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  1. No. It's only the Engine 4.0 manual. Combat Mission Cold War is in it’s pre-order phase now. This product will be downloadable with the option to purchase a platform specific DVD and/or a general Combat Mission Game Engine Manual. Except for special promotions we do not offer game specific manuals, so if you already have a current Game Engine Manual you're all set!
  2. You put out the fire and the rubble is almost ready for our eyes!?!
  3. They key here is "up-to-date" installation. As soon as they release Fire & Rubble your installation will no longer be up to date. But anyone who buy the base game after the release of Fire & Rubble will have "up-to-date" installation and just need to active the Fire & Rubble module if they buy it That's how I understand it. Sounds a bit funny though
  4. Sounds like we will roll into Germany with T-72's before we get the opportunity to do the same with T-34.
  5. What CM needs is ingame tools to make every game session look like Bil H. AAR's After reading all those excellent AAR from Bil (and others) it just feels like I am playing CM the wrong way!
  6. 1) Yes & Yes. 2) Yes, that's how I understood it. From the product page: "This product will be downloadable with the option to purchase a platform specific DVD and/or a general Combat Mission Game Engine Manual." So it will not be delivered with a CMCW specific printed manual.
  7. The threads seems to go the same way as the new modules name! Fire, then rubble! Probably delayed the release with a few hours! Either way I am looking forward to the new module and hope it will be out soon so we can be busy having fun with the new toys
  8. CMCW (battlefront version) and CMFR will release on the same day!
  9. Now I want to see The 37s again! (Star Trek Voyager). Fun episode!
  10. It's not that type of tablet https://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-tablets/wacom-intuos-pro
  11. At least there is one music video on the subject
  12. At this point I think some believe that Fire & Rubble is Science Fiction as well ;)
  13. This is my computer. There are many like it but this one is mine. My computer is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my computer is useless. Without my computer I am useless. :)
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