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  1. Bit off topic. I just wrapped up Storm of War by Andrew Roberts. EXCELLENT book. Covers big picture. Well researched I just picked up Napoleon by Andrew Roberts. Still on Introduction...got it for Fathers Day - yesterday. no opinion yet.
  2. I seem to recall this. Written by a UK AF General. The 3rd World War. Additionally, Harold Coyle took that book and wrote a novel about a single tank battalions action in the fictional war.
  3. If you go to your account page at BFC, you can see your serial number and copy-paste. Much less chance of an error.
  4. Mods are only for sounds and graphics. The game is developed to be as historically accurate as possible with respect units, munitions and, TO&E; thus no unit capability mods permitted.
  5. YES!! until 1st shot is fired by the gun.
  6. When I think about STEAM I get hot under the collar.
  7. Christmas of 73 for me. Along with "Dark Side of the Moon." That was a good year indeed.
  8. Great! Now we need a thread to whine folks that derail threads.
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