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  1. I guess we can hope BF decides to reward it's long standing customer base with more than a few of the PRO features. Even if at a small premium. Hoping.
  2. Co play for pro? Seems like something that could be wanted.
  3. Yeah I was born there, and have several associates that live there. Without going into detail I'll go ahead and keep my beliefs, thanks for asking though.
  4. He should be able to keep all of his stuff as long as it's non mission capable, but I guess not much has changed from the 40's eh Germany?
  5. For real, you mind clarifying there @Erwin or is that your professional medical opinion?
  6. Well in contrast to the dark reddish brown you usually produce with your cannon fodder this should be a relatively better experience for your "Men".
  7. Well at least the "Fighting 41" got an honorable mention. Good job boys, and thanks Battlefront and Co.
  8. I still have 3 and a half'ish hours left before I am wrong, c'mon BF, do something.
  9. Yeah, I downloaded my previous installation to a separate directory, so between the beer and the enthusiasm I may have misspoke. My apologies to all current and former victims of said post.
  10. It's the full game, just delete your other installation :), Happy gaming.
  11. O hel ya bruthur! You misspelled cannon.
  12. I'm not gonna lie, I chuckled at the sight of a scenario based upon the mighty Schwimmwagen(spelling?).
  13. As long as you say so, I'm still disappointed though, I mean c'mon. lol.
  14. No they can't, like a bunch of little girls waiting to post something to Social Media. Mature gaming community indeed.
  15. My apologies for my fellow forumites, we know not what we do. What a tragedy. Thank you though sir, for the hardwork and time it took to produce this for us. Appreciate you'll.
  16. Really, how hard is it? Can't keep it to yourself for 2 seconds? Ty BF for all the hard work.
  17. Anyone know if that's an Alligator class LST, it looks similar. ISU 152's still in service in the early 80's? Did they just serve as Mech Arty or the traditional direct infantry support? Or both?
  18. Ah, I see. Well at that point some may question the quality of said friendship, for true friendship transcends time. But, I totally get your beef, the damn things been in the making forever, let's go already.
  19. What's a few years between friends?
  20. It's only been a couple years, what's a couple more weeks? :)
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