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  1. This is the most important statement that has been said in weeks. For all those that want to see the glass half empty. None of you want to see the glass as to how it is overflowing in that none of those other companies or games does this. None What I like about Steve is he has a view of how things should be and he goes on the path that he believes he should follow and he does not allow himself to get diverted off the path by the peanut gallery that think they can proclaim themselves as experts and try to push their own views. Also, I do recall many a quick update release of fix
  2. Well, this is a perfect example of what it takes to figure out a bug. First, if you open up your editor. These buildings are all single story buildings. So it is not missing a texture, the roofs are shown too high. Now I went in and snapped in every single story building and I could not reproduce the issue. You fix the map by removing the buildings and replacing them then save the map. (Something most players can figure out how to do) As for what is causing the issue, I have no clue, this is where, can you produce the issue. if you can, then that might lead to a
  3. well, sure is interesting. I see it differently. There is many bugs reported by users here that I have seen beta testers take the time and effort to try and verify and duplicate and then if proven. Have reported it thru proper procedures that the company has to see about getting them addressed. Why do I know that, because they were kind enough to do it on a few that I had found over the years. You are correct, there is no proper place to report, and I agree. Having a spot for that might improve things. Presently, it does take getting the attention of the right people to have the
  4. ok, the good news is , when you get the game here shortly. You will be happy with how much content you will be getting. I am sure of it.
  5. Aragorn2002 You are correct, is that what you want to hear. Does it make any difference if you are. When will you accept the fact that the situation is what it is and all your complaining over these years have made not one bit of difference other than to irritate other people. I do know one thing, Be glad I am not Steve, because if it was my product and I had to deal with someone like you. I would find a way not to sell you my product. I would Call it a "Band of Purchase" Oh this is all "Humor" but I am sure it does not sound like it.
  6. Don't ask me why, but no one uses this site for finding games. I actually did use this site for years and then finally gave up. As was mentioned, those two sites are good and I expect that Steam will be a main place also as the CM games become common there.
  7. It falls in the middle. There is a unique feel to the game. yes the AT weapons have some of the late war feel, but there is also more limitations. There is some things that have more of a WWII feel in things like tanks taking time to fire and having to make more than one shot to get range. You will find it is its own beast as to how it plays and the match up between forces are much more even in many aspects than other periods.
  8. I also agree with Erwin on all above comments. Its better to just learn to do it manually, and in truth I can do it most times without even checking, Just eye ball where I thick hull down is. and no there is no method of getting full hull down, many times it will be partial. What you hope for is using the Hunt command as you move to the location and that the AI spots in its cycle at the right moment and stops in a full hull down position. And in truth, the player should not have more control and guarantee full hull down anyway. Way to much micro management wanted.
  9. The good news, for some you have been waiting years, now your wait is down to days. Hang in there.
  10. I have mentioned for years, I think a better approach would be to just have 3 scenarios. One for blue, one for red and one for H2H, and in truth you could also make one for hard challenge and one that is easier. Trying to do them all in one makes its hard, you really only make it right for one as to being balanced in the sweet spot and that is verse the AI
  11. Its nice the some clubs keep this type of data, but it will likely stay at such a source. I am running a Tournament right now, that the players are going H2H with scenarios I have thrown together. Now my goal is always to get a balanced scoring system for both sides , but it seldom happens. Because I have learned that the two players facing each other will affect the score much more than my tweaking of the score as to what the finial results will be in most battles. Now after I see the results from 15 battles, yes it is easy to adjust the scoring to make half of those bat
  12. Well, that comment goes back to the original post to some extent. And American forces are very prone to do just that. They presently have the ability to send in troops, spot a target and instead of going in and having to eliminate with ground forces. they just use a high tech toy to remove the target. And if that option is on the table, who wouldn't do that , especially if the other choice is risking ones own life. But it does come down to as conflicts increase in size, what weapons will be allowed for what purposes. pricy weapons will become very important to save
  13. Good question, What is a real war anymore. It has become such a detached thing for powerful nations. For the poor people that are living in locations where the fighting is happening, its all very real presently. But its only for one side that the effects are really felt. But at some point in the future, the powerful nations will turn on each other as they seem to always do, and when that day happens, both sides will feel the affects and you might not be able to sit at home and feel safe by seeing some news clips on that large TV while sipping a cold one. When y
  14. Well, for those of you that like your long range duels, I will say, I have played at least 5 scenarios in the package, where long range engagements are a thing. But a few of them are not representing Germany land shape. So for sure, you will fill some of that need you all have for that type of fun. I wish I had the time to test all the stuff in these games, but as long as I have to work somewhere else to get a paycheck, it will never happen. But agree, verifying what the units in the game are actually doing is always a good thing. And yes once in awhile , one is found doing imp
  15. And the most important thing of all. if you are a military force on the move. How often are you going to drive out in the open where you can be seen from locations at distances like 2500m if you are not sure the enemy is located out there. Yes long distance engagements can occur, but in general, events of the past have proven. most of the time engagements are closer than that due to many factors. including the simple fact that you want to allow the enemy to get within a certain range where you can engage and bring as much firepower as possible that can destroy them quickly if y
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