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  1. There is nothing to prevent green troops fro having high morale and thewere are historical examples of this. Moreoften however they won't be that well motivated So for instance you could have Training Green )or Conscript with Extreme or Fanatic motivations. These might represent, for example, a unit of Shi'te militia Iraq 2014. These are newly raised, largely civilian volunteers with no training or military experience but full of religious fervor. You can of course adjust ratings in individual squads to account for small units who actually do have some experience. Also don't forget leadership caan have an effect as well
  2. I would also love to see a CMBS extended into the winter of 2017 - 18 but I doubt Battlefront will ever do it. Does not fit with their previously existing scenario. Though of course they could get around this with an extended war timeline from the NATO or Russian victory storylines. They will never do it of course!
  3. Mistake on my part. I meant "Regular" I must have been thinking of a set of miniatures rules or possibly interrupted by Kitty. You cannot say no to this! :-)
  4. Maybe it was something like that scenario which starts off our hypothetical war in Ukraine. Well it is either that or the Camlan Scenario (accidental clash between advancing Russian forces and US/NATO units ordered into Ukraine with orders to reach the River Dnieper before rage Russians get there. Somebody shoots. - who it was depends on who fires first in the game. A scenario based on the concept of the opening clash in Hackett's Third World War when US Marines and airborne troops are deployed to Yugoslavia. Since we don't have US Marines it would have to be airborne units. Perhaps reinforced later by a US Stryker unit and/or Ukrainian units marching to the sound of the guns. You could even do a campaign depicting an escalating series of engagements over the next few hours or days. As you suggest the opening engagement could take place in the vicinity of an airport.
  5. Chances are that green troops won't stay around unless they have good morale in which case they will just get the stuffing knocked out of them.
  6. I think there is an excellent case for including French, Germans, Polish, British, Baltic States, Netherlands, Belgians and Canadians on the NATO side. Also Belorussia for the Russians. More than happy to buy DLCs for all of the above. For the French contingent the Foreign Legion will have to be present for obvious reasons! Likely however the Marines will be arriving before any of the above. Semper Fi!
  7. Any news on the CMSF new engine yet. And the new modules for Red Thunder, Italy? And when are we gooing to get the Marines Module for Black Sea? Yes, I know. When they are ready!
  8. Lowering US army units to Experienced would probably be about right. Except for the Marines, 82nd Airborne, 101st Airmobile who remain as Veteran
  9. If these vehicles were to be included they should be rare in summer 2017. Probably just the Armata tank and IFV being combat tested in the field would be a realistic assumption. Kurgenets just for fun more than anything else. However one would have to take a best guess regarding capabilities and one should be more cautious about likely specs
  10. Will the new Russian veghicles be included in CMBS T-14 Armata T-15 Armata IFV http://www.military-today.com/apc/armata_heavy_ifv.htm Kurganets -25 http://www.military-today.com/apc/kurganets_25.htm Admittedly some of tghese are still prototypes which might be field tested in the 2017 war in small numbers but would be fun to have in game nevertheless
  11. Short answer is that the armoured war in Ukraine becomes a brutal armoured slugfest on the steppes
  12. Here we see the kind of thing that often passes for a road in Ukraine - and I suspect this is one of the better ones
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