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  1. Sorry to jump in here with an off topic post, but I figured Bootie would see it here since I can't get into TFGM. I'm not sure what's up, but I just tried logging in and the site wasn't able to find my username or the email that I registered under. Is there anything going on with the site? I've not been very active, so I guess it's possible that I was unenrolled, but I would have thought I'd receive an email first. No email s other than a few for watched topics and the one when I joined. I've been chipping in a bit every month on Patreon; I'll certainly cancel that if I've gotten the boot...
  2. Been away for a bit and just saw this patch. I opened my game and saw I only have v1.00. The patch download page shows a v1.03, but both links are for Mac. Is there another patch version that I need before installing 1.05?
  3. This! @Bil Hardenberger, in his blog, has recommended using other move commands to a potential hull down location, changing the last waypoint to "Hunt" upon verification that you are hull down, or partial hull down: https://battledrill.blogspot.com/2013/09/movement-technique-005-hull-down.html And, IIRC, I believe I've seen him mention that he doesn't (or only rarely) use the Hull Down command. If there is indeed artificial protection from using the Hull Down command, I suppose I should start trying it again. I'd given up on the command after several tanks stopped without achieving LOS to a targeted area, or even worse, kept driving across the berm and met their fate. So, is this "Protection Bonus" a real thing?
  4. I've not read the entire thread, so I could easily have missed this: More translucent colors for setup zones and target arcs,or a toggle to turn them off.
  5. Nevermind... I've searched some posts and decided I'm just going to stick with Intel.
  6. I'm looking at dropping some serious bucks into a new rig. I've always had Intel machines and haven't had many issues running CM (other than user error, dohh!). I am not computer illiterate, but I'm no computer guru either. I could probably build my own rig and be sure everything is working, but overclocking is beyond my comfort level... and I'm not even sure it would help in CM. I've somewhat followed some of the issues early on that seemed to indicate that there tended to be more issues with AMD chips than with Intel. I've been comparing some of the single-thread benchmark numbers of Ryzen versus I9 processors, and for the most part, the Ryzen chips seem to blow away the comparable I9. I'm just wondering whether there's any significant issues with how CM runs on either chip Thanks in advance!
  7. I was just going to give this a "Like", but I guess the forum boss doesn't need those. I've been glued to this thread since Thursday... I think the boss might notice soon
  8. Thank you, sir! The thread is important, but if I can refrain from injecting US politics into this, all should be able. There are waayyy too many other places for that... NOT HERE!!!
  9. Apologies in advance if this has been posted previously. I did a search and wasn't able to find anything... I took a break and was away from the game and forum for several years, only returning 4-6 mmonths ago. I've never posted a lot, but have always been around. It occurred to me this morning that I didn't recall seeing any recent posts by Mr. Emrys. So, I searched for Michael on the forum and found that his last post was from April of 2020. This revelation sent me to an internet search where I found the following from the Port Townsend Leader. https://www.ptleader.com/stories/michael-emrys,78502 With a population of less than 10,000 in Port Townsend, I'm afraid this is our man
  10. I'd be really interested in this. Unfortunately, my engineering skill set solely lies in physically performing topographic surveys and then taking the data back to the office. There I would reduce the field notes, plot the data and interpolate the contours by hand. I understand they have computer programs that do this stuff these days... AMAZING! Kidding aside, it really is tedious taking screenshots of the elevation data in CM, pasting all the screens together and drawing the contours (again, by hand) in PS. But, all I can for this project is offer moral support.
  11. This just keeps getting better and better... sure would be nice to see BF add a few more tree slots to each game.. Fantastic stuff, LS!
  12. The icons are a mashup Bil's WW2 & NATO icons. I did some for the Germans, Americans, CW and Soviets some time ago. The difference is that I've given each nation their own color background... Feldgrau for the Germans, Olive Drab for the U.S., CW Tan and the Russians Red. Currently, I'm working on the Italians (flag colors, not the yellow used in many boardgames) The shared icons are a bit of a pain. I plan on doing a set for each nation. They would need to rotated in and out of the Z folder (or JSGME for those that use it) depending upon the nations involved. The problem would occur when two allies fight together. One set of the shared icons would have to be used for both. Many apologies to Kohlenklau for hijacking his thread... Edit: @Lucky Strike Rather than further hijacking this thread by posting an image, I tried to PM a sampler of my icons, but it wouldn't let me insert the image - I pasted the URL and... nothing
  13. LS... Yes, I do save the layered file first before flattening. After flattening and saving the .bmp, I generally CTRL-ALT-Z and back up to the point that restores all my layers and selection channels. Since I've noticed this issue with the channels disappearing, I've started saving the .psd file again. As I'm sure you know, the icon files are 128x128 pixels. To make sure that I feel they're going to look okay, I usually look at the file at 100% just before closing... this doesn't permit the entire file name to show in the floating window. I'll try your advice and either drag the window larger or magnify the window to make it large enough to view the file name AND extension. BTW, I'm amazed by what you've been able to do with the terrain files. I eagerly await your next version of bocage, bushes and trees. I have a hard time playing fall scenarios now, using the stock graphics. I've spent a fair amount of time poking in these files and have no idea how they work in the game. Thanks for what you're doing!
  14. Alpha channels are a PITA. I've been working on a mod of floating icons... a modification/conglomeration of Bil's WW II icons. I use Photoshop and save all of my selections, creating new channels. When I'm finished with an icon, I save it as a PS .psd file so that all the new channels are saved. Then I will flatten the image, delete all the channels except the one that will define the border (Alpha 1) and save as a 32-bit.bmp. Often, after closing everything and reopening a file, I'll find that ALL of the channels have disappeared from my .pad file. I'm certain that it's user error, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  15. LS... Many thanks; I've got them!
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