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  1. I was wondering, Wart: Are you and Mad Addy in any way related to Wart Addy? 😁
  2. Well, in my part of Denmark we just call it Malmø East and Malmø West
  3. Monty: "Who´s Hyle? And where should we seek him?"
  4. Hahaha. Reminds me of that brilliant scene with the two roman deserters in the Britannia series. 😁
  5. Sorry, I knew they arent brits. But they do look brit-ish, though 😁
  6. @Warts 'n' all Yes, the MGs were all undamaged. I suspect that this might be some sort of bug (maybe just with my game?), because I think I have observed the same thing with halftrack MGs. I havent really noticed before, because I rarely use the MGs as they usually get killed right away. But in this scenario there´s no way around it if you want to win. I dont think I´ll try it as the germans. I think it will be too easy (they are more than twice as many as the brits).
  7. Just finished Facade Troop last night. Thanks a lot for making me aware of it: I had somehow completely overlooked this wonderful little scenario. Result: Total victory with the germans surrendering with 14 minutes left. I managed to get my mortars, AT-gun and Jeep MG´s into enfilade positions and fire along the railroad where all the germans were clumping together. Lovely carnage 😉 BTW: Can anyone tell me what´s up with the greyed out MG´s in my jeeps? I thought it meant that the MG was jammed or reloading - but all the Jeep MG´s went grey during the game and none of them ever rec
  8. That is what my cat always says 😉
  9. I just ran a quick test in the editor. It seems to be only the M4A3(75)W that is toothless. All other US tanks are fine. I cant find "Busting the Bocage" in my game, nor in the scenario depot. Remember where you´ve gotten it from, Warts?
  10. I mentioned you, because I also use your great "Biodiversity" mods Your bocage pics look wonderful. I had considered making my own versions diagonal myself, but I chose not to because in my experience LOF and LOS are not working very well in diagonal setups. Have you tested this in your maps?
  11. That sounds very strange - in several ways: Firstly, I have never heard of mods that only work at a certain time of day. Secondly, unless my memory is failing (and that is possible) I have only made one scenario for my factory mod set. Could you please tell me the names of the scenarios?
  12. Same here - I still have years worth of CM games that I haven´t played yet. But I can understand if some are getting impatient.
  13. Reminds me of Jimmy Carr asking a West Country guy how many lovers he´d had. He answered: "let me see..." - and then he fell asleep. 😁
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