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  1. Thank you Slysniper. Always nice to hear player comments. Meijel is one of those more obscure battles in Holland after the failure of Market Garden. Finding detailed info was pretty hard, but eventually I found enough. Only on the German OOB info was scarce. But I could not resist making it. It is my own backyard . I went to visit the site too, but much has changed. The map is VERY much like it was in 1944, based on detailed period maps and photos. It was fun to make. It is somewhat oversized. This is intentional to give players a good feel of what the area looked like. There is
  2. This saddens me greatly. He will be missed. Anybody have a link to the memory page?
  3. I think it is a good idea to take a scenario you like and try to improve it. Getting more enjoyment out of an existing thing makes sense. And maybe it will inspire you to take your scenario making skills to the next level. You can never have enough scenario makers around
  4. Ah, Gates of Warsaw Redux gets a workover. Hope you had fun tweaking it. I had fun making it. I see you are in the business of reworking existing scenarios. Have you tried making a scenario from scratch yet?
  5. Must be an install issue, like some said. I assure you I did not give those names to the units. The horror
  6. A salute to all we have lost along the way. And to those of you still around, eh...well...ah, good to still have you around. And I mean that. Even you, Emrys.Even you.
  7. Thanks for the AAR, quite a lot of work I guess. You did pretty good at Meijel. The idea behind this scenario was to force the German player to more or less stick to the roads, yet present him with enough options to choose from how to approach. Also, to have long range engagements, especially with the armor. It shows the strength of the Panther, yet they can be hurt especially after receiving multiple hits. So just blundering into the American line is not a good idea. All this against a historical backdrop. A battle that is also not very well known. It was fun to research and make.
  8. Veel plezier Mies . The map by the way is based on period military maps and pretty accurate. So is the composition of the US forces. German OOB was harder to determine and is more good guesswork. As I said, I visited Meijel and Neerkant. It has changed dramatically though.
  9. Most of the divisions in Brabant and Limburg where Commonwealth. Very few US outfits. Without CW many battles can not yet be recreated. Overloon Comes to mind. The Brits took over from the Yanks there, just like at Meijel. Churchills in the mud, can't wait.
  10. You learn everyday ? the fighting in the south of Holland in the fall of 1944 after the failure of market garden is little known. It was a muddy mess.
  11. Yup. Meijel is mine. I actually visited the area while making it. Not far from where I live. It was fun making it, glad you enjoy it!
  12. If one fails, try again. And again. Let us know how you fare in the mud of the Peel marshes. Thanks!
  13. Might as well face it, you're addicted now. What a rush
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