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  1. For real, you mind clarifying there @Erwin or is that your professional medical opinion?
  2. Well in contrast to the dark reddish brown you usually produce with your cannon fodder this should be a relatively better experience for your "Men".
  3. Well at least the "Fighting 41" got an honorable mention. Good job boys, and thanks Battlefront and Co.
  4. I still have 3 and a half'ish hours left before I am wrong, c'mon BF, do something.
  5. Yeah, I downloaded my previous installation to a separate directory, so between the beer and the enthusiasm I may have misspoke. My apologies to all current and former victims of said post.
  6. It's the full game, just delete your other installation :), Happy gaming.
  7. O hel ya bruthur! You misspelled cannon.
  8. I'm not gonna lie, I chuckled at the sight of a scenario based upon the mighty Schwimmwagen(spelling?).
  9. As long as you say so, I'm still disappointed though, I mean c'mon. lol.
  10. No they can't, like a bunch of little girls waiting to post something to Social Media. Mature gaming community indeed.
  11. My apologies for my fellow forumites, we know not what we do. What a tragedy. Thank you though sir, for the hardwork and time it took to produce this for us. Appreciate you'll.
  12. Really, how hard is it? Can't keep it to yourself for 2 seconds? Ty BF for all the hard work.
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