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  1. there needs to be a way to always regain control of high tech stuff, that will include things more than just war machines, self driving cars could be future weapons for a hacker how we are presently going.
  2. That is why the operators need to stay close but generally safe. In case the high tech communications get jambed or whatever, then the crew will need to man the units and run them without the remotes. This is where I think some present designs lack thinking as to in what ifs situations. Only unmanned units do not float my boat as being a smart approach.
  3. So, this is exactly the concept to some extent. So a small platform 150 with just enough protection to keep the ammo safe and the mechanics firing. Crew gets out at the zone of departure and mans it remotely. Drive this up and fire on a heavy defense with enemy combatants. No, it does not need a bunch of high tech attached. How small could this be made, who knows. But for all the weight lost, the chances of getting it and having it available will increase as it becomes more possible to mobilize easily to needed locations.
  4. but I see it as, if they spot and shoot first, I am likely dead ANYWAY. So whatever unit you are thinking of with auto cannons, I see my force with a machine also with auto cannon or better capability. But its smaller, faster and possible the crew is safe behind the hill it is defending. Hopefully more of them than yours because my cost levels. yes, can it be lost , sure, but my logic is, at a cheaper price, maybe saving the crew because of possible remote operation and hopefully just as deadly as what I am fighting against. The concept of armour saving my crew is a concept that
  5. I have been thinking for years, is there a need for a tank type weapon system anymore. As the battlefield changes with technology, what should the future weapons be. One thought I have had, over and over. How long will all the high tech weapons last. It would seem that if a conflict lasted any time, they would use up what stocks they have and will they be able to produce enough fast enough to keep up with needs and be able to keep funding the cost of them. I could see the lack of high tech supplies if a prolonged conflict happened. Then more conventional weapons would ga
  6. Yes George, it appears you shocked a newer player once more. I remember the first time I hit one of them traps set up by you also. it was like, what the heck just happened. It was only after replaying the battle did I figure out what had happened. it was a wonderful dirty little trick .
  7. oh, there is times that they do not pick up the weapon, like was said, its to depict that the weapon is not functioning. ALSO , THE UNIT GIVING AID CAN BE A FACTOR, MAKE SURE THAT THEY HAVE BOLT ACTION RIFLES, IF NOT, THEY MIGHT NOT PICK IT UP In otherwards, there is a priority of which weapon is better, they will not exchange, even if they are low on ammo for what they have. If its the same weapon, they might get the ammo and grenades when they pick up. But I recall smg's will not get picked up for almost anything other than a bolt action rifle
  8. No, Pershings. But we did get the Jumbo, easy eight and the M36. Them 3 equal a Pershing. The Jumbo is the first Sherman that can shed some of those late German tank rounds, The easy eights seem to have the most Tungsten rounds that make their 76MM gun a little more dangerous and fun. And the M36 provide us the 90mm And since most tank battles are one hit only events at this point of the war anyway, who cares it is a Tin can.
  9. With how many years we are into the second game engine and its multiple upgrades. I am sure if we ever see a earlier Russian Front game it will be on a new 3rd generation game engine with all sorts of new features. I would love to see it, but who knows when that day will ever happen. The one thing that has not changed over the years BF's pace is not ever quick since its just a small operation. So I know its not in the near future, that is the only sure thing.
  10. In a battle in CMFB I just finished, I am pretty sure my men have been grabbing the sub machine guns also at times. But my memory is not worth much any more, so a little testing should verify that question for you. But I was having to grab every important weapon dropped to have a chance to keep the fire power I needed. So I am pretty sure i would have noticed if too many smg's did not get snagged.
  11. Ah, bren, that is a easy assault. I much prefer to see GI's rush a target in their jeeps blazing away with nothing more than their carbines. Now there is some hero's
  12. After playing for years, any unit that I am not familiar with. I just enjoy trying to get the best out of every unit no matter what it is, weak or strong. But to your point (how can you not like the quad 50) any time it manages to lock on a target its fun to watch the devastation.
  13. Lets make it more simple, Any map design feature would be nice to do in the 3d view, I hate the time wasted in imagining what it looks like from imput in 2d- then verifying in 3d, then having to go back to 2d to try and correct it. All main features should be functional to change and add right in 3d . That would make a huge difference in map making time.
  14. If there was one thing I would love to see AI programming do, this is it. When AI units attack, they will follow the path that seems correct to their programming to get to their destination. The problem is, they do not take into account if previous units have suffered losses taking that path. Thus a human player can kill enemy unit after unit going through some obvious movement location choke point. If some programming could be written to force the AI to stop using said path once losses has been taken to a certain extent and then recalculate and try other routes, it might be a e
  15. The one comment I find interesting is, why do we not have many user made scenarios anymore, the answer is easy. As they made the AI programming more difficult to allow the designer more ability to make better AI plans, Less players have spent the time to learn to use the tools. Now adding more tools and increasing the complexity is good for those who want to design better AI plans, but keep in mind, as you create more complexity. Those who master it will be fewer and fewer. So what you get from BF design team will be better in quality, but on the other hand, you will be seeing l
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