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  1. Give him his due Rees-Mogg has consistently promised cheaper shoes, food, wine and clothes costs by 20%, and living standards to soar after Jan 1st - nothing about cheaper Combat Mission.... How about a free bottle of Californian wIne with every BFC digital download to make up to us Brits?
  2. Good to hear John could do what Albert Speer couldn't...
  3. Who started the game i.e. first loaded the game to do the setup before sending the first file across?
  4. Just download the Mac all-in-one installer from your account and use the same serial.
  5. Easily - Upload the screenshot to the image host and get the direct link URL to show it in this forum.
  6. A more recent article about the findings in the Brereton Report. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/nov/19/australian-special-forces-involved-in-of-39-afghan-civilians-war-crimes-report-alleges
  7. Wasn't the the immediate early objectives just getting across and gaining a foothold, plus as a bonus Caen (set back in mid 1943) in a day or two. Later Montgomery claimed he knew and planned accordingly it would take quite a while longer to take Caen over the 3 months necessary to grind down the Germans.
  8. The Italian Manned Torpedo Attack at Alexandria, 19 December 1941 Plus this covers a few more.... Mcraven, William H.. Spec Ops: Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Practice (Kindle Location 1193). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition. The German Attack on Eben Emael, 10 May 1940 The British Raid on Saint-Nazaire, 27-28 March 1942 The Rescue of Benito Mussolini, 12 September 1943 Midget Submarine Attack on the Tirpitz, 22 September 1943 U.S. Ranger Raid on Cabanatuan, 30 January 1945 and a couple of post ww2 ops`; The U.S. Army Raid on Son Tay
  9. A review of a VERY rare Scottish army ration. Carbohydrate-rich to match the Scottish diet and protect against the harsh cold environment of war and Scotland in general. It appears to be made of all the key Scottish, Irish and Canadian food groups with the bonus of a slightly dangerous ration heater based on radioactive components also used by the Russian army. It almost seems to be engineered to encourage fighting.
  10. Cheap mobile firepower Swiss style https://www.thelocal.ch/20150401/swiss-army-revives-bike-infantry-to-boost-fitness😉
  11. A way you could manually implement it is set up a spreadsheet to list and record scenarios along with results. This way you an edit it any way imaginable i.e. as you play scanarios multiple times (note if you've edited the scenario in anwyay from stock. If you've played it H2H or solo etc. I think there's hardcore players here who do this kind of thing using spreadsheets for collaborative created campaigns and game played with custom realism orders. Also create a folder to put sceenshots of the results screen from which take info for data entry.
  12. #theforger So it seems a save file where you're seeing it occuring would help.
  13. Op poster says what he's seeing as friendly fire happening in poor visibility conditions My understanding is that 'friendly fire' can happen in those circumstances. "At night friendly small arms fire is also possible." Steve, May 31, 2008 "I thought it was a great detail, but unfortunately it was seen as a bug by BFC and removed. Small arms no longer cause casualties this way. When did they do that? Have you a link to an engine bug-fix list for that.
  14. I wonder if hypersonic tech will filter down to smaller / lower range tactical AT weapons. As some interesting tech being developed that will likely make carriers keep a wide berth of threats.
  15. 5 engined fictional 'Lisbon Clipper' from the 1937 movie There was the Boeing 314 Clipper and Short series of seaplanes inc the Sunderland The Boeing 314 Clipper was an American long-range flying boat produced by Boeing from 1938 to 1941. One of the largest aircraft of its time, it had the range to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For its wing, Boeing re-used the design from their earlier XB-15 bomber prototype. QANTAS Short Sunderland 23 C Class Empire Flying Boat and the Ultimate: The Hughes H-4 Hercules 1947 prototype strategic airlift flying boat
  16. Just showing it had been tried - and below US is still dabbling in light mobile big guns with 105 Humvees. Hadn't it been replaced by more tank like Sheriden Still in some parts of the world cheapy Technical gun trucks can be pesky (and disposable) Maybe the answer is like the Ruskies have self-propelled mortar systems (so not in direct line of return fire) - and if used with precision laser designated rounds...
  17. Steven Zaloga https://tankandafvnews.com/2016/04/11/steven-zaloga-afv-model-gallery/
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