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  1. In the WW2 titles if tanks get too close infantry can immobilize or destroy tanks with grenades. I can't say I've seen that in Black Sea or Shock Force 2 so don't know if possible. Will that be possible in this title? At some point in the future will the 73-Yom Kippur War be covered?
  2. Besides Tom Clancy and The Third World War, Team Yankee was good reading back in the day. There was another book which I can't recall that was about the Operation Art of War. I had the Third World War by GDW and all the modules as well as Assault, Boots and Saddle and the other games of that series as well as a bunch of SPI games-Firefight, The Next War, Warzburg, Cityfight to name a few. I've been collecting old Strategy and Tactics magazines for years, have a decent stash and the NATO vs Warsaw Pact was a big theme back then. I recently bought NATO The Next War in Europe and o
  3. No more fire and forget magic Javelins to reach out and touch MBTs with for the infantry. Dragons and LAW's anyone? From what I gathered the Dragon didn't have that great of a reputation and don'thow effective LAW's would have been against Soviet MBT's of the time. What other AT weapons can we expect to see the infantry lugging around?
  4. I know steam has a time limit on refunds but its longer than 2 hours. I've gotten refunds and it was way longer than 2 hours-I think its 2 weeks.
  5. Hope everything works out. Hopefully it means more goodies for us. Going to be interesting to see the comments is Steam. Haven't played Close Combat in years and don't know of the hatred of CM by some CC players as I haven't followed both. As some of you already know Microsoft is coming out with FS2020 this month and some of the comments on Steam in the XPlane11 section are defensive.
  6. Thanks! Didn't bother to look in the General section.
  7. I own a bunch of their games and saw Shock Force 2...looked like BF has partnered with Matrix. Interesting.
  8. I’ve had the opportunity to fire a Thompson and PPSh. What stood out was the weight. Same with the Modello 38. Compared to modern SMGs and assault rifles WW2 SMGs are tanks-at least the ones I’ve held and fired. The M1 carbine for all its limitations would have been more my speed but that’s just me.
  9. @37mm. I watched those videos bloody is the word that comes to mind. The Syrians put up a fight.
  10. Seems like in open terrain US forces tend to dominate. In built up or urban areas it gets bloody for both side. Probably why in real life armies try to avoid built up/urban areas if possible. Keep in mind insides of buildings are devoid of inner rooms, furniture, non-combatants and other obstructions so it's easily conceivable that 1 person with an AK could take out a large number of people. A while back a well trained SWAT team in Oakland clearing a house suffered multiple casualties at the hand of a single person armed with a SKS who was hiding in a closet. At close quarters like
  11. Don't think its made for the Mac. Even if it did using VR would probably not work.
  12. Get DCS World-it has a high fidelity A-10. Then get a VR headset. Talk about a game changer. VR takes flight sims to a completely different dimension. Just make sure your system is up to the task. DCS, IL2 Battle of Stalingrad, P3D and Xplane 11 support VR.
  13. Thanks. Much appreciated. I agree that adding the extra forces is too crowded and probably not a realistic force size that would be deployed on that small a front, so my new plan is to change the force size and structure of the defenders and once I’m satisfied that it plays out well I can work on the narrative.
  14. Your input was greatly appreciated nonetheless. It is sometimes difficult to get things to work. I have another idea I’ll be working on that is based off the original.
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