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  1. Bit off topic. I just wrapped up Storm of War by Andrew Roberts. EXCELLENT book. Covers big picture. Well researched I just picked up Napoleon by Andrew Roberts. Still on Introduction...got it for Fathers Day - yesterday. no opinion yet.
  2. Christmas of 73 for me. Along with "Dark Side of the Moon." That was a good year indeed.
  3. I like the grid terrain mod for seeing elevation changes.
  4. The good news: he's wearing his helmet, not sitting on it. :eek:
  5. This applies more to Americans in CMBN. I wunder why there are no radios with the XO units?
  6. LL provided just single digit levels of material compared to Russian production except in the area of radios and comm gear as some one stated earlier.
  7. First time I saw a bogg up close. He really sank in the mud.
  8. Great shots. Just remember when playing the game level the churches, schools, and hospitals first...it that order.
  9. I'm taking tomorrow off. Please release CMRT some time after 4:30 today. Thanks.
  10. Every morning BFC home page says "Santa's rolling into town!" It is time for an <F5> refresh monkey attack to see if that will update to something like "Preorders Now Being Taken".
  11. When I had a Cattledog I lost 30 pounds (13.6 KG). I had to walk the beast 25 miles (40 km) a week to keep it calm. Damn. Why didn't I think of sedation?
  12. On 23 Dec, Santa began his roll in to town according to the BFC home page. Last night (7 Jan) I stored the Christmas decorations up in the rafters, however, comma, no sign of Santa....yet. Not even a pre-ordered Santa. Just saying.
  13. I know BFC has discussed the East Front as either being several games or one game with many modules. I exclusively play PBEM QBs against 1 friend. In setting up the games we select random for most options and just go from there. We don't give each other rejection rights if we don't like the battle. I would like to see a single game spanning from 41-45 with random selections for date and region. And with regards to the BFC business model, I would see no problems paying the game price each time a new year is introduced. And the $35 for any modules for each of the years. Addition
  14. If I have a daughter her name will be "Biffsee" - BFC. I just read the BFC Bio's and cant come up with a good name for a son. So based on that I'll just call him "The Boy".
  15. I saw some casualties on the tank riders in the movie. Will the seriously hurt/KIA just fall off the tank or will they stay on board till the rest jump off? Gives us another movie where the T-34 takes a hit from an 88.
  16. Big Joe: Crapgame you carry the 88. Crapgame: Why did I get stuck with this? Hey, will you carry this thing for 50 bucks. (???): You got the 50 on you.
  17. 1. Best of luck. Hope it works out. 2. Hope it runs on droid not just apple. 3. Beta testers needed? Just kidding.
  18. I just recently watched the movie "Theirs is the Glory" on Netflix - on line version. A documentary/reenactment or the Battle of Arnhem. It was made in 1946. All the actors were actual 1st Airborne soldiers that fought in the battle. Historically very accurate. It lacked all the modern special effects. Some good shots of German armor, including a burning King Tiger. Filmed on site. A bit of a rah rah patriotic movie. The horrors of war were depicted as much as they could be. Most of the actors/men had the thousand yard stare. A tribute to some brave fine men. Highly re
  19. Failure to wear the chin strap is against regulations.
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