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  1. Thank you so very much MikeyD for your hard lobby work, its great to have the Valentine (hopefully) in the game.
  2. Her number depends on what "Company" she is in😎
  3. I will try to experiment with that, thanks for the suggestion Bulletpoint.
  4. Me neither, but I would like to have the choice available, thats all.
  5. Does any of you guys know how to make AI tank crews not button up at the start of a mission, they does despite I have told them not to, disobedient pixeltruppen πŸ˜‰
  6. Now, is hells highway cleared for XXX. Corps to move forward towards ... Fire and Rubble ? πŸ˜„
  7. Yes, they was mostly in separate Tank Regiments under Army control, several of these Tank Regiment was mixed with M4s and Valentines in the same regiment at least some time into 1944.
  8. Lend-lease halftracks arrived: M2+M3: 404 M5: 420 and 52 x M10 tank-destroyers, would be great to have them, they where in the 1239th SPA. Rgt. - 2nd Tank Army.
  9. One source (Zaloga) I have give this number of armored lend-lease equipment send to the Soviet Union arrived: M4A2 (75mm+76mm): 3664 Valentine IV: 449 Valentine VII: 1208 Valentine IX: 818 M17 MGMC: 1000 M3A1 (white) Scout car: 3034
  10. Just noted the tank commanders position in the turret door, just peeping out, looks great.
  11. Agree 100 %. According to "the Chieftan" the 76 mm AP round was more accurate than the 17 pdr. round at long ranges.
  12. Thanks BFCElvis, much appreciated and great pictures. Is there any chance to see the Valentine tank ?
  13. How about some new pictures of lend lease vehicles.
  14. Exactly my point. Again my point, whats the difference between controlling german air support in Normandy and in Russia ?
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