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  1. Hmm... Spiritual successor to Across the Rhine from MicroProse?
  2. CM3 should start with Cold War! It's the best title to start with in my humble and very selfish opintion, lots of units, long distance engagement, huge maps and lots of fun stuff to play with!
  3. CMx3 as an upgrade to all CMx2 titles (engine 5 scrapped) or a new CMx3 Cold War as the first title. Reasonable expectations
  4. I can understand Mr.X reaction, feels like he got thrown under the bus due to one post where someone claim that they should send $10 to Mr.X for further instructions. Mr.X has stated in the locked thread and the one from February that this is free. I haven't seen one post where he has hinted that he would like some $$ for his battle pack. Battlefront could have earlier (or latest when JoMac posted) added a disclaimer at the top of the thread that this is a fan made battle pack, nothing to do with Battlefront and as long as everything is free it's OK, as it is against the EULA to charge for fan created content. This way I think a lot of confusion could have been avoided.
  5. Same here, Mr. X hasn't asked for any payment or donation of any kind.
  6. CMFB is not released on Slitherin/Steam yet Yes, I have tried to get my Steam key as well when I saw it on the list.
  7. Offer ends in 6 days. @BFCElvis I can't see you offer the same on the BFC store?
  8. CM is unique and awesome. That said, I think we all want better performance, cleaner UI, more fronts, era's and more. I am happy that Battlefront has managed to stay in business selling Combat Mission games, and I choose to see the glass half full and enjoy what we have.
  9. Excellent guide for the Soviet Army. https://youtu.be/Yey6jil-sUM?feature=shared
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