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  1. You give your opponent your public IP address. That's only the start of your problems though, then there's hoping you don't get the "opponent has left your match, the battle is over bug" when they're in setup or if you make it that far after the driver issues required to run the game. Always fun fighting the software instead of your opponent.
  2. These boards are rife with em, as evidenced above, don't have a different opinion or you'll get the cucks stirred up.
  3. The patch note. NEW * Matrix/Slitherine Tournament scoring fix The end.
  4. Probably why a lot of people feel they're just getting ran over in tank duels outside of spotting issues, Pretty egregious it's been that long though for such a large bug.
  5. Lmao, still a bug? How long has it been?
  6. I was told to stop it, please do the same. Thanks.
  7. You're not done, you don't get to try to character assassinate me because you disagree with me and just walk away, that's what's known as a coward, you shouldn't let your effeminate emotions cloud your soft judgement.
  8. To*, additionally, grind your little axe with somebody that cares. I've made my point clear and if you disagree that's fine make your point and move on.
  9. Yeah that's all it was. Not just the 40B, any bill really. I digress though. You'll do you in this forum. Thanks for the engagement.
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