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  1. Hello bfc team what about main page inaccessability at some countries like where I live : Turkiye? Regards
  2. Hello Bfc I can't open battlefront.com I'm living in Turkiye How can I buy Cmbs ? BTW this is not first for me . I have all other titles Regards
  3. New amd catalyst omega drivers released Graphical quality seems increased Any comment or test will be wellcomed Regards
  4. OK I have sorted out My fault was that I was trying without open zip file Thanks
  5. Inset disk1 error What is that? Thanks in advance for the help
  6. So can you easily control all of units in medium and big maps in CM? In CM realtime, you can't get any feedback about the actions from otherside of the battlefield. (there is no any alert system) You can't touch all of units from a button panel (You can see in GTOS at bottom of the screen) So from my point of view CM is unplayable as realtime mode with regards to the GTOS. But CM is the best in We go system and multiplayer Regards
  7. Yes we are waiting too, it's extremely closer than yesterday now. So it can go to the eternal with this formula. 1 day + 1 day / 2 + 1 day / 4 .......... Regards
  8. Hello, Did you try to play CMX2 series in Real Time mode? After then you will see how horrible the CM UI with regards to the GTOS. So the GTOS is much way better while we're talking RT side. So please match apples and apples. Regards.
  9. Hello Bfc Can we learn that the thing delaying to release this long awaited patch? What can I understand the term of extremely soon that is repeating till two weeks without the release ? Thanks in advance for the reply Regards
  10. I have played for 1.5 hours as quick battle. First impressions that the game is very good, all units are under your hand, you can easily touch any of them with command buttons at under of the screen. Tank movements are tremendous with many tactical options, even cover arcs. Very good graphics and movement effects In short , I liked it As I said before, it's real bargain with this price. BTW, there is no multiplayer option, I have to add this Regards
  11. Hello Phil, So will we be waiting another several months for this patch? I hope to be released at this week after extremely soon declearation of you Regards
  12. I have bought main game with 4 DLCs from only 16 usd :-) It's not a deal mate, it's a steal I will try and inform about my experiences after playing regards
  13. Ok , I wondering that your "soon" classification , releasing was "very soon" two weeks ago, I hope "extremely soon" will be within this week :-) regards
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