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  1. Thanks for posting this, Its the best interview I have ever seen about BF and what is going on. really enjoyed it.
  2. The gills have a known problem and a patch is in the works
  3. That is a interesting observation - so if someone would take the scenario in question and replace the bridge, then try it. it would be interesting to see if there is a noticeable change.
  4. yes , it still exist. but its sure is weird as to when it happens. I have tried to recreate it when it has occurred and ran the units over the same bridge a ton of times just fine. Or just went back to a saved point in the battle it has happened in and run right over the bridge with no issues. Where as, back when it was a real common issue. It was pretty consistent at screwing up when there was a bad bridge. but yes, getting examples and reporting never hurts.
  5. A little update on Conflict of heroes, Storm of Steel - Kursh 1943. My Son now works from my house also, so we now have time to play a game during lunch. So guess what we are playing. played 4 Scenarios so far. If you can find someone to play against, then this is the best wargame I have ever played that is a board game. The concept and rules are designed for head to head play and it brings in plenty of fog of war and with the mechanics of the game. plenty of uncertainty as to what to expect from your units. If you can accept good and bad luck, its just creates
  6. CMSF2 will give you more content in that CMSF scenarios can also be played on it - so a lot of user content out there. I would go Nato before USMC (but both will be good, no matter which way you go - they each will add their own feel to organizations. Go CMBS if you want more traditional terrain, I think that the river crossing missions and such are interesting since they finally had units in the game that can be used to do such things. Of course, they went back and added that feature into cmsf2, so if my memory serves me right. There is Marines doing a few beach assault
  7. The size of the battle does not matter, I like them all. Personally I like them small because I then become invested in what happens to each unit. Every unit, becomes important to the success of the mission. I am watching the men's ammo, every weapon lost on the battlefield and that if it needs to be recovered and so on. ( I get down in the dirt and see every detail of the battle and see what the game has) But playing large scale battles, you can detach yourself from that micro managing and focus on large scale maneuvering and playing for key terrain and positioning. Losing a tank is
  8. Well, looking back at the challenges BF faced with the fans that somewhat turned into enemies, has in the long run proven that BF made good decisions and those that tried to tear them down were unsuccessful in their vengeful actions. The game is still a masterpiece for what it is and there is plenty of us that see it for that. I am confident that we will see more come into the ranks with this new available platform as to purchasing the game. the only thing that is sad is that it has taken this long to make it available on such a platform. But then on the other hand, it has not
  9. Pick the one that interest you the most. But if you want content, I would say your best bet is CMBN or CMSF2, since those two titles have so much more offerings as to scenarios that have been made by players. So more likely will give you the most amount of small battles. but you also will have the ability to make your own, I have used Avalon hill games to make many of a battle or something similar. For head to head play with someone that you get along with, the options can be almost endless. But if you go that rout, it does mean getting the big bundle with all the modules
  10. Well, If nothing else, this polling method is a good way to get a bunch of like votes for yourself. Will need to keep that in mind if I need a self image improvement. But I just gave you 3 or 4 votes - yes, very slow as to getting to some of these threads
  11. Anyway, I played it enough that I was impressed by how such a simple system did a good job of portraying a complex thing. Where as, anyone that played ASL well and knew all the rules and how to use them. Deserved a collage degree. I wore out my chart chards multiple times, it was a constant grind to go through all the charts just to have a dice roll.
  12. I played through about six battles that it provided, then did some of my own to see how well the game did with certain match ups. then , put it aside, I want to play some h2h with it, but I have only one son out of my kids that I might convince to do that with me and being he is married with 3 kids. Finding the time for such things is not a common event.
  13. I use to play all the old stuff from Avalon Hill with ASL being my Love, with ownership of most of their modules in that and most of their other war games also. But once close combat and combat missions came out, my love for board gaming really began to stop. I sold my ASL stuff and held on to all the operational and strategic games. But don't find the desire to play them much. The rules are too complex for most people to try and pick it as a game to play against most. But I will put in the suggestion of the Conflict of heroes series. My kids gave me Storm of Steel - kur
  14. oh, so very true. But since its been at least a few years, with my old man memory and that fact that I have done so many other things since then, it all did a pretty good job of clearing my memory of the battle other than I remember it as being hard and that I needed to make sure to clear the enemy before tying to move up. I know it is easier to some extent, no matter what, But the fact still is in place, I did not game the defense to get a good result, I used good tactics to show that the mission can be accomplished and that losses can be kept down. And in that battle, 3 of my men
  15. Ok, this is likely one of the hardest battles in all of the games and because the player did not win, he has to blame the game instead of ever believing he might have some more skills to need to learn. Well the answer is the second, and the game is playing better than it has in a long time with the latest changes as to unit reactions to gun fire. I also recall this Scenario kicking my butt when I played it years ago. But I fired it up tonight and did a quick play of the early part of the battle and this is the results. This is at 42 minutes left in the game http://
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