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  1. I mean the screenshots from the AAR look legit but i still cant really believe it.
  2. I ve been playing CM for about a decade now and a 1980s CM: Cold War has always been what i dreamt of, Shock Force has always been just a substitute for the real thing. Am i... am i dreaming? Is this, like, a joke with Steve telling us 'haha got ya' on April 1st?
  3. Hi, i wasnt aware of this project until now and i havent read through all the posts, but i ve always wanted to make an operational level war game. So just that i get it right: you want that operational level UI + a parser that generates tactical battle .btt files that can be loaded into CM + load the result of the tactical battle from the saved game to the operational layer and the current state of affairs is that you have some prototype (code base or just mock ups?) but it's not finished yet. Is that right? How far have you gotten into this? What technology do you use (Unity?), whats the budget and how many are currently working on this? Is it open source and is there a github repo for this or do you want this to be a commercial product (if yes: who would be your customers and why would they buy your product)? I mean if you dont have to do game mechanics for resolving tactical battles bc you use CM as external provider for that, at least at first glance it pretty much comes down to a parser with a UI with the biggest planning risk being the lack of an API for this by CM so you kinda have to hack it (reverse engineering can be a major pain in the a**). I probably cant offer you commercial level effort bc i have already have a job, kids and education in progress but hey, corona killed all my hobbies so why not give this a shot at least until we are allowed to go outside again? Summer months are also usually 3 months were i just work and education is paused and a working prototype should be doable within a reasonable time frame. Edit: Ah i see you want a fully functional operational level game that goes beyond the UI + parser thingy suggested by Bulletpoint. Well that complicates matters a lot bc you ll have to track lots of information and code a somewhat credible tactical battle resolution (which is probably the hard part and very intensive in testing and research, probably harder than getting battles into CM) and i think it would be easier to first make Bulletpoints suggested counter-pushing variant as first alpha and then add your own tactical battle resolution algorithm later on. Anyways how far have you gotten wrt coding this? Edit: How will maps for CM battles exported from your game be generated by the way? Use a pool of pre existing QB maps that fit the hex by a range of attributes or do you want them to be procedurally generated from hex attributes? The latter would again be very hard work to do properly.
  4. Hi everyone, altough i havent posted in quite a while, i am still playing Combat Mission occasionally, but my little daughter and job and university degree keep me too busy to have much time to play. Anyways i am posting tonight because there's an ongoing a terror attack in Vienna, where i live in Austria, that as of now left multiple dead, which i almost cant believe. Drove past the initial attack site on my bike just minutes after the shooting started while police hadnt cordoned off everything completely and i could still smell and hear the gun fire. I have a sick feeling in my stomach and i genuinely wish the attackers dead, i feel like i honestly want to do it myself. I want the attackers dead, all of them, a feeling that shocks me as normally i am a very peaceful person. I am now at home safe, but i still here helicopters overhead and can see police and military on the streets. Not the first shooting i saw, in fact i ve been much closer (i live kind of in not the best place you know), but this is just insane. Also thanks to police, military and first aid services in Austria who are doing an incredible job. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54786952
  5. I ve never tried it with combat mission but in theory memory scannig/code injection tools should get you the adresses (mostly by emprical exploration) of otherwise unaccesable game variables and let you modify program states and to some degree also program behaviour. Throw the whole thing into a script for reproducability and there you have your weapons mod. This probably requires considerable technical skill and effort though, but it would be an interesting project.
  6. MOUT operations in CMx2 titles have always been pretty bloody if not executed without exceptional care. I can not make a statement regarding your specific situation, but what i ve observed in the couple of years playing CMx2 is that clearing a building occupied by hostile forces is Best avoided if possible If avoiding clearing the building is impossible, destroy the building or its occupants using heavy fire power (tanks, aircraft artillery, what ever you' ve got). If destroying the building or it's occupants using heavy fire power is not possible, prepare it for infantry clearing by first spending a couple of turns suppressing it's occupants using at least a 3:1 force ratio and the target or target light command. RPGs and the like are wonderful tools for convincing an enemy in a building to leave it. After preparing the building for assault, keep suppressing it with a target-light command and a 2:1 force ratio an send a 1:1 force ratio troop into the building, carefully. Use the pause command and suppress each room with the assault element using target-briefly for at least 10 seconds before entering (this also leads to some grenade throwing, etc). If possible, send the assault element into the building using demo charges by blowing in a wall that has no windows and from the top most floor possible (because hand grenades work best if thrown from an upper to a lower floor). If heavy resistance is encountered in a room, retreat and try to destroy or at least suppress the enemy using your over-watch element from the outside. Using above listed steps, MOUT against an inferior force as the Syrians in CMSF2 can usually be done relative casualty free. Fighting an equal enemy such as the Russians in CMBS, on the other hand, will always cause you some losses, there is no way around it. Just accept it and keep pushing forward towards your mission objectives.
  7. Does ANYONE still have a copy of the FULL map? At teh few good men, i can only find the cropped version .
  8. That' s absurd. You just more or less litterally said that that screenshot did invoke the same image in your head as well. Well, i am not going to excuse myself for my association. If you publish you work you ve gotta live with people interpreting it differently than you might have intended it to be interpreted. Oh, back then, everything was better... yeah, I have heard that so many times. Lucky you though, the UK is going to make a big leap backwards in time on March 29. Well I see were this thread is going. Funny though that mentioning something obvisouly looks like a swastika is more offensive too people than the swastika itself.
  9. I am not saying it' s intentional but where i am coming from you try to minimize the number of accidential swastika resemblances in your software. I find it more like an easter egg, though, and i dont feel offended. More like wtf. The fact you know what i am talking about implies you must have had the same association. So you do see it too, i know it.
  10. Just came accross this map (Deser Crossroads 1008 x 800 328m). Didnt know the germans built roads in Syria.
  11. push You made our mouths watering with your mod MikeyD, we wont just forget about it
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