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  1. Did anyone find a mod for the Semovente 75/18? This is one of the few CMFI vehicles that I have not been able to find anything for. I thought I had a mod for this vehicle at one time, but maybe not... TIA
  2. Add my name to this mess... New computer, just getting back in after a fair time away from CM and I'm loading up all the games. But, it seems like every time I've loaded CMFI onto a computer, I cannot get it to run. I've activated Upgrade 4 and GL in addition to the base game. When I try to run the game, all I get is a blank screen that looks like the activate new products screen with nothing else on it. The base game will run by itself, but once I add in the upgrade, nothing. I cannot find anything in my orders for Engine 3, but I know that I've hade this running on another machine in the past. I'd really like to get this running, because I had planned on buying R2V today, because it is the only module in the entire CM lineup that I do not own. Por Favor, Ayuda!
  3. Thanks... somewhere along the line, I lost Lights, Camera, Action and was looking to give it a go... Sitting as tightly as I can squeeze. 🙃
  4. Thanks Schrullenhaft... I found it in the mouse defaults, duhhh! I had reset everything to the default settings, except pointer trails and I had addressed that. Only thing is, I had dragged the slider all the way to short trails, but not un-checking the box. For some silly reason I must have been thinking this was turning off trails instead of just making them, well, short. User error, WAD. Thanks again!
  5. I've been away for some time and just today decided to load up RT on a newer computer. Once installed, I opened the game and at the menu, found that the CM pointer was missing. As I moved my mouse around, the menu options would light up so it was just the pointer that was not showing. Through this highlighting of the menu options, I was able to open the new battle screen, but again there was no pointer to select the scenario. Using the arrow keys, I was able to select a scenario, but this is where it stops - without the pointer, there is no way to select the "Next" button to enter the scenario. I ran into this some time back when I installed CMBS. I seem to recall finding a post at that time that said the the mouse pointer that was set had to be the Windows default pointer (this may not be exactly what I did, but I got the CM pointer back to be able to run Black Sea at that time). I am constantly changing my pointers because they are becoming more and more difficult to see as I get older. In any event, I have reset the Windows pointer back to default, without any shadows or trails or other helpful items, but I still cannot get the CM pointer back in game - in either RT or BS. I have run searches on this site and cannot find the post that helped me out the first time with BS. I've checked my drivers (mouse and video card) and all are up to date. Does anyone have any other ideas? As it is, I cannot even end the game without shutting it down in Task Manager.
  6. I forgot... that's another that stays on my computer. It is rarely played; not because it isn't an excellent game, but because I can't read the UI and I detest changing resolution each time I boot it up and MS's magnifier is a PITA.
  7. Yes! Pick your favorite time frame and buy at least one to check out all the features For modern RTS, nothing tops SB, IMNSHO. That said, it's a totally different system. I do not play CM in RT just for all the reasons Mord and others have mentioned. I have only in the last few months really started to pick up SB and learn the game. I'm still not fully capable with everything that SB allows. I have only CMBS to blame for even getting me into that game. I never had any desire to play any other time period than WW II before I picked up CMBS. Now, it's been several years since I've played anything but CMBS and SB. When I feel like an infantry fight with some armor, I play CMBS. When I want to mess with armor and blow ****e up, it's SB. SB will never replace CM as sburke says even though I find myself playing it more these days. I've owned all of the CM series since the night of the refreshing monkeys. I've has SB for a couple of years, but put it down for a good while due to the learning curve. Now that I've made the decision to learn the simulation, I've been playing with it almost exclusively for several months. I own many hundreds of dollars worth of computer wargames. Exactly 4 games rest on my hard drive (if you count the entire series of CM and Campaign Series as one game). Two are 3D & two are top-down; Two are RT (3 if you count CM as RT, I don't); two are igo-ugo They are: Combat Mission (I still have CMBB on my HD) 2. Steel Beast Pro PE 3. Campaign Series (JT's and ME, not too interested in the new Viet Nam game, but I may still purchase it) 4. Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm I also own many of Tiller's PC and Modern titles... they just haven't made it onto my newest computer yet and I only have so much time. The four above can fill that up easily. Each game tickles a different fancy. BUT, to the OP, I do not believe you can go wrong with any of the CM games. I've been enjoying them for over twenty years. Rake Out...
  8. Custom icons don't give any more info than the stock ones - they just replace files that are already in-game. Like Bil say, they're easier to read quickly. If I have a choice, I use NATO-type icons in all my wargaming. If I don't, I make my own or use someone else's. I've been playing this series since way back at the very beginning of CM1. I've always played a highly modded game and never had an issue with mods. As Vin said above my post, the game just doesn't look right without mods. I install mods immediately once I install a game.
  9. I'm with ya, Bil. Whenever I watch a youtube video where the stock icons are used, I have little idea what units I'm seeing. I use a combination of yours and ones I've done myself. I just found this aar... Thanks for doing this and all you do for the hobby. I didn't play CMSF1 much. At the time, I didn't care much for modern equipment (I really didn't know much about it to tell the truth); it was WW II all the time. I only bought the base game, and that only much later on after most of the bugs had been worked out. I bought Black Sea on a whim and since then have played mostly cold war and later in all the games I play
  10. Done... before I even got to your post. Trolls like this are a major reason why I rarely post on any forum. The anonymity of the keyboard gives far too many a presumed right to be asshats obnoxious. I'm far from thin-skinned, but I doubt he's spoken with too many people in that vein
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