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  1. Would be good to know what else on the 'list' above is actually in professional.
  2. As they are developed already, and the costs have been paid for, wouldn't it be good business to transfer some at least? BF has made it a practice to offer engine upgrades at a relatively modest cost. I have been on-board with all of those so far.
  3. Pretty surprising the number of added items that have been requested for. long period. Now which are going to come to CM regular? Multiple players by side, entry through windows, and full replay would be particularly good
  4. Great idea about incorporating into the bocage I was wondering whether changing the model has any impact on LOS/LOF?
  5. Thanks for the tips (about the beer too! The best beer I have ever tasted).
  6. I have got fairly annoyed with that in the past. Part of the reason is when you have too many people heading for the entrance at the same time, some go round the front. @MikeyD had a tip for that, if you use the assault button, they tend to all go in the same entrance. I haven't tried that yet.
  7. It is an open shed effectively, you can see right through it. It has a roof and pillar supports.
  8. In that case I think I may. Any reading recommendation before I go?
  9. Also, the interview seemed to miss the question: Is CM3 under development?
  10. Aside from throw grenades, I have been thinking about Target. It is annoying not to have a target light for a specified time. How about just target and target light, but if you click/press either button again, it starts to cycle through the target briefly times?
  11. At the moment I'm not playing CW much on my mac book air m1 because the big scenarios do not run well (loss of terrain features at distance), so I am looking forward to anything that will allow the game to run better. Native apple silicon code would obviously be great too (one can dream....).
  12. I was thinking about going for a visit!
  13. BP 1, A Crossroads Near Brussels. See linked picture, circled) a type of open shed does not appear passable to infantry. This one was pretty annoying as they were in the building vbeside the shed and were plotted to move to the back wall just beside it, and all ran out of the front entrance to the compound instead (arrow line), and got gunned down..... If it isn't passable to troops then the displayed structure needs to be changed quite significantly so it is clear, I think. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NWaJo4inZLXGnun58
  14. I am playing BP 1 and the driver's head seems to be coming too far out of the vehicle when buttoned up. There is a clearly visible vision port that the driver does not seem to be using. Scenario A Crossroads Near Brussels.
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