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  1. "Quantity is quality" I've always said that too. You are are so right. A lot of Shermans and T-34's got destroyed but in the end they prevailed. Like the elephant that got ate up by ants. I like this thread. A lot of good stuff .
  2. They wern't needed. The Yanks handled everything very well. Also Monty was pleased.
  3. A few years ago a couple of guys had an M18 Hellcat (they collected old military equipment) They restored it and and had a range to fire the cannon, One day they were firing the cannon and it blew up. and killed them both. At least in a Stuart you might live if the gun blows up, well maybe not the guy loading but I will always take a Stuart over anything. It was the best tank ever.
  4. I purchased and downloaded the .rar file but when winrar tries to open it, I get "file is in unknown format or damaged" Is there something I did wrong. I have many CMx2 winrar files on my hard drive for the various games and they all open fine with winrar except this one. it appears the downloaded file finished, 2,862,622 KB file. Maybe data getting corrupted by bad packets.. not sure.
  5. I'm very excited about this new business deal. Seems like It bodes well for the future of COMBAT MISSION variants and expansions for years to come. Sincere Congratulations Battlefront!
  6. I'm very excited about this new historical model. Maybe late this year, We can hope.
  7. Um that's true but does not nullify my post. It in fact strengthens the position that the war was decided in the East. The Western Allies knew it was crucial to keep the Soviets in the war or Europe would never be liberated.
  8. We need a new Barborossa mod more than Africa. Even if there had been no second front the Soviets still would have prevailed and got to Berlin to knock out the Third Reich. As an American no amount of bias is great enough to deny this fact. The war was won in the East. Everything else was just a sideshow.
  9. I recall a game I played where a Panzer Mk IV managed to get surrounded in a little villa by Russian SMG squads. The crew bailed out and were defiantly popping away with their Walther pistols.only to be quickly cut down by a hail of ppsh fire. I wish I had recorded a movie of that. it was kind of amusing,... I think i digressed off topic.
  10. I very recently "upgraded" from an ATI 7800 series card to a NVIDIA GTX 1060 . I used to have shaders turned off or on low and also the other settings at "better" or "improved" to get good frame rates. Now I max everything . It looks great. FPS varies greatly on "Huge" scenarios or maps from high teens to 50's and higher depending on where i put the camera. But for the most part its mid 30's. Thats a big step up for me.
  11. Few companies I have seen support their games as much as Battlefront does. They have done many free patches and V4 was pretty much a game overhaul and I have not seen any other companies do that . If you have please tell. They hardly need my defense but the BF team makes quality products with a small team of people. Seems pretty amazing to me what they have been able to do. Its written in a certain book that a worker is worthy of his wages . There is only so much you can get for free, you've got to pay to play. As for the community being slow or unhealthy, that seems to be a subjective thing and a matter of opinion. I;ve been here occasionally putting in my 2 cents or passively reading it for years. I bet it will be here for more years.
  12. Fire and rubble means we get more fire and rubble damage effects? And BF has cleverly named the new module to accentuate this fact. I like that.
  13. I like the Canadians, which we already had, but I like them.
  14. Yes thanks playtesters! If it were not for them I could not be enjoying Rome to Victory right now.
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