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  1. Yes, the devil is in the detail, it is possible to work forever on scenarios and campaigns.
  2. I mean waffen SS and heer panzergrenadiere is almost the same so the result should be the same when playtesting, given the same morale and experience.
  3. I did a lot of playtesting, like instead of waffen SS units I used heer panzergrenadiere and heer panther tanks instead of waffen ss panthers, its the same tank, and infantry equipment is almost the same in waffen ss and heer units.
  4. Well, the first module for red thunder was awaited for many years by a lot of people like Aragorn2002 so I new we would get winterconditions and lend lease vehicles. It was a question of planning how to make as much work before the fire & rubble was (finally) released in april this year.
  5. It truly is. The mastermaps alone took me more than two years: 2018 and 2019 to complete. Then the TO&E: I wanted it to be as precise as possible to get the correct formations in the campaign and I think I got it fairly correct.
  6. You will have to own the Fire & Rubble module and use version 2.11 to play the campaign. There are 10 missions in the campaign with map size from small to huge. I have made all maps from scratch using old polish maps from this site: WIG Map Archive (English) - News (mapywig.org) and what ever pictures I could find from that time. I have also used Google Earth for elevation.
  7. I had to set the time to march and april 1945, though the campaign was actually fought in march and april 1944, to get the right ground and weather conditions. This mean that you will have some equipment unrealistic for march/april 1944. Im thinking here of panzerfaust 100 and 60, hope you can live with that .
  8. Campaign briefing: On the 16th of march 1944 a Fieseler Storch with SS-Gruppenf├╝hrer Herbert-Otto Gille, the commanding officer of 5. SS-Panzer Division "Wiking" and his adjutant SS-Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Westphal on board landed inside the town of Kovel. Kovel was just about to be surrounded by soviet units, many of them from the 47th army, your main adversary. Kovel with the German garrison: 5000 soldiers and civilians inside it, was completely surrounded by the Red Army on the 19th of march 1944. Gille would be a major morale boost for the Kovel garrison and even though some would criticize Gille for not being at his divisional HQ outside Kovel during the battle his confidence in his officers abilities convinced him it was the right thing to do, besides that Hitler had declared Kovel a "Fester Platz" and had ordered Gille to get into Kovel and hold the city at all costs.
  9. Thank you very much for all your hard work, im looking forward to try this campaign.
  10. That is why I havent gotten upset about the Fire & Rubble delay. You guys do what you have to do to stay in business but I have to say this long wait for the Fire & Rubble module is brutal.
  11. I think you have the right mind set towards the enemy: Kill Bils pixeltruppen Now, looking forward to se how good Soviet tanks are against US tanks.
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