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  1. Recce squad A-team has radio but B-team does not have a radio, you can make them a 4 man team in the squad.
  2. Great talk with Steve, personally I would have liked to hear a bit about campaigns, like if BFC is considering changing the campaign script to make it more detailed: giving the campaign designer more options like recovery percentages for specific vehicles and refit only for some units e. g.
  3. Not in the British Army, almost any british team can call in air support. Yes, that is how I see it to. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you can use the platoon HQ (with the 51 mm mortar) for indirect fire ?
  4. In the second mission of the new Highland campaign my platoon commanders is denied calling in support, this must be a bug, right ?
  5. Solved the problem: its because I ran version/patch 2.01 so I updated to 2.04(BFC) and now the CAM-file shows in the game. Many thanks for all the comments its the best forum in the world !!
  6. What app should I chose to open the CAM ? I removed the old CAM from the folder to still have both new and old campaigns available !
  7. When I put the new updated Cam-file into the CMSF2 cam folder it does not show up.
  8. Will the 251/2 be able to fire the mortar from inside the halftrack ? Any chance of a german forward observer tank e. g. a Mark III ?
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