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  1. Reminds of of Jimmi Carr: "I thought my girlfriend was a slag, when she said I was her thirty second lover. Then I realised she was talking about time".
  2. I'm sure you're right: Just after the T-34 clip someone says: "You're being transferred to the Netherlands".
  3. My FSB' s are 24 bit. I'll send you a pm.
  4. My god, you´re a busy bee, Phil! Another modding project? I am really curious about which soviet vehicles you are going to use for a Barbarossa project. I see no way to make many of those early vehicles - or what? Your post had me looking at the old german vehicles (24th PD) we made for the Stalingrad project. Here are some of them - but I guess you already have them? The Pz IV in your picture is not mine. I am pretty sure it is Nigel´s. As is the one below, but a different version. I think I made a short barreled version of it myself. But I cant find it right now. Shouldn´t be too hard to make, though.
  5. Hi again. Back from the beach. If the game finds something, but doesnt load the FSB´s correctly, I was thinking it must be down to some error with the properties of the bmp´s. So I checked my own FSB´s -and they are 24 bit. Have you tried changing them to that?
  6. At the beach right now (but the view is very CMBN, see below 😁), so answering from memory: The numbering is very important. The file numbers have to be unbroken sequential. If for instance the background with the nummer 27 is missing, then all backgrounds with higher numbers will fail to load. I cant remember how many original fsb there are, but if the highest numbers of those are for instance 17, there yours should start with number 18. Hope this helps.
  7. Actually, I am trying to create an April 9th scenario in CMRT. But of course it will unfortunately have to be without bicycle or motorcycle troops. My scenario will centre on the town of Haderslev, where the final part of the movie takes place. It is still a long way from being finished, though.
  8. Oh, and there´s a Hetzer as well:
  9. Pudel reporting for duty Here´s a download link - I´ll remove it when the mods are available at CMMods IV https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dpvm3j1kkynq28v/AAC9LeGJH2UcLKtkWxLPCfLza?dl=1 The spare tracks: The game automatically places spare tracks all over the hull and turret - hiding the decals - so I have made several different transparent versions of the bmp: panther-g-alpha [warsaw] - and one non-transparent: panther-g-alpha 5 [warsaw]. The aim is to make the game load only a few of the tracks. If you want no spare tracks at all, simply delete all the numbered ones (but not: panther-g-alpha [warsaw]). If you want all the tracks to show, delete all the panther-g-alpha [warsaw] files.
  10. And now it is available at CMMods IV too. Thanks Bootie https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-other/cmbn-force-specific-background-template/
  11. Here it is. A psd template with a few basic instructions: Force-specific backgrounds template CMBN I will remove the folder from Dropbox when the template is available at Cmmods IV
  12. Dang, you got me confused for a while there! I have been searching my hard drives for the original psd files for the these backgrounds, but couldn´t find them anywhere. So then I checked my own CMBN mod folder and the only ones that were there were my original force-specific backgrounds - without the CMBN graphics (just phots and text). The only ones with the Battlefront CMBN logo and graphics were the ones I´ve made for CMFI. Even more confused, as I then began to seriously question my own memory. Then I checked cmmods III - and it turns out that I actually didnt make those FSB´s. A guy named von Albert made the CMBN ones with the graphics - inspired by my mods for FI and RT! 😂 So you should really ask von Albert this question, but he doesnt seem to be member of the forums here. If you fail to find him, I could probably recontruct a psd file for BN, based on the ones I have for FI.
  13. There´s the answer: Krølle-Bølle trolls! 😁
  14. Great looking map, @Glubokii Boy I dont know if you are aware of Npye’s Stalingrad mods or my own Factory Mod set? (If not, see my signature) I think you might find them useful for your map. Looking forward to trying it sometime 🙂
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