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  1. #3 Close the distance using the dead ground with overwatch, ez pz. How you break down the assault force vs. your over watch or base is entirely up to you, I would assume the T-64's and BMP's for cover and the T-62's to rush. Whichever you choose best of luck with it.
  2. My personal opinion is CMFI is actually one of the best if not the best title right now. No pressure . Make sure you get GL and R2V as well.
  3. The M-60 MG, M-60 MBT and cluster munitions? Shut up and take my money.
  4. Alright BF, you win again. Take my money. Ordered fire and rubble also. I don't know how i'm going to have the time, I hope the engine 5 improvements are bananas.
  5. Searched the forums never found an answer. I noticed the briefing for Mission 3 of the TF Thunder campaign said I would have access to a a pair of Apache gunships. If they're supposed to be there they never showed, but I did have a pair of F-16's on hand. Apologies if this has already been noted.
  6. I'm not offended. I'm just used to people white knighting anytime critique is leveled at the company, there's a pretty broad history on these forums of it some of it necessary for unruly posters some of it not. I understand your concerns about the micro management and I'm definitely not advising for more features that need to be player handled necessarily. I'm looking for broader options, like the ones I stated in my earlier post and maybe a multiplayer browser added also. Y'know some QOL stuff. Does anybody really like opening ports for a game anymore, sure it's not difficult but come on, it
  7. I'm sorry your standards are that low. The game has stagnated features wise and is far from a complete battlefield simulation. I never said I spoke for the community but since you quoted me I'm assuming that's what you're saying. Notice the emphatic and repetitious use of "I" in my posts. Then take note of all of the other wish list threads in all of the game forums here on the Battlefront forums and you'll see a trend of features that have been repeatedly asked for by the community.
  8. @IanL I love the game, I buy everything they sell. I just want it to get better brother. Hopefully the government contract stuff they're doing will open some new doors. At least there's hope. Cheers.
  9. Wish list revision 1: I wish they would improve their 15+ year old game engine to allow for the stuff the community wishes for. I understand the limitations as set forth by the devs, but this is a wish list thread, and if we don't ask for things they'll never know we want therm. I'd like Co play, which was actually mentioned in the original shock force manual a decade and a half ago. The engine was built to support it per the devs. It was nixed however somewhere along the way when they decided the juice wasn't worth the squeeze. So it's their product they can do what they wish with it, b
  10. Is the release for CMRT:FR going to coincide with the Steam release of CMRT?
  11. It sounds like man hours that could be spent adding features and content to the newer titles that need that love. Or building a new game engine. So hopefully too much for the return.
  12. Exactly, we keep getting reskinned and reorganized content but can't get features that have been wanted for what, closing in on 15 years? Edit: Before everybody goes crazy, I know new units have been added. I know the dev team is small. I also know that if this game wasn't so niche it would've died a long time ago.
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