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  1. But you are the copyright owner of Battlefront Flexible Calendar. I thought you know the stuff...
  2. Ohhh I see ... but he slowed you down for a good reason.
  3. Relax man... Btw, where is Sancho?
  4. It's been over a year .... where are you, buddy? I hope you're ok.
  5. @Mogarth Congrats; you have been aCMilated!
  6. I hadn't "that" specific day in my mind. I was thinking more "on general"...
  7. First soft drink, later some acid at the Abbey Road while recording.
  8. He he he, I meant jazzmaster from his avatar. I don't know if he has any guitar. *reality mod on* I have jazzmaster and it sounds great thru my '72 Princeton reverb. Yesterday I got Gibson SG 61 Standard - what a joy to play. *reality mod off* I'll let Elvis play my SG, but I want to see some pictures (F&R) of partisans first.
  9. Good. I'll take his Jazzmaster than .... He'll get it back when F&R is ready for d/l.
  10. This one looks more "Lada" than "Wartburg". I think it's Lada. https://www.wallpaperflare.com/oldtimer-car-old-car-classic-cars-vintage-cars-lada-vaz-wallpaper-abydx `Wartburg http://www.phs-berlin.de/index.php/fahrzeug/personenwagen/item/ifa-wartburg-353-w
  11. That Golf GTI could easily be Bosnian (YU) flavor object also.
  12. Thank you for your kindly offer, but Terminal isn't my cup of tee.
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