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  1. I'm having serious lag issues using steam version of SF2 and BS. Bad enough to make game unplayable. Watching the turn is fine but trying to move the camera, give orders, click on a unit etc etc becomes increasingly laggy to the point input is registered a minute after I had pressed mouse button or tried to move around map etc.
  2. Would love to see an inf animation upgrade. Would pay for that alone.
  3. ANything new in game thats non game specific and will be released in patches to update the other games? New animations, improved tac ai etc etc?
  4. Well modernish isn't normally my thing, however, as Bil is involved then for me it's a must buy. Anything he has a hand in is a no brainer for me. Exciting.
  5. It's cool. I wasn't the team member who wrote the review. I will pass the feedback on. This has been the harshest feedback we've ever had. I do ask my team to try and add their personality to the writing. I have done a CMx2 review myself which got very good feedback. At the time it was Wargamers review that came in for some negative feedback. My review https://www.awargamersneedfulthings.co.uk/2016/04/combat-mission-final-blitzkrieg-review_87.html I actually don't mind feedback that's negative as long as it's with in reason and has a
  6. Our review https://www.awargamersneedfulthings.co.uk/2020/09/combat-mission-shock-force-2.html
  7. Not so sure. There are a few wargames on there that could have been attacked that way but haven't. Aslong as it's advertised correctly I see no problems myself. Look at GGWar in the East. That wasn't trashed.
  8. HAven't watched the video, but I believe Germans where instructed to carry their rifle one handed whilst attacking forward? I think I mentioned this to BF awhile ago. Would be cool to see nations carry their arms in the way they did historically.
  9. I hate real time games, however Graviteam manage to develop something very special. Take time to learn the UI and you'll love the series. No click fest here. Nothing so far really comes close to CMx2 series and Graviteam series for tactical warfare.
  10. I actually only just finished the book (highly recommended) when I notice the Finnish have just released a war film based on it called Unknown Soldier. It's a long one at 3hrs but blo#dy amazing film with English subs. Can't recommend it enough.
  11. Thanks Wicky. Never thought of that! Of course exhaustion will affect it! Well it's good to see this sort of thing in game I suppose.
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