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  1. I'd like Germany, France and the UK to part of a module. edit: and more campaign missions, please.
  2. Oh boy, I like it so much when I'm right. Thank you Battlefront, this will be an amazing weekend for sure.
  3. Yes. So much yes. Bring it, this weekende will be sweet. Baby Jesus.
  4. Unfortunately so. In Germany, there are major political parties who still claim that it was wrong to intervene in ex-Jugoslavia. In my experience, inaction for the sake of being "anti-militaristic" is commonly found among leftists (in Europe, at least). Funilly this perception saves my post here from being off-topic: we can see the same thing happening right now. At the moment, leftists in Germany are branding everyone who criticises Putin as "warmongers". Sad to see, really.
  5. I would reckon it releases tomorrow. Enough time for a pre-Christmas-Patch if necessary and Battlefront would be right on time for Christmas shoppers We'll see. John Tiller will entertain me in the holidays if necessary.
  6. Thank you very much for the information and all the links, Steve. While I have not covered the conflict myself as thoroughly as you did, I do come to similar conclusions. For me, it is really shocking how parts of German society mindlessly believe the Kreml-talk of "fighting the fascists" in Ukraine and still deny russian involvement there. Sorry if that is offtopic, but as a historian with an MA in cold war history, this just grinds my gears too much Ontopic: I fear it will be a hot spring in Ukraine indeed. I am not entirely sure if Putin will be willing to commit more russian mil
  7. God dammit, I voted for a release on March 27th :mad: Seriously, though: take your time. I hate it when games are rushed and just aren't what they could have been just because some publisher (or anxious fans) wanted it nao.
  8. That would be great! Also, some CMSF would be nice, I love that game.
  9. Well played, sir. Hopefully, we'll at least get to see new material on saturday.
  10. http://www.twitch.tv/chrisnd/profile/pastBroadcasts Here you go
  11. ChrisND's videos are almost watched by now. I need more! Holy cow Battlefront, this game looks so amazing... Not trying to dissappoint, but I think I overhead Chris saying it's not going to release this week in saturday's stream.
  12. This is already happening. In the news a few days ago, some experts were talking about fracking and its opportunities. It seems as if the US could support us with a huge amount of liquid gas in the coming years. Corcerning the Crimean Area: I also think this is a done deal. No way the Russians will pull out of the Cremean peninsula. Nonetheless, and without warmongering, I suppose NATO will draw a line in the sand in the coming weeks. Poland in particular isn't all too happy of the Russian actions that might follow this crisis.
  13. Thanks for the show yesterday, really enjoyed it!
  14. Just got myself an early birthday present. Wow, I can't find words how hyped I am for this game. Please release it before the end of march
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