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  1. Didn't your CIC say that under 100k would be a good result also? Don't know what im getting all uppity about Boris and his merry men have managed to **** up our response also. although we have many here in the UK saying he's done a great job. ffs
  2. Are you not worried about the Gov't/NWO or Illuminati putting chips in any vaccine? lol
  3. Yeah im all for the US being the world's guinae pig and so would Trump and his cohorts.
  4. If its the two Spanish guys who enlist other fans to turn up and help..it was excellent.
  5. Now then buddy...not been able to get on it for this week. doing my garden patio. I hope to get back to it this weekend. So may have some info then 🙂
  6. I believe you give a decoy to the torpedo/mechanic officer and he can load them in to the stern tubes. I dont believe it is a bug. When you assign your man to the radio station. Give him one seaman to help and he will sit in the 2nd seat.
  7. just found this on subsim posted by Zuff Hold TAB: Great for quickly assigning crew to positions without zooming around the sub trying to find them. Works in any view, as well. Right Click: Right click on stations to get more options. For example have a crew member selected and right click on the light next to the pump. It'll show you all available colors to select from. Tactical Map mode: When in the map and nothing else is selected you'll have three buttons at the bottom left. The farthest right one is a tactical map which is great for getting a good overview of the area
  8. Good stuff. Hoping to get back on it later..no new tips from at this stage. if i find any i will post. :-)
  9. When I said ''bugged'' i didn't mean your game was a fake copy. I meant it was being buggy for some reason. I didn't get on it much last night so nothing new to report. Modding will come in Summer with the release of the SDK. That is when we shall see a real shift in this game. In the meantime the devs are patching frequently. Any new tips/tricks? explain more about the XP's
  10. Talking of torpedo tubes..you know those decoys in the storage locker? if you go to stern tube and make sure and (not sure which) officer has some they can be released during a depth charge attack.
  11. if you get a message saying you are lost and the map disappears..send your captain to the navigation charts table in the control room and give him two staff and he will work out where you are.. Remember the faster you go the more fuel you will use. alternate between electric and diesel engines and do not let your electric charge drop below 50% you do not want to get attacked..dive and have only 10% batter left. make sure you turn off non essential electric equipment when you do not need it. N on your keyboard is a free camera..its quick though so be gentle
  12. lo lonly had the once so far..if i can help please ask
  13. its a steam game and they have a discussion page. Lots of tips on there mate. got to go, home time and then meal out.. i will check back with you later.
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