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  1. Thanks @Kevin2k @support - any idea where I can see my key? Thanks.
  2. I don't mind paying for the upgrades really, just wondering if you can get there from here.
  3. Hi, I was on the Beta team years back so Steve sent me a key (hi Steve!) and when CMBN came out I got a very nice metal box version. I'm going to install again after many lapsed years but IIRC I just used the Beta key - where is the one that came with my hard media? Speaking of which, I no longer have a CD player in my PC so I assume I can download, find the key from somewhere, update from the 2011 version ( ) and be good to go? Cheers.
  4. Hope you're still around, Michael.
  5. There doesn't need to be detailed plans, just a "Yarp, new engine on the way". Possibly they think it'd cannibalise current sales, which is fair enough.
  6. Cheers user1000. I'd have expected Steve and Charles (is Phil still on board?) to be thinking about another engine while any ad-on modules were finished off. Nevertheless the fact we're talking about finishing off means it's either develop the Dutch pre-war ToE, go Fulda Gap or do it all but nicer in a new engine. No noises bubbling out? Christmas bones being prematurely dropped? Is a new engine even possible - 1 to 1 modelling of squads with no more bunching, formations, better icons, higher terrain granularity? I guess every increase in fidelity incurs a greater increase in model complexity etc.
  7. Hi all, given the finality of this title, is a new engine in the works? Cheers.
  8. ...wait, so the Tigers didn't deserve their reputation becasue the American's never faced them? How does the author feel about Genghis Khan?
  9. An interesting question is: if the Germans had stuck with the PzIV and produced masses of them, would they have had a better showing? Not having all those shiny toys would engender a different mind-set in the Generals. We all (I think all) know that the only way the Germans could've got anything out of the war would be to go on the defensive post-Stalingrad and stabilise their lines. Hold out for 2 - 3 years in a stalemate (so being able to resist the Western Allies in the ETO), shoot Hitler and maybe Yalta would never have happened. The Tiger - the tank that cost them the war.
  10. Cheers Cuirassier, that's the thread I was thinking of - thanks.
  11. TBH the crux of my argument is that a 37mm cannon isn't going to k-kill a T-34 from any angle. Maybe get through the engine deck but that's an M-kill.
  12. He's saying the JU 87G was an effective tank killer: I'm saying poppycock. Anyone got anything I can back this up with? JasonC usually has some good stats - he still around?
  13. I make each and every turn a small miracle in co-ordination, resource optimisation and tactical efficiency. Then people start shooting at me It's really not on.
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