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Red Thunder release poll


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Okay, all you refresh monkeys

In order to kill the unbearable waiting time and give those F5 keys a few minutes rest, I propose a little competition:

Who´ll make the most accurate guess on the release of Red Thunder?

The winner earns the right to the title and sig-line:

Supreme Red Thunder Release Date Spotter

Submit your guess below (only one per member of course) - and remember to state both:

Date and time (GMT)

The time has to be GMT as I don´t want spend a lot of time converting guesses from 20 different time zones.



The correct time you must aim for is the official announcement of the release of the game on this site.


Here´s my own guess:

BFC have stated that RT will be released in march. As it is my experience that BFC have the same relation to deadlines as myself, my guess will be

April 1 st, 1:30 GMT

(This will still be march 31st in the US and thus just within the deadline :))

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I predict it released when it has worked out whatever bugs they still need to work on. I would rather they take whatever time they need rather than to rush puttting out more bugs that later must be patched.

The pope to Michelangelo regarding the Sistine chapel ceiling;

Pope – “When is it going to be finished?”

Michelangelo – “When it’s done”

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How does this work?

The people who have PRE-ORDERED (like me) will receive an email telling us when RT is going to be released so that we can down load it before the general release - I presume to spread the load on the servers - so what time are we talking about? The time I get my email? The time it goes on pre-order release? The time it goes on general release?

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