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  1. As an artist who has his work out there, and who has been ripped off from copyright infringements I have no problem with my entitlement for my corporate "tax" thank you 😉, but the Chinese are the real problem with SO many rip offs of intellectual property. Their "corporate" tax is not only unjustified but with the scum bagness of stealing it off of someone else's back at the same time. The amount of what I'm speaking about in this arena is staggering. Pretty much any product out there has a Chinese knock off clone of it being made. It's very hard to fight because their society, and mentality h
  2. Here is a concept I put together a long time ago for ideas of how such a game might be. If this were implemented I believe the Real Time player community would grow exponentially. Basically each player controls a platoon, and sees only what his units see so it is how Iron mode would shine. The commander role player/players would control those smaller units, but would see more, and so would be coordinating the effort of the players controlling the main combat units. Also, the game would have observer slots for each side for just watching, or training for new team players. Teams (clans) would em
  3. I agree CMFI is probably the most forgiving combat wise so would recommend most for a new player getting used to the games. I would say CMBS is the least forgiving in bad moves or luck, and so a bit more challenging. Personally, I prefer smaller company size scenarios too, but I don't think any one game has more. All the games have a mix they come with, but plenty of small user made scenarios out there.
  4. There should still be a good one out there made by Aris ages ago. Probably still on CM MODS site. Works with all the games.
  5. Just checked out the twich video. Nice presentation Steve and Chris. Would have liked to hear some show off of the games sounds with arty in the beginning though to give a taste of that immersive quality of the game for new players. I predict SO many new players finding the game for the first time on Steam! I hope the demos will be available there too. If a person can get a taste without having to commit I think it will grab even more people like it did me 20yrs ago. The game has been around for over 20 yrs, and it's amazing CM is just scraping the surface to it's most realized potential. So
  6. That sounds like a smart business move partnering with Slitherine, and think it should bring much more exposure to the game. Best of luck in this new partnership Battlefront!
  7. Wow, great atmosphere enhancements NPye! You have a very talented eye for color and texture. Keep up the good work!
  8. This is absolutly great to see happening! Really so happy for you Steve, and the rest of the team. Awesome to see collaboration between other serious wargame companies like Slitherine to bring Combat Mission into the light as a serious tool to exercise critical thinking for military leaders. Congratulations team Battlefront!! Happy to be part of the testing of this, and seeing the game used this way. I see so many great things in the future for CM!
  9. Congratulations! That's quite a feat, but CM is quite a game, and still the best out there in the genre. I believe that CM still has much more realization to go especially on the real time end so I guess we can keep team Battlefront busy for another 20 yrs. I still look froward to playing co-op real time with multiple players someday where each player controls a platoon. Really, I think the concepts, and potential of CM has just scratched the surface. Salute to team Battlefront, and 20 more years!
  10. Thanks for keeping the mod alive Mike. Sorry fellas, It just got to be too much of a pain in the ass for me constantly have to update it for so many patches and games so I lost ambition for keeping up with it. Glad you posted the self help instructions. Should have just did that myself. Mike, Ian or anyone else is welcome to administrate it to keep it updated for the troops, and deal with "my text is screwy" problems when not updated. Appreciate keeping the name for the credit of inception. Glad you guys enjoy the mod.
  11. Wow! Really great work and creativity Aquila. Love the boats!
  12. Yes, excellent deep marsh mod! I have it in all my CM games. The Vietnam mod looks like it has potential. Lot of work to make a whole conversion like that though. Good luck.
  13. I play around with doing a Spec Ops quick real time battle now and then. Basically, set the game up with one sides troops maxed in every aspect; experience, morale ect..You will get a much smaller, but much better quality force than average pixeltruppen. Only issue is the smaller force will have enough ammo issues so suggest some vehicles in the scenario. These are fun intense fights especially in urban combat.
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