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  1. So saying, in effect, fire over this AS, we've voted 100% that it works so far
  2. It's very annoying not being able to fire in a direction because you can't see an action spot on the floor. I realise why: having a 2D interface for a 3D world. What would be brilliant is, if you ever get "reverse slope no aim point", you instead got "grazing fire" to the point, and your unit could fire at it with the expectation they'd be shooting over the area, that would do it? So you can setup MG fire to keep a units head down even if you can't fire at them. The engine would need to model the vertical separation between the fire and the unit, of course, to work out suppression
  3. I don't think African American troops were used on the front lines, being used as drivers for the most part. Unless you're doing a convoy ambush?
  4. BTW are you guys aware there's a "select last unit" key? So if you're making moves, drop the unit to check LOS then want it back, press F12. The last unit you had selected is now re-selected.
  5. Do you have multiple copies of the game - like a 1.11 version and a 1.20 version on the go? Check where your shortcut goes to and make sure you've changed it in the correct place. Or are you using Vista? I know it likes to quarantine files sometimes and doesn't put them where you expect.
  6. OK, this one works. Just tried it. I've put "target smoke" as "#" as I think it looks like a little cloud of smoke. See? Yes? OK, just me. As ever, hack it about until you're happy with it. BTW, I've swapped to Move (N)ormal and (M)ark mines. No idea what I was thinking originally.
  7. If anyone has a version from this that's working, email it to me and I'll put it up when I have a mo. Working 15 hour days until next week. Yak.
  8. Sure? Have you downloaded it again? I uploaded my version and I've been using it with the Brits.
  9. Narp. It's one I don't use much so I leave it to the normal UI. Yarp. But as ever, you can use "delete" to clear a target.
  10. Updated to 1.20...although I can't remember making any changes it doesn't crash the game so it must be right. No, but you know "delete" has always worked - right?
  11. No idea. In case some aren't up to date CMSF WEGO is now implemented using the Blue bar - as in CM1. It's exactly the same...except PBEM games now have a movie each turn (hooray!). Plus you can play RT if you want. Good for smaller battles.
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