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  1. I wanted to gift the game through Steam to a friend, but I can do that at a later date
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1551160/discussions/0/3088885996478055693/#c3057365873428609738
  3. Today is the big day for CMCW on Steam. Will there be a patch for the battlefront version today as well with the Slitherine's PBEM system?
  4. Maybe I haven't noticed the changes over time but it looks pretty much like it always have to me since CMBN. CMCW v1.01
  5. I hope they add multiplayer after release, especially if it turns out to be a fun game. Feels like computer 3D version of Deluxe ASL.
  6. I only use real time when I test stuff sometimes. Otherwise it's WEGO (tiny or huge) as I like to rewind and look at all the action going on
  7. I would probably still run the game in 1080p on a 15 inch 4k screen. Shouldn't look any worse than on a native 1080p 15 inch screen?
  8. I have 27" 1440p screen so it's still readable for me, but I also found the briefing screen in the scenarios is better suited for short briefings and not short stories. As an old gamer it would be nostalgic with the story text in a journal, takes me back in time to games like Pirates! and Pools of Radiance.
  9. Would it be possible for future releases to have the briefings as a PDF? Especially if you make them into small stories. Like a supplement manual with campaign and scenario briefings. Easier to read that way for us old gamers I copied the text from one of the scenarios into word myself. So there is a DIY workaround
  10. 2) Load up the formations in the Scenario editor or QB and have a look at them. That's what I do to familiarize myself with different formations, nations and equipment.
  11. One way to make early eastern front profitable is to make it CM3! Hopefully many are going to buy that for the new CM3 alone :) Either way I am looking forward to whatever is coming next and Cold War was a fresh new family with a lot of potential for future modules.
  12. I don't mind This one is also great: "Um Mitternacht - Wenn alle Katzen jagen - In der Stadt"
  13. A sold copy on Steam is better than no copy sold But I do the same. Buy here, later add the game to Steam when available there.
  14. That is correct. Unless there are some issues with the PBEM++ feature that will be tested between now and then. Steam = June!
  15. I prefer binary patches, don't want to compile the patches myself.
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