are all designed to be used either individually, as segments, or as a wall. The cross sections have pillar sections, and rebar sticks from the end of each (you won't see this as a wall, but individually). They do help to lend a more immersive urban-combat experien
  15. If you attach the scenario, that would be best for getting an idea what might be amiss.
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