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  1. I would love a Scandinavian module with at least snow and Swedish forces. That said I am most likely happy with whatever Battlefront decide to release as the first module, with many more to come after that CMCW is more then I could have wished for as the time period is really fun.
  2. My guess is that they will just release it on steam when it's ready, no more broken "promises" Hopefully more CM families can make their way onto Steam (with PBEM++) when CMCW's problems has been solved.
  3. Buy it from Battlefront and add it to your steam library via Slitherine/MatrixGames. That way you have both options, steam and non-steam installation.
  4. QB don't have any reinforcements to my knowledge. I will post more details later, after work.
  5. I noticed that a US team had infiltrated the Soviet setup zone and knocked on 2nd Company HQ. I missed the action, I heard strange sounds that I tried to locate but couldn't imagine there was a US team in the corner of my own setup zone.
  6. CMCW Scandinavia Module! Yes! When? or maybe that's a fantasy!
  7. Personally I am very happy with the products provided and that shows in my order history. Hopefully Battlefront do the right decisions to stay in business. For the engine to continue evolve they need to earn money and it's their right to have CM as closed or opened as they like. Even if the unit data could be open I assume the engine would be closed anyway and if Battlefront is loosing money I guess we will never see a new CM product. I am already looking forward to a Cold War module! If Battlefront stops to develop CM for whatever reason, it would be great if they would release the code under an open source license for the community to continue development of the engine.
  8. I put a small hedgeline and low bocage on both sides of the shooting range, also put a small +1 elevation ridge in front of the M60 tanks. The result between a company of T-64B and M60A1 was 1 T-64 lost and 14 M60 lost. Now these shooting range tests are silly at best compared to a true QB/scenario with real terrain and what not.
  9. I did some quick tests on a shooting range map 2400 m, day, clear weather, damp ground. 1st Round T-72A (1980) vs M60A1 Rise Passive - Company vs Company - ( 4 -T72 Lost vs 13 M60 Lost ) 2nd Round T-72A (1980) vs M60A1 Rise Passive - Company vs Company - ( 1 T-72 Lost vs 13 M60 Lost ) 3rd Round T-72 vs M60A1 - Company vs Company - ( 11 T-72 Lost vs 7 M60 Lost ) 4th Round T-72 vs M60A1 - Company vs Company - ( 13 T-72 Lost vs 7 M60 Lost ) 5th Round T-64B vs M60A1 - Company vs Company ( 2 T-64 Lost vs 15 M60 Lost ) From my limited testing both sides spotted quickly within 5-10 seconds. Shots were fired almost at the same time, sometimes in favor of the soviet side. Seems like both sides give and take. These tests are very crude I guess but in a tank duel it feels like both sides have their own super tanks depending on what they goes up against.
  10. The one Bil Hardenberger does an AAR/DAR for on the forums His AAR/DAR's are always a true inspiration for how to play CM. There are also others that do great AAR/DAR's! CMCW is my favorite CM! Why? Cold War!
  11. I think you should be able to use the CD key. I have CMBN, CMFI and CMRT CD versions but I never even unpacked the CD so it should work just fine with the downloaded installer. Yes, you can also install it on your laptop, I do the same. You should be able to have at least 2 active installations before it complains.
  12. From what I can see looking from now back to April in the find a player channel on the Discord server people is mostly looking for pbem/dropbox type of games.
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