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  1. CMFI trees in spring time should be between CMFB "less" and CMBN "more" than.
  2. Maybe was blackface and not silverface Fender.
  3. Huh, I lost points again ... @Vergeltungswaffe, I was only joking..
  4. First, I knew this competition is rigged. Second, you called my beautiful *khmm* StuFlak Stinkpot, but it could have a name of some wild animal and third, Greyhound is not wild animal,it's domestic dog. I knew it ..... M10 Wolverine, Dreux, August 1944
  5. But ... but .. it's in the street ... that's 1 point
  6. It's M3A3 Stuart with 20mm Flak 38 Flakvierling on the street of Trieste (Italy) owned by Yugoslavian army year 1945. ... It looks more like Yugoslavian (modification) business... https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/light-tank-m3a3-20mm-flak-38-flakvierling/
  7. You can change settings in options menu. (start the game/options)
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