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  1. Something to think about is the apple transition to the apple silicon chips. The current models are probably the last generation of Intel chips. For future proofing may be worth waiting?
  2. It has been mentioned elsewhere, but would like to see more scenarios that are designed to be played by one side only. I have been looking at the R2V sce arios and too many, in my opinion, seem to be designed for H2H, which, having played some of them now, are too easy for single player. I would also like to see how you can target buildings to change, as too often you cannot target.
  3. This approach doesn't seem very helpful at all. In terms of BF decision making, it seems to make sense. Fix the problem behaviour for fleeing under bombardment - affects all titles. Releast a major module that has been promised and was near completion. Prioritise potential major new business opportunity that will mean more security/better long term ability to develop (Develop CM 3 - ditto) . If this means a delay to CMRT, but means more certainty that BF will be around for the foreseeable, that is something I am happy to accept - aren't you? Also, with a ver
  4. I did a CMBN QB dense fog. Mostly ok, but some action spots (seem to be those related to wood or hedges/bocage), show as if there is no fog. Quite a marked difference and definitely spoils the effect overall. Similar in CMFB (clear tiles seems to relate to field boundaries/roads/fences maybe). Also noticed in CMSF 2 that sometimes weapons effects do not play, which is annoying. Had same thing on my (very) old mac book pro.
  5. Super chuffed I can at last be of use to someone. Normally it is me asking the questions🙂 I'm not sure about performance mode. I'll try it out when I find the plug (oops) - battery life is incredible on this thing by the way. For fog, is there a particular scenario you have in mind? What am I looking for, slowdowns in performance and/or graphical glitches, and if so, which ones might they be?
  6. Oh, and all of this was while on battery, just realised.
  7. CMFB Road to wiltz, snow effects seem OK. Scrolling seems smoother than CMSF 2 Picadilly Circus scenario. Compared to 10 year old 15" MacbookPro with graphics card, noticeable improvement. - get wind effect in trees and more detailed trees, sound effects don't seem to cut out when too much happening at once. I wouldn't say a massive change, but definitely noticeable. And obviously very relieved that it works. Let me know if any other questions.
  8. Also noticed jaggy shadows. I'm CMBN, same settings, BP1 scenario Celer and Audax, rain effects seem OK. Scrolling around seems OK. Missions load quickly (no loading screen showing on either game). CMBN façade troop, jagged shadows very visible at certain angles.
  9. Downloaded CMSF 2 Changed default settings to improved for model quality and texture quality 1440x900 Vsync off Tree detail high Shader on. Picadilly Circus scenario Slight stutter when scrolling around but playable.
  10. OK, downloaded CMSF 2 demo and scenario opens and clicked go, turn appeared to run normally..... Very, very happy. Will not have time for more testing for time being, plus I am struggling to get into Battlefront store to download full games (2 accounts, forgotten passwords).
  11. OK, I now have a base model M1. Mac book Air. Should have access to Internet on Sunday. A couple of questions. 1) My old Mac is currently in another country with all CM versions installed on it. Can I also (attempt to) reinstall on the M1 or do I need to delete them from my old mac first? The old mac is almost always crashing on startup so may be tricky to do that. 2) shall I try steam version of CMSF2 (will need to get keys) or the version available from Battlefront directly?
  12. I'd like to see some nations that are between the Russians and Ukrainians in terms of capability. Playing US forces, for me, seems too arcade-like. Particularly javelins, but also spotting.
  13. Any Mac M1 tests yet? Would be good to know.
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