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  1. This would make such a different to stock CMBN. Do developers ever adopt a mod and incorporate into the base game?
  2. Range of off map mortars maybe. I think 81mm can only go so far on big maps (might be restricted for on map only, can't remember)
  3. I'd go for FI too, some really well designed battles and mix of challenging and more straightforward campaigns. Also, lots of variety in geography.
  4. bonjour alex

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      J'attends l'ambiance normande avec plaisir. 

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  5. Yes! Also, birdsong in Normandy in June is very different to what is in the game.
  6. Wasn't there reference to a Pacific theatre game a while back ? Another vote from me for Fulda Gap.
  7. Installed new patch and was playing CMSF2, scénario Dutch Oven. Three of the six two-man scout teams in the fenneks on the left side cannot acquire the panzerfaust, is that normal?
  8. Very interesting. I'm surprised that the BAR significantly outperforms the FG42. I would have thought FG42 would have been much more effective, with the recoil mechanism built into the stock. At longer ranges the sight should be effective too.
  9. Can we view it after it is finished? Caught mention of full battle replay in the works
  10. Seems like a major change in direction. I hope it works out for the company.
  11. Looks good, I like the slight elevation changes too
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