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  1. Impressive! Lots in there. Hopefully, if confirmed, BFC will be able to make some changes either with Steam release or next update.
  2. Hi Steve As a Mac (m1) player, will this new feature be available to me?
  3. Great to hear there is a lot of your scenarios in there Ben!
  4. I am a huge fan of your scenarios Ben. Hopefully you have a few in the module.
  5. That sounds like me against the AI! Delicious times, love it😅
  6. Really enjoy your AARs, haven't watched your most recent ones as I haven't played the scenarios yet.
  7. Would be cool to have some of the other small arms the Germans used that have not yet made an appearance (maybe some are already in CMRT module).
  8. I replayed this one yesterday. What a fantastic scenario! Made so many mistakes, almost quit a few times as I lost yet another tank. The map is beautiful, the surprise is a great idea, the defence is really well placed and challenging, the AI moves were surprising and effective, as they were good quality troops that dealt it out rather than ran away. Lots of great moments. A super well placed scout team took apart the new platoon, with some help from an armoured car. 10 KIA. I ended up going completely OTT with a mortar strike and mass charge to deal with the last team member. Was down to the
  9. The scenario is pretty tricky. I had lots of failed attempts........ the recoilless rifles caused havoc for me. I agree, not best scenario for including in demo (I didn’t know that). Compare and contrast to scenario in CMBN. Maybe reconsider that for next demo version?
  10. Thanks for the info, I'm always interested in behind the scenes process. Also good to know we are nearly very close. Veryish close?
  11. It would be great to introduce more variety in tree height. I find current uniform tree height a problem in immersion, e.g. top right hand group of trees in image.
  12. Hi Bil I'm always a bit suspicious of the targeting line text, as I think it measures to a fixed height above the ground? But it seems to work for you. How do you work out Hull down to buildings, as I am not sure the targeting line is a possibility (might be mistaken). Loving the AAR🙂
  13. Presumably the quality of the thermals would be significantly less than those in CMSF? I would expect that is modeled in game. Not sure how much of an improvement over passive IR (soviet/American) they would have?
  14. Agree, I miss the shockwaves too!
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