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  1. I think it’d be awesome if this was shipped with three campaigns. First US side circa 79 that uses older US equipment attempting to withstand the red horde. Second a Soviet campaign. Third a US campaign circa 82 that launches a counter attack with the modernized M60’s, Abrams and Brads. What would you guys like to see?
  2. I was reading up on this and was pretty sure it was the 120mm but wasn’t sure. How forward thinking.
  3. Is there a difference in the gun that these tanks use or did the M1 in this timeframe use the same 105mm that the M60 did? Is there a difference in the firing mechanism? Such as are the sights better on the M1? Is the armor on the M1 far superior? Do the Leo2’s in this timeframe already have the 120mm installed?
  4. I’d say: West Germany UK France As far as the eastern block nations, not sure how different their kit was from each other. May not be necessary to add those nations, just adjust motivation & experience levels to simulate them. I do really like the Italian vs Yugoslav idea.
  5. As soon as I saw this feature included I immediately thought the same thing!!! I feel like a child I am so excited!!!
  6. Looks awesome. Video is very well done.
  7. Want to bring it to the power at be’s attention. When a soldier with a machine gun, rocket launcher etc gets wounded and is buddy aided off the field of battle, his weapon is forever lost. Not a big deal for a single scenario but for campaigns it’s a pain.
  8. Any update??? Likewise is there anyone out there with the capability to unpack and work on other campaigns??? If so I am willing to Venmo anyone a couple bucks to make some minor troop experience adjustments to the main US campaign as well as the Ukrainian campaign. There are a couple scenario/ campaign designers out there that do amazing work but their love and reasoning behind using green troops does not align with my thoughts on troop experience levels. To the point that it ruins the immersion factor for me. For instance, I do not believe any frontline infantry unit
  9. Haha pretty interesting take on a non offensive speech. Lol. I am curious though why the hostility? I for one am a veteran, but am not one for mushy speeches but to get bent out of shape about it (unless you are standing in formation while someone drones on about blah blah blah) I just don’t get. I personally feel that the US and the U.K. are the closest of allies and very similar culturally. I know lots of Brits and it’s never awkward talking to them due to cultural reasons. Only their goofy accents lol. Kidding, I’m just having a laugh (see that was for my British frien
  10. IMO, for what its worth, the firing rate may need to be adjusted in game. I think a lower firing rate would cure the CV’s from blowing through all their ammo to quick. But I could be wrong. I really love those vehicles. Just an observation for the designer of the CV by chance they’re monitoring the battlefront forums lol, you should include some kind of ATGM system on the vehicle. That would make it a truly dominant vehicle. id like to say again to BFC bravo for this latest patch, IMO the game is really close to perfect now. Thanks to all the Beta testers as well.
  11. Lol have you never pbem'ed any other war game? In many other war games you can create mini nukes if you wish but if you pbem with an opponent it will default to vanilla settings. HOI series of games make switching between having mods on and off really easy.
  12. I get why BFC does not allow it because it is a simulator “as is.” But....... I think they would draw in more customers, including a younger than us old crusty vets crowd. Which would be good for growing CM games. Not to mention I could personally adjust how artillery impacts buildings and not start threads about it being not very effective lol.
  13. Almost sounds like he patched the wrong location because he mentioned something about the icons being messed up
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