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  1. I agree with the original poster. It feels like they are simply getting slower. Perhaps its age.
  2. Most recent book was Rick Atkinson's "The British our Coming". It describes the first two years of the Revolutionary War. Excellent.
  3. Watched Generation War on AmazonPrime over the last two nights. Had heard it was "German Band of Brothers". Not really. Overall the acting was excellent, the characters were interesting, but not well done from a strictly military/historical perspective. Spoilers below: 1) I don't think it is realistic that the group of 5 main friends includes a Jewish one. This group was born in 1921, and they certainly all would have been in the hitler youth. Is it really likely that they would have maintained friendship with an openly Jewish character through the summer of 1941? Seems unlike
  4. Latest version of scenario. Save Paul!.btt
  5. I made this scenario to honor my step-father who was a 19 year old aid-man during this battle (just turned 93). It is based on a battle faught by the CCR of the 5th armored division on November 25, 1944. I have made a little sub-game in which the player can get points for not getting Paul killed and using him to treat wounded soldiers (no cheating!). I would appreciate feedback. Save Paul!.btt
  6. How do I specify where camera is when Scenario loads?
  7. Just a follow up. I was able to do the modification I wanted using Steinfische's CombatMissionUniversal Utility. It stores the extracted files in a temp folder and this allows you to edit them with the scenario editor and repack them. The only thing you still can't do is modify the core units file itself.
  8. I want to modify the Monte Cassino Campaign as there are is a problem in the second scenario (Can't access big gun battery because no forward observer) . I used Mike's ScAn_CaDe tool to unpack the scenarios, and made the modifications using the scenario editor. I then made a new campaign script to create a new campaign using the first scenario as the core unit file. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work. The problem is that in the editor it says "core unit" next to the formation, and the unpacker does not seem to make a true core unit file. I tried making a new core unit file by picki
  9. Have they implemented a follow command for road movement in the newest upgrades? They were discussing this a while back, but I'm not sure if it was implemented.
  10. Why not have a flag to make micromanagement not so tedious? Another nice feature would be a "show area targeting" toggle, like they have for movement paths.
  11. One of the things I find annoying is how troops behave when they first come under fire. Unless they are hunting, they generally speed up and run to their destination point until they get pinned down. I'd love to see a toggle or flag that allows them one of two different behaviors, either go for it (what they do now), or stop.
  12. I agree with futon river crossing. At this point, I am looking for gameplay upgrades. I will be passing on FB as well.
  13. Pelican Pal: Thanks for the defense. Frankly, I have given up on this board because there are so many _holes around. With regards to the game, I did play around the bug for a while, but I was just running into too many situations where I did strange things because I couldn't enter buildings, so I stopped playing. While I am glad to hear a patch is underway, it seems to me that the problem was fixed in CMFI over a month ago (when the 3.0 patch came out), so I was baffled at why there was no fix for CMRT. Are the DRM issues really that different between the two games? Now BF releases a
  14. I've been waiting six months for the damn patch. I will not be buying any more products from battlefront period.
  15. ASL, I'm not sure what you are reading, but I have never seen anything approaching apologetic language from BF. What I wrote is to try and show what I expect from good customer service/relations. If I go out to eat and they screw up the order, it is quite common for them to be quite apologetic and comp me some part of the bill. Some places will, some won't. Guess which ones I go back to? Basically, BF has needlessly antagonized me as a customer. I just wanted to point out that it didn't need to happen. Warren
  16. There is truth in this. However, of late I've been playing Crusader Kings 2 and really like it. Clearly a very different game, but really addicting once you figure out what is going on.
  17. I just wanted to respond to this part of Steve's response to make it crystal clear what a customer might expect as a response to my initial post. Remember, the one one-story building bug is a serious bug, so those of you who are not plagued with it must imagine what it would do to the game. ALso, If you look at the tech support thread, I did a lot of work in characterizing it initially. If I was running BF I might respond this way. "Dear Warren, We are very sorry about the problems you are having with the one-story building bug. It was a difficult bug for us to track down (involvin
  18. At least now I understand what the issues behind the delay are. That is something.
  19. Actually my main issue is not communication, but customer satisfaction. Yes, I know that BF has been working on a patch since May. It is now Mid-September and it has not been released in any form. In that same period they seem to have brought CMFI and CMBN up to the 3.0 standard and fixed the bug. Why did this occur? Well, I speculate it is all about dollars and cents. Income would be generated from the "upgrades" for CMFI and CMBN, while no income is generated from patching CMRT. Frankly, I think this sucks. What could BF have done to make me happy? Well, allowing customers ac
  20. I am one of the people who have the annoying one story building bug in CMRT. I have been waiting since April for a fix. Apparently, the bug has been fixed in the 3.0 versions of CMBN and CMFI. Why am I still waiting for this to be fixed in CMRT?
  21. Glad you were able to repeat my observation. It has to be said that this observation was clearly stated in the original tech thread, so it really shouldn't be news to Phil or Charles if they were paying attention to that thread. However, the lack of feedback makes it impossible to know.
  22. Ian, If you are a beta tester, please pass it along. I don't seem to have any communication with the BF people . Jock, I think that might be correct. something relating to the doors is not being declared.
  23. Ian: Go to the scenario editor and plunk down a few one story houses. Next plunk down one two story house. Now put down a few more one story houses. Also, you should buy a platoon of infantry. Save scenario. Now play the scenario. Your troops will not be able to enter the houses put down before the second story house, but will be able to enter the ones put down afterwards. I have also experimented with removing the second story house after the initial save. In that case, the later houses not longer work. From these experiments, I concluded that when the two story house is l
  24. I guess I typed a little fast. I will be happy to send them a gift if they fix the bug! One thing that is interesting about the bug is that if you place a two story building down first when you make a scenario, all subsequent one story buildings do not seem affected. It almost seems like the code for doors in the one story building are not loading, but are for two story buildings and once the code is loaded into the memory it stays there. I wonder if a work around couldn't be to load a virtual two story building automatically into the memory when a scenario loads. Just to clarify,
  25. I would be more than willing to test the new fix. I have extensive beta test experience.
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