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  1. In the CMx1 implementation, units were immune to small arms 'accidental' friendly fire (as in CMx2), but in the kind of situation where a friendly unit was mis-identified as an enemy unit and deliberately targeted. small arms fire *would* cause casualties - the usual friendly immunity was turned off.
  2. Also worth noting that friendly fire was certainly in CMx1 - although it really only cropped up in night battles with low quality troops. But they could definitely mis-identify an friendly unit as an enemy and start firing on it, and this was an intentional feature. I don't know whether it made it in to CMx2 or not though, because I think the only night battles I've played were with modern forces, and it is far less likely there with modern unit tracking and battlefield awareness capabilties.
  3. Outright contradictions are not that uncommon when comparing descriptions of the same engagement from both sides. I remember reading about one example from the Ardennes offensive. The American AAR was basically "we were attached by a German force but held our line and drove them off." The German version of the same events was "we advanced, broke through the US resistance and proceeded on to our objective." It is hard to reconcile those at first glance: you wouldn't really expect there to be any disagreement about whether the US defensive line was breached or not. The author of the bo
  4. Just stumbled across this thread. I did the original "Getting Ugly" for CMRT. I'll have to give your CMBS version a go: sodium bbc like it will be interesting and fun. (Just as soon as I get around to reinstalling Black Sea on my shiny new laptop).
  5. Although England fans have something of a reputation for trouble making themselves and were doing a fine job of causing disturbances and getting arrested in the preceding days too in the absence of any Russians. I suspect the England fans can be assigned a decent share of the blame here.
  6. I believe that is what the TV show 'Scandal' called the Bill Clinton defense: "It's not true. It's not true. It's not true. It's old news."
  7. To intercept missiles from Iran or similar areas of the middle east. Or that is what is said. Personally, I have no real idea of the mechanics and limitations of ICBM interception, so can't judge the truth of that.
  8. This is possibly going to derail horribly, but I don't think Iran ever said anything of the sort. The closest I can think of is Ahmadinejad's comments that were often translated as "Israel should be wiped from the map", which certainly US observers decided to interpret as "Israel should be destroyed by military force", but seems rather more likely to have meant "Israel, as a political entity that promotes the rights of Jewish Israeli citizens to the exclusion or Palestinian and Arab rights, ideally should not exist." Ahmadinejad was something of a nutter though, so to be fair you can't e
  9. Prokhorovka may have been a big tank battle (although in the books that go in to it in detail, you won't find a big meeting engagement between large tank forces unless you limit yourself to looking at the army scale. In more detail it is full of things like a division of the guards tank army blundering in to a well prepared pak and stug front because they'd been told the infantry had already cleared that area and moved ahead, or a German panzer-heavy combined arms force attacking an infantry regiment of the guards tank army. What you won't find is much of large armored formations manuevring
  10. Not sure you'd want to do that in the opening of Bagration though - Soviet unit densities were of the order of a divison per kilometer in the breakthrough sectors...
  11. Short answer: no. It is something to do with barbed wire being visible during the setup phase that breaks the loading behaviour. If you don't have an earlier save there is no workaround that I know of.
  12. I did on my second attempt. The first attempt was painful - I probably lost enough troops in the first five minutes to fail the 20% target. But as always I was curious about what strategies might work - it is said that you learn more from your defeats than from your victories, but CM has the added bonus of letting you have another crack at the same scenario to test your new ideas. So, what worked for me: I abandoned the right objective entirely. Firstly, as the briefing warns, that area is registered with German artillery. Secondly, if both objectives are being attacked simultaneously (w
  13. No, but considering the 'acquire' command takes no time, it is arguably not too unrealistic to have to waste 30-40 seconds of your turn scrabbling around for stuff (depending on how late in the turn you board).
  14. The point of a shoot-and-scoot move is to come from out of LoS, shoot something, and move back out of LoS. If you can hit the target from your final waypoint, then you're not really doing a shoot-and-scoot. Obviously, breaking LoS will stop you firing. Anyhew to work around what you seem to want to do, you can select a subsequent waypoint and hit 'cancel target' (or the delete key) at that waypoint, and it will stop firing once it gets there. You could also use two reverse waypoints - the first one a tiny distance behind the firing position, where you cancel the target order (or replace it
  15. You should note that the important point for what gets blasted is how close to the wall the blast move starts. You can put the destination waypoint half a mile away - they will just try and blow up the first wall with 16 meters that they come to in that direction. This can be useful to know to avoid sticking a blast target waypoint just on the other side of a wall, followed by a move into building command, and have the guys mill around in their 'waiting for everyone at the waypoint' state. As an example of three variations on a theme (yellow is a 'quick' move, red is a 'blast one). The bla
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