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  1. Thanks Schrullenhaft... I found it in the mouse defaults, duhhh! I had reset everything to the default settings, except pointer trails and I had addressed that. Only thing is, I had dragged the slider all the way to short trails, but not un-checking the box. For some silly reason I must have been thinking this was turning off trails instead of just making them, well, short. User error, WAD. Thanks again!
  2. I've been away for some time and just today decided to load up RT on a newer computer. Once installed, I opened the game and at the menu, found that the CM pointer was missing. As I moved my mouse around, the menu options would light up so it was just the pointer that was not showing. Through this highlighting of the menu options, I was able to open the new battle screen, but again there was no pointer to select the scenario. Using the arrow keys, I was able to select a scenario, but this is where it stops - without the pointer, there is no way to select the "Next" button to enter the sce
  3. I forgot... that's another that stays on my computer. It is rarely played; not because it isn't an excellent game, but because I can't read the UI and I detest changing resolution each time I boot it up and MS's magnifier is a PITA.
  4. Yes! Pick your favorite time frame and buy at least one to check out all the features For modern RTS, nothing tops SB, IMNSHO. That said, it's a totally different system. I do not play CM in RT just for all the reasons Mord and others have mentioned. I have only in the last few months really started to pick up SB and learn the game. I'm still not fully capable with everything that SB allows. I have only CMBS to blame for even getting me into that game. I never had any desire to play any other time period than WW II before I picked up CMBS. Now, it's been several years since I'
  5. Custom icons don't give any more info than the stock ones - they just replace files that are already in-game. Like Bil say, they're easier to read quickly. If I have a choice, I use NATO-type icons in all my wargaming. If I don't, I make my own or use someone else's. I've been playing this series since way back at the very beginning of CM1. I've always played a highly modded game and never had an issue with mods. As Vin said above my post, the game just doesn't look right without mods. I install mods immediately once I install a game.
  6. I'm with ya, Bil. Whenever I watch a youtube video where the stock icons are used, I have little idea what units I'm seeing. I use a combination of yours and ones I've done myself. I just found this aar... Thanks for doing this and all you do for the hobby. I didn't play CMSF1 much. At the time, I didn't care much for modern equipment (I really didn't know much about it to tell the truth); it was WW II all the time. I only bought the base game, and that only much later on after most of the bugs had been worked out. I bought Black Sea on a whim and since then have played mostly cold
  7. Done... before I even got to your post. Trolls like this are a major reason why I rarely post on any forum. The anonymity of the keyboard gives far too many a presumed right to be asshats obnoxious. I'm far from thin-skinned, but I doubt he's spoken with too many people in that vein
  8. DF... This is excellent!!! Many thanks!
  9. I've been reading, again, Blumenson's Breakout and Pursuit. Along with this, I've been doing some other research and located a trove of aar's in the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library. What I'm having difficulty (sp: l a z i n e s s, ) with is converting map coordinates in the aar's into lats & longs so I can find a "real" location. I've found a site explaining the "British Modified System", but that system uses coordinates such as "vZ3383", meaning (as best as I can tell) Map Section vZ, 33 kM East/83 kM North. The US aar's use coordinates similar to
  10. Having the same issue with CMBN and have opened a ticket. I had no problem upgrading CMRT or CMBS, but both of those were previously installed and I just loaded the upgrade. CMBN had been removed due to hardware issues and I hadn't played the game in about two years since I removed it. I've tried twice to install from the full upgrade and the license has been rejected. I also tried installing module by module. After downloading up through 3.0, I attempted to install just the base game and was rejected for having used all my activations. The license key has been saved on another compu
  11. I just dl'd the big "pack" of the upgrade. The computer I'm currently on only has CMBS and RT on it. I have BS up to 1.04, but I haven't been able to find any installation instructions on the BF website or within the upgrade folders. There are two CMBS folders in the upgrade package... Am I to ASS U ME that I only need to run the CMBS Upgrade 4 Windows or do I need the CMBS 2.00 Full Windows? Thanks in advance
  12. This happens... and it has since the release of CMBN (and probably CMSF; I didn't play that enough to notice). You have to back off of the "boundary", either by rotating or moving forward just enough to allow the camera to scroll left or right. It is annoying as hell, but IIWII!
  13. 8 bits per channel for the RGB channels, and 8 for the alpha channel... I kept making the same mistake as the OP until I remembered I was dealing with four channels, not three Oh, one more thing... Every time I make a selection, I've learned to save it as a separate channel (I'm assuming you're using Photoshop). That way, if I screw something up, which I'm often prone to do , at least I don't have to recreate the selection; just load a "new" selection.
  14. And a couple of the Germans from, well... CMBN, CMFI & CMRT...
  15. I do understand that the modern version would be the rectangular, but after starting a set, it just didn't look right to me. I'm working on it slowly; as I play a new scenario and encounter new types of units, I'll pop open Photoshop and create a few new ones. My ADD won't let me game long sessions, just as I can't play in PS until I finish a whole series One thing that I am doing, and have done with the WW II sets is to make the "Icon ** 2" version the opposite and/or much lighter color of the "Icon ** 1" symbol, e.g., the "Icon Soviet * 2" is red on a yellow background... The brighte
  16. Bil... sorry to throw my hiccup into this (ya just can't please everybody ), but I always loved the circle version for the blue army. I understand that some may prefer the square or rectangular versions; these seem to fit more with the NATO symbols. After playing with my own modded versions of your period based icons for so long, I've found I'm just going to have to create my own set for CMBS... Now trying to fit the wheeled AT symbol into the 128 square pixel area (circle or diamond) is gonna be tough, but I'll figure out something, even if it's using old WW II style symbols Tha
  17. Okay, as a bit of a "mea culpa" for my outburst the other night (even at my age, enough vodka can get me, ummmhh... "riled up" ), I have a planning map to share of the second KG Engel scenario. Basically, it's a copy of the mission map with contour lines drawn in. I do this for a number of the larger scenarios I play... If you're able to get into the second scenario with all your tanks and the AT gun showing up I can drop it into a dropbox account... that is IF I can figure out how to do so... Send a PM... or, if you're lazy, just right click and "save image as"
  18. Yikes!!! The first picture (studio lighting) looked awful close to the color of the Class 3 safety gear OSHA requires for construction workers... minus the reflective striping of course
  19. Well,. I just tried to send a file to Ken, but with this new F^*(*$##%$^& board, an old F%&*% like me can't figure out how to attch a F^(*^ing file :mad:
  20. I tried playing this scenario as a "stand alone"; i.e., exploded the campaign and opened it as a scenario. This time, the Pz IV's and the Panther were there, but the AT gun was nowhere to be found. The crew and ammo bearers were sitting inside the hano yet the gun was nowhere to be found. I opened the editor, and the gun was right there where it should be... trailing the 'track, but once again, after loading the scenario, the gun is missing. The scenario looks interesting, as does the campaign. At this point, it looks like my options are to play the campaign with a couple of Lynx, whi
  21. Same issue here with the disappearing Pz IV's & V. I've even gone back and replayed the last turn of the the first scenario a couple of times to see if that would magically allow the tanks to appear. The first time I tried to play this campaign after upgrading, the AT gun wasn't there. I waited a few months before trying the campaign again and the gun showed up. I've got saves if anyone is interested. I started this campaign because I've gotten tired of the monster games in CMRT and the fact that I never got through the second Engel scenario due to the issue where MG's would not
  22. - 1 to turning off the red crosses. I like knowing when someone gets hit Early on in the vid, I watched a T34 w/ riders get get ko'd... I had to go back and watch it a second time because I missed the red crosses; I watched the tank explode and thought no one suffered collateral effects. Everyone has an opinion and is most certainly entitled to theirs'. CM, as realistic as it is, nor any other video game, certainly isn't not going to fool anyone into thinking it's a movie. Nice job, Macisle!
  23. Phil... No, the patch fixed the building bug. I was saying that, if I reverted back to CMRT 1.0 as the OP suggested, then I'd have to deal with the building bug.
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