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  1. Sceptical is probably a more precise word than aversion. Here´s what Steve said earlier in this thread: But I really, really hope they´ll change their minds about that ☹️
  2. Did you try renaming them [whitewash snow]? I think that would work too.
  3. The mod tag [snow] usually works on my snow mods, so I dont know why it doesnt in your case. Have you read this thread?
  4. No, Bitvagorod is just a fictional town - with some facories and a grain elevator that I tried to get to resemble the one in Stalingrad.
  5. Now dont lose your head, Phil
  6. Regarding the Grain Elevator, this is a close as I was able to mod it (in my Bitvagorod map):
  7. Eight years ago someone asked about the age of CM players. Back then I calculated the average age, based on the answers. It was a bit under 45 years. I dont know if that means that the average CM player is 53 today?
  8. Hmm. It is kinda strange to try to correct the man himself. But as far as I remember CMFI was released in 2012 and CMRT in 2014. Or has my memory finally failed?
  9. I dont know. My pics are images inserted from an URL - from Dropbox. Perhaps certain browsers wont show them?
  10. Thanks, Ben. That was news to me. I was certain that flavor objects did not offer cover. I think, I might actually have tested it myself. But perhaps I used the wrong kind of flavor object for the test.
  11. Yep. I did a bit of experimenting with that, but never finished or released it. Mainly because using these mods leads to a string of new problems: If they are flavor objects then they do not provide cover - and cant burn. If they are used as destroyed and/or burning units, they do provide cover, but then the "live" units of the same type will look damaged too. Perhaps I´ll give them another try some day.
  12. Looks really nice, Phil. 👍 Basically like flattening an empty beer can, right? Bet you had lots of practice
  13. I agree. I think the game engine isnt really designed for urban combat. And in urban scenarios I always end up swearing at my pc because of strange LOS, LOF and movement behaviours. Hopefully, it will be improved once we get CM3. Eventually...
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