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  1. Mr. Emrys - good to see you're not dead mate! Well not until you add me as a beneficiary to your will. 😋
  2. Hi! Purchased the Rome to Victory Module, but get the error message 'Invalid link' when clicking on URL provided for download (and also via the Order History). - Mace
  3. Oh I wouldn't call him a gentleman...Aussies aren't gentlemen. But definitely a great dewd and funny guy. I was lucky enough to have dinner with him down here in Melbourne about 2003?
  4. Oh did you get the power back on in SA at last? And RIP Berli, miss you hirsute russkie descendant.
  5. Berli gave me great advice during a chat: 'Chill your vodka in the freezer' he said! and since then I've followed those words of wisdom, and I'm fortunate enough to now have a nicely chilled screw-driver to raise a glass to his memory. Cheers Dan, and thanks for being a friend.
  6. That works on so many levels, alcohol, violence ...and cheese. wuss (look it up. We'll wait)
  7. JonS does turn out quality CM material, so I'm looking forward to it!
  8. Like it? Yes it was all our idea...the red star/black cross is a nice touch, matching the burning tank motif.
  9. Just as well. We don't want to give the divorce lawyers more work.
  10. And you pride yourself on research and accurate information sources, and berate others for innacuracy? Mace
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