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  1. Maybe they can figure out a way to direct the microwaves in specific directions or arcs from which the drone threat is coming from. As for the frying of mobile phones, I think the military has just come up with a solution for soldiers making tic tok videos.
  2. Using microwaves to disable drone swarms..... Will we eventually see a miniaturized version of this accompanying armored vehicles or on the vehicles themselves. I see no reason why not. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2511792/army-partners-with-air-forces-thor-for-base-defense/
  3. Be interesting to see how the new Stryker based AA vehicle does against drone swarms which will likely be a serious threat as the technology proliferates. Most if now all the civilian drones are made in China so the technology is widely available. The other potential threat is UAPs. So far it seems to be mostly a US Navy thing, but who knows. Awaiting the report that is slated to be released. Not expecting too much.
  4. The Stinger had a reputation as the bane of the Mi-24 in Afghanistan. So far in my limited CW game play, I'm not too impressed. I had 2 Stinger teams one with 11 missiles, the other with 15 missiles, plus a HQ with 4 extra missiles. All missiles were fired off and many times both teams fired at same time in same direction. All missiles have been expended and only 1 Hind downed and that was with the very last Stinger. The Hinds were able to strafe and rocket my M-113s and infantry pretty much at will. I haven't play too much so I can't say much other than to report what has happened with one of the first battles with Stingers and Hinds.
  5. Haven't tried it yet, but I suspect just like the Tungusta in Black Sea the zip-gun is going to be a favorite in h2h quick battles as an all purpose eradication vehicle and used against ground targets and buildings quite a bit. Unlike Black Sea the American side also has a rapid fire zapper in the M163.
  6. I would love to see a mode where you can just pick anything-no points, all you can eat buffet.
  7. In the 70s, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult comes to mind. Early 80’s? For some reason Men Without Hat’s Safety Dance cones to mind...
  8. I would get a screen that runs at least 144Hz. I’m pretty sure Combat Mission will run fine on a 60Hz monitor, but 144hz is so common and cheap it’s the better option.
  9. If the Dutch are included in a module will the soldiers have long hair and abide by Union rules? iirc correctly around the time frame of CW the Dutch army was unionized and pretty laid back.
  10. I thought this would be the least favorite of all the games I owned, but it’s turning out to be very entertaining and challenging. So far I’m finding the Soviet artillery to be very unpleasant and so far I’m finding I have to change tactics as the Americans.
  11. I have ARMA 3 but its not installed. I have 2.5 TB of storage space on my SSDs and need the space. I got it on sale. I'm not too familiar. I cannot play any FPS as I get motion sick. It looks like there are other modes than FPS in ARMA, I just didn't spend the time to really learn the system. When I get my new desktop system in July it will have 3TB SSD on it so I'll be able to store more. I did just get a new gaming laptop that had 1TB on it and I didn't want to put another SSD in it as I would void the warranty. It has the new USB 3.2 Gen 2 port so I was able to pair it up with a SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable 2TB external Portable Solid state drive. With USB 3.2 Gen 2 the transfer rate is 2000 megabytes a second. I've been able to install games on the external SSD and play them from the external SSD and I can hardly tell the difference between the external installed games and ones stored internally.
  12. I would like to see the the Arab vs - Israeli conflict modeled, but given the current climate that probably won't happen. Falklands would be interesting, but probably too limited and not enough to cover. Asia as mentioned would be great, but I've mentioned in the past with other titles and that looks like it's not ever going to happen, same with Vietnam. I saw an interview with the designer and aside from the can of worms it may open you have the issue of modeling helicopter insertion of troops-something the game engine is not designed for. Would be cool if we could see helicopters zooming in and dropping off troops and river patrol boats, but that would probably require a new game engine. In terms of 1970-80s NATO vs Warsaw Pact I vote for Norway. Then Turkey and the Southern Front. For me its the variety it would bring-not just troops, but terrain,climate and overall feel. US Marines, Nordic forces, the Turks, Italians... Regardless, whatever is released, I'll buy.
  13. If I'm not mistaken LCD screens are basically made by a few manufacturers and only the label that' stuck on it is different. Its taken so long to get components I just went ahead and cancelled everything and shopped around some more. I'm not in a rush. I was able to find a system using a RTX3080 card and paid $100 less. I am going to have to wait until July to get the system though as the graphics card is pre-ordered. I'm also shopping around for monitors to see if I can snag a deal. One thing I do know is anything over 34 inches running over what I'm currently running 2560x1080 is going to be pushing a lot of pixels. I can't play first person shooters as I get dizzy. Flight sim 2020 is the real killer app I have. So long as I get 30FPS I should be fine.
  14. No argument from me on this one. I never owned one and don't plan on it. My sister bought an electric car and the batteries died after 100,000 miles. The cost to replace was astronomical. She went back to a non electric vehicle after that. I also think its now coming to light that Elon Musk has been overselling and exaggerating when it comes to his vehicles. Getting back to monitors. I may be getting the 49 monitor that runs at 3480x1080P that runs at 144hz or the 5120 x 1440 model that runs at 240 Hz. Have to wait to hear back. As for the size, from what I've seen its going to depend on what you do as well as the game itself. For Flight Sim 2020 its going to be an experience. Rome Total War should also be an experience. Some games don't scale well. Just going to have to see... You can also run multiple screens at once on an 49 monitor. Its really the equivalent of 3 monitors. Depending on what you do its going to require a powerful system. I'm currently running a I7-6700K at 4.00GHz with 32 gigs of memory and a RTX2080. My new machine will be an AMD 5950X, 32 gigs of memory and a RTX 3070. I would have paid $400 more for the 3080 if they were in stock. I was not going to pay $1800 more for the 3090 which was available or $800 more for the AMD RX 6900 XT. The 16 cores on the AMD should help with multitasking and the multiple screens. I'm expecting FS 2020 to be the frame rate killer app. The small text in games like Combat Mission is a minor concern. If worse comes to worse I'll just play on my laptop and current 32 monitor. I could also just try playing on one of the multiple screens or down size the resolution. I'll have to play around and see if it will be possible to keep the monitor at highest resolution and open a separate screen to play Combat Mission at a lower resolution. I'm hoping that in a year or so all this craziness around GPUs will subside. I may be willing to try the monstrosity that is the RTX 3090.
  15. I have small hand carry portable batteries and they are mainly for emergency use. So long as your expectations are realistic and you understand the strengths and weaknesses on them you'll be fine. Same with the solar panels to recharge them. I'm also satisfied with the AAA, AA, C, D and 9V rechargeable batteries and solar recharging system. Once again taking the time to understand the strength and weaknesses is key. Also its good to remember the one is done two is one theory. Waiting for solid state batteries in fine in theory. However I've already experienced power outages and if something big happens and you're without any power for an extended period of time I doubt you'll be saying I'm glad I waited for solid state technology...
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