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  1. That is why I havent gotten upset about the Fire & Rubble delay. You guys do what you have to do to stay in business but I have to say this long wait for the Fire & Rubble module is brutal.
  2. I think you have the right mind set towards the enemy: Kill Bils pixeltruppen 😀 Now, looking forward to se how good Soviet tanks are against US tanks.
  3. What was the middle thing again ? No just kidding 😉 just show us some carnage 😄
  4. A patch, the download is a patch with all the content in the base game. Example: If you have CM Red Thunder and buy Fire & Rubble FR module, when it is released hopefully soon, the FR module will also be a patch. Anybody can download this FR patch an it will bring their version up to date, but the FR content will be greyed out you cant use it before you buy the FR module and use the lisence key you get, then all FR content is released.
  5. Its your game and you have done all the hard work as the designer your in charge, that is the privilege of the designer, and movie mode is fine by me. Im really looking forward to this AAR because I have always enjoyed your work so thank you for doing this and of course for being part of the development of CMCW 😃.
  6. Will we get all four seasons of the year to combat in from the start, that would be fantastic 😀
  7. This has to be the best preserved secret since the D-Day landing june 6th 1944 😃 Preordered, this is awesome !
  8. Thanks akd, that was what I was thinking too. Not in CMRT, checked it a couple of days ago (in ver. 2.02).
  9. Thanks IanL, I guess its the one in: programs(x86)/Battlefront/CMRT/Activate new products - CMRT
  10. Can we purchase the M4A2 76mm in june 1944 for QBs ? Can we fire the mortar from inside the 251/2 when the FR module is released ?
  11. TY for clearing that out. After installing the FR patch when do we enter the license key? the first time we start CMRT up after installment of FR patch?
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