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  1. *No pencil untangling chewed-up tape with Nakamichi* Ok, seriously I don't know why kids have such an interest in cassettes. Maybe because of the sound .... but it's useless record mp3 on tape and the tape is expensive, more expensive then 180g new vinyl. And kids also love fashion from 70', 60'. Maybe to be something special,unique... Kids also buying vinyl, not the majority, but they do.More than 10 years Lenco put out usb record player (you don't need preamp)and people start buying vinyl again ..and ... remember CD?... well, it's dead - vinyl won.( I also have most of my vinyl (aprox 1k) and hair ... I think ;)) Well it's hard to understand nowadays kids surrounded with all this electronics.... using tape just to be different?
  2. Because cassette decks are relatively cheap now, you can get a well working Nakamichi for less than 500$ (new was 3.5k). And if you own a lot of cassettes already (I do),this is a bargain ....... and there is also some nostalgia.
  3. Dave, thank you very much. Fixed manually. Looks like mac problem.
  4. Anybody has problem with number of QB maps. I see only 10 FR qb maps in my folder.Scenario, campaign and master maps are fine.
  5. But you are the copyright owner of Battlefront Flexible Calendar. I thought you know the stuff...
  6. Ohhh I see ... but he slowed you down for a good reason.
  7. Relax man... Btw, where is Sancho?
  8. It's been over a year .... where are you, buddy? I hope you're ok.
  9. @Mogarth Congrats; you have been aCMilated!
  10. I hadn't "that" specific day in my mind. I was thinking more "on general"...
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