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  1. Lol this is one of my favorite things to do as well, I feel like a toddler. Glad to see I’m not the only one. It seems as if this rendering issue is worse with CMCW than with any other title. I have noticed it in other games but CMCW is next level, I just figured it had to do with some of the other graphical errors being ironed out.
  2. I was thinking it’d be awesome if there were a mini campaign, three missions or so, that you get a Plt of M1’s and a couple Plt’s of Brads to conduct a counter attack.
  3. The M1 and Brads???? I’d really like to see how the first generation of these vehicles fair against the Soviets. Are there any battles or campaign that utilize these vehicles?
  4. I haven’t seen any of the stg 44’s either. Maybe just my luck
  5. Dang.... comes out just as I have to go to work!!!!!
  6. Hey friends, noticed an oddity while playing the excellent British campaign. In the airfield seizure mission there are some bunkers my troops encountered. Noticed a couple possible bugs after the bunkers were abandoned by the enemy. 1. troops with a movement square right next to the bunker would immediately cancel their assigned order at the start of the turn and just lay in the spot they were in. 2. Troops were moving next to the bunker when I canceled their order stopping them right next to the bunker. They were unable to move for the remainder of the scenario. H
  7. Don’t really know what I’m doing wrong..... I’ve loaded the core units and only changed the xp lvl on a couple units. I fire up the campaign and only one unit shows up on the map hmmmmmmmm
  8. Awesome thanks a lot. As a side note getting tips from the legend himself is like meeting Justin Bieber!!! Thanks again.
  9. I think I am missing the core units file. I have the campaign script and that loaded fine. Is the core units file a separate notepad type file or is it in a scenario file? I am trying to make changes to Task Force 3-69 campaign in Black Sea. I can’t stand having Western troops labeled as green. I bumped up green to reg but adjusted leadership values lower to be more accurate in my mind.
  10. That’s exactly what I was looking for thank you. Is the campaign creation manual separate from the game manual? I have read through the CMBS and CMSF2 manual but didn’t see the scenario editor part.
  11. Is there an instruction manual somewhere? I have managed to unpack scenarios from a campaign and edit some settings but can’t figure out how to create a campaign with the new edited scenarios. ive been in the editor clicked on create campaign but there is no option to upload scenarios that I have seen anyway.
  12. The oplot is a better tank than anything the Russians have as far as the game is concerned. I think the Ukrainian high end ATGM’s are pretty awesome and fairly high tech.
  13. Agreed, I actually started a thread about this in the SF2 forum a while back
  14. I get what you are saying about Abrams and agree. The only part I disagree with you is..... and I am 99% sure of this; MLRS is NOT a battalion asset. At the minimum it is brigade but most likely a Division or Corps asset. Thus not being included in game. Like I said before maybe the Russians or Ukrainians deploy rocket artillery different so that there may be a case for that. The thing I do not want to see is a weapon system nerfed or buffed included in the game.
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