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  1. PM me, if you'd like the favor repaid with CW or F&R
  2. thanks all, its the scaling DPI button. if you go to settings on the icon, and hit disable or override dpi scaling or whatever it works. thanks, about to play my first cm2 battle in a few years
  3. hi all... so I have a year old comp. no monitor, but plugged via hdmi into a flat screen. just got CW. it wont start - says graphical issue, needs 1024x768 32 bit to work. thing is DCS, squad, hell let loose, etc all run nearly maxed out just fine. Indeed more games than that run fine. Is the issue somehow Im using an HDMI cable? I cant think of what else. I can provide exact comp specs if needed.. I have my resolution higher than 1024... Anyways I made a ticket. I realllly hope its not the hdmi issue as then I have to ask for a refund as it is my monitor. =/ (Id greatly prefer to just have it work) any idears?
  4. france wasnt a military member in the 70s or 80s
  5. If you ever want to come.to america visit me in boston. Ill take ya to some clubs get ya.some women. Marijuanas legal.. Good times
  6. its amazing, (riding - some of the best fun i ever had) i didnt break anything. but my right leg, a lot of tendons ripped. i go back to hospital soon... they dont know how many. but.. im pretty messed up lol my right hand too.. it was the 2nd crash. both i didnt hit anything, it slid , from black ice then 2nd time was bizarre i think it was the wet roads but... idk i wasnt braking and coasting to a stop i love it but now the back tire got messed up and I think im just putting her up for the winter. the problems finding work because of covid are becoming really bad, and the government aid, already cut severely in july, is gonna end soon. i may be homeless in january frankly. ill be fine, ive been through worse. but not good times on happier subjects even mopeds, are great for cities. but if you live anywhere in russia that has cold winters you wont be able to ride it without too much danger in the winter. the tires are too small. so if you live where winters are cold you need a proper motorcycle and to talk to someone more knowledgeable than me about how to prepare your tires for snow conditions, even then riding in ice isnt a good idea. if you have to brake hard and stop quickly motorcycles and mopeds tend to slide way harder than cars and for you or me that = death or injury also road rage and asshole drivers are very dangerous to you. i had a womans nylon stocking i put some metal washers in the bottom of. if someone was doing road rage stuff that could cause me to crash id 'whip' the nylon at a car window of theirs. itd swing so fast you cant see it and there window owuld shatter. theyd be shocked and confused and id keep driving. yes thats illegal too lol
  7. if I was you Id edit your signature, you dont need to explain your english to anyone anyways. furthermore your english is better than many native speakers here, including me. its ok man. your amongst friends.
  8. dont be sorry! I was disappointed because I was very interested. glad you came back! your english is excellent by the way. Thanks for sharing. ill dream up some thoughts, im a mess now, I crashed my moped (like a small motorcycle) 2x this week and Im all f***cked up. cheers from Boston
  9. doing some labor work a few years ago in a realllllly old building in boston that in the 19th century would have been one big house. A bookcase was slightly ajar, the occupants must have found it, it opened to a stairwell and an entire hidden room. It was one of the coolest little things I ever found. The hinges on the bookcase were relatively new so it was a more recent addition or upkept by the tenants. I sort of doubt that it was a recent addition - unless they cut off part of a room, but I think it was more for booze in the 20s or drugs later than say runaway slaves. The building was way too old however for someone to legally have had that built in. I just dont see it. Anyways FWIW. Its literally 1 block away from Mass ave and Boylston St aka where Berklee College of Music is.
  10. regardless welcome, and I hope you success and good fortune in your future!
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