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  1. 5 engined fictional 'Lisbon Clipper' from the 1937 movie There was the Boeing 314 Clipper and Short series of seaplanes inc the Sunderland The Boeing 314 Clipper was an American long-range flying boat produced by Boeing from 1938 to 1941. One of the largest aircraft of its time, it had the range to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For its wing, Boeing re-used the design from their earlier XB-15 bomber prototype. QANTAS Short Sunderland 23 C Class Empire Flying Boat and the Ultimate: The Hughes H-4 Hercules 1947 prototype strategic airlift flying boat
  2. Just showing it had been tried - and below US is still dabbling in light mobile big guns with 105 Humvees. Hadn't it been replaced by more tank like Sheriden Still in some parts of the world cheapy Technical gun trucks can be pesky (and disposable) Maybe the answer is like the Ruskies have self-propelled mortar systems (so not in direct line of return fire) - and if used with precision laser designated rounds...
  3. Steven Zaloga https://tankandafvnews.com/2016/04/11/steven-zaloga-afv-model-gallery/
  4. Somebody else was having a problem with their screenshot pics hosted at invisioncic.com - this presumably is related to the forum's file upload / attach function. Most odd...
  5. I'd scan your puter for a virus / dodgy browser extension.
  6. Screenshot? What browser/OS are you using? Can you be more specific on what was it wanting you to D/L?
  7. I can't see em either in your first post Looks like something up with the image file hosts (invisioncic.com) - file not there. access rights or gone over a limit? https://content.invisioncic.com/r254563/monthly_2020_09/1899638244_CMNormandy2020-09-0921-49-10-419.thumb.jpg.dd2e5ac470b8a7b9bb213172b9a231f3.jpg
  8. Yes you get an installer for both Mac and PC to download - and both can be activated at the sametime.
  9. My understanding is that pixeltroopen never fully run out of ammo - maybe this is from cm1 days - but IIRC when run low so they don't shoot offensively at med/long range but they retain sufficient /plausible ammo sharing way for short range tit for tat defensive combat. Saved BFC faffing about with animating hand-to-hand bish-bash combat.
  10. Some more pics taken during the exercise - funnily enough shot by army photographer Danny I know from cricket!
  11. Heard them practicing just beforehand over at the ranges and saw them ship out from Colchester Spetsnaz caught red-handed = Pudsey bear ?? 😉
  12. Now MOD might be merely trimming off a few tanks - and looking to provide private security for Quatar footie games to make a few quid on the side https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54126146 Also near me the Army are flogging off shooting ranges for land for housing to put proceeds into kitty to pay for stuff. https://www.forces.net/services/tri-service/mod-raise-ps225m-selling-military-sites
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