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  1. Mr. Emrys - good to see you're not dead mate! Well not until you add me as a beneficiary to your will.
  2. Hi! Purchased the Rome to Victory Module, but get the error message 'Invalid link' when clicking on URL provided for download (and also via the Order History). - Mace
  3. Michael, maaaaAaaaate! Its Wombats eats roots and leaves. Sheesh! *rolls eyes*
  4. Oh I wouldn't call him a gentleman...Aussies aren't gentlemen. But definitely a great dewd and funny guy. I was lucky enough to have dinner with him down here in Melbourne about 2003?
  5. Oh did you get the power back on in SA at last? And RIP Berli, miss you hirsute russkie descendant.
  6. Berli gave me great advice during a chat: 'Chill your vodka in the freezer' he said! and since then I've followed those words of wisdom, and I'm fortunate enough to now have a nicely chilled screw-driver to raise a glass to his memory. Cheers Dan, and thanks for being a friend.
  7. That works on so many levels, alcohol, violence ...and cheese. wuss (look it up. We'll wait)
  8. I can't remember much of 1974-75, this may explain why.
  9. A brain in a bottle's work is never done. Thx guys!
  10. JonS does turn out quality CM material, so I'm looking forward to it!
  11. OMFG?! Seriously? No modelling of human height variability?! Please fix or do somefink!!!!
  12. I almost asphyxiated due to hysterical laughter then. Welcome back mate!
  13. Have a look at the number of Youtube subscribers for a FPS channel - eg ARMA 3, which isn't the biggest FPS drawcard, generates some 100k subscribers for two key channels (eg Jester814 and Dyslexi) . A dedicated Combat Mission channel appears to max at the 1k subscribers mark (eg ithikeal). I wouldn't be suprised if these numbers would also be reflected in kickstarter, with Battlefront much more at risk at not achieveing their funding target through that means. I guess what I'm saying is 'hard core' WW2 ground level tactical simulation is very much a niche market.
  14. Like it? Yes it was all our idea...the red star/black cross is a nice touch, matching the burning tank motif.
  15. I waited until the US went to bed and then started the download....took a few hours but here it is, installed.
  16. I know exactly when this is being released and I am prepared to reveal all to my CMing peers. So we're going on vacation this Saturday for some 10 days. Port Fairy, coastal town some 300 klicks away from home. The house we're renting does not have internet. Hence my love for tactical gaming will take a bit of a bent. Follow? Ergo logic and Murphy dictates the game will be released this Saturday.
  17. 44C (that's 111F for you seppos)? Lovely?!!! Mad Dogs and Noba men go out in the extreme sun. PS Stuka takes it that bit further. Give me Victoria weather any time.
  18. Tasmania... Where entrenched in-breeding is a better option than Noba.
  19. Enjoyed the movie thoroughly until the 'crossroad', and then it just got tactically silly. Still I'm planning to add it to the collection when it comes out on Blu Ray. =)
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