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  1. I have learned to love almost every tank in the game for what it is. I don't need to have the best tank, I just want to use the tank I have to its best strengths. I will make you happy in that one at the top of my list is the M18 Hellcat. It has more speed by far than any other tank that has a gun that can defeat as much armor as it does. Just learn not to get hit and its a winner. I think I would take it over almost any medium or heavy tank also. There is only a few enemy tanks that I would not want to take on with it, if it had to be a head to head duel. But in any tactical situation I can maneuver in, I will enjoy taking any beast on with them. So I dont need any other tank, so in my view, it might be the best tank of the war. But it has it weaknesses also.
  2. Well, I just finished the battle in the US campaign that uses a bunch of tows for a ambush. To tell you the truth, I did not count it. but I would say the game has it pretty close to correct. I was likely running at 60% of what was fired as to getting hits. I think most of the shots were running around 1300 meters, a few down in the 900 and a very few at longer ranges, I did not check , but like 1600 meters. I sure did not get a feel that the game is over accurate as the original post suggest. They would need to prove some data as to what is happening in the game before I would investigate it.
  3. Interesting original post, since you have imput from someone that actually used the system. I was only able to watch such guys use the system. I do agree, he has some valid points as to accuracy of the weapon. But I would like to point out, some of the failure problem is during training, they are using old munitions, getting rid of the stuff that has been sitting around the longest. So that is a factor in some of the failure rate. Personnally, as for firing problems, I would say it was 1 in 5. from what I saw. As for missing the target, he likely has some good points for short range. But I do recall long range targets being missed a lot. Normally something failed with the communication by them. Wire issues. So not sure his high percentage at the longest ranges would be correct.
  4. I would think this is a problem with you rig. No one else is reporting such things. And its not like you noticed it at first or with a update. Its just not sounding like a game problem, but I not saying it isn't possible either.
  5. I went into the Marines in 1980, I still recall how all my orig. issued gear was old, outdated, warn out and not in very good shape. Some of the jokes were it was showing the signs of use from Vietnam. But in general, you could see how the military had not been treated well as to funding at the time. I watched as it transformed with all new equipment, from personnel items to most fighting machines. Food going from c rations to the MRE's. Battle manuals being rewritten. it was a time of many changes. I remember Reagan was made President and he made major pushes to increase military spending in many areas that was lacking at the time. Just remember being glad for the change. It was a good thing in that it really paid off in the early 1990's. But since then, I am not so sure we are not once again on a slide to stop funding on many important projects and are once again finding a military that is starting to be filled with equipment that is pushing long years of service and they are not getting the latest tech as needed to stay prepared as we should be.
  6. Its nice to get good feed back after putting forth the effort to create the Scenario. I personally also wished they would focus on making more small scenarios, but to each his own. I made a small battle and a medium size battle for each of these last two releases. And by far I have received way more feed back as to people enjoying the small battles. As for winning, Luck never hurts. And since during testing and design I lost more than once to the thing and that's with the knowledge of knowing what's going on. So I know its a hard one to crack. The plane can be a big part of that, its like flipping a coin. It can be a big help, or do nothing of value, or even hurt you.
  7. Thanks Well, if you won that on your first go, Excellent job (I figure most will not) The panthers will fit on the bridge, the King Tiger will not, No matter what it has to take the Gulley. Another little surprise to trick players. Falaise - nice trick to solve the bridge issue. I actually pointed out the issue in beta testing on this scenario to see if they could get it fixed. It just seems to be a programming thing that they just cannot seem to resolve. I had my King Tiger get stuck on the bridge. I have learned to always save my game before such moves. I went back a turn, played the turn again and had no problems with the bridge. Its real weird in how its unpredictable as to when bridges screw up. no consistent patterns
  8. Rewriting history by Humans going back in time is a waste of thought. It should be focused on writing history and trying to impact our future. I see way too many people sitting back and thinking we cannot impact the future. Right now there is all sorts or major issues as to where humanity is heading and far to little is being done by the majority of us to impact the course of where we are heading. Unless you think we are on a good course. I would much prefer to see future events from the present and try to prevent some of those evils over the ones we as mankind have managed to overcome in the past. The next great sinister power will make Hitler and the Second World War look like school children as to what evils mankind can do to one another.
  9. BFCElvis : have you noted my message to you as to the game access problem with the key code
  10. I can see your point of view on that statement, especially since it was the one module that you really wanted and having the knowledge that it was out there and work had been done on it. I can only guess but I doubt they were happy about having to delay and shelf it also. But it is what it is, they can only work on so much, something had to give.
  11. What is funny, I think BF has learned that keeping things quite as they did with CMCW is a good thing. So I would not be at all surprised that they might give less advance notice instead of more advanced notice as to what is future releases. They already made a statement where their present efforts are (patch for CMCW) and they made a statement that they already know what the next project is. They did not share what that was. That seems to appear they have no plans of letting you know until its closer to completion.
  12. Well, when a player losses and complains there is something wrong with the battle. I do not give it much weight normally. paying $35 bucks, jumping into a battle and playing the game does not make them great military minds. So normally its something to review and weigh once again maybe at the most. But as to the feed back you have received so far it sounds like to me you have a great and challenging Scenario and it might need no real adjustment. I mean, even in the comments you can tell that the methods that lost, there was a reason for it and it had nothing to do with the Scenario design. but the players use of their force.
  13. Personnally, I think its a great scenario to show the use of infantry as to when a force needs to lead with infantry, not armor. From the comments, it sounds like more proper guidance in the briefing could have been used to help the gamer along the correct path.
  14. Playing as the Soviets for the first time, this battle is brutal. And that is playing against the AI, let alone another person. So losing and finding out what you are up against is not at all surprising. The designer has more than explained now that the method is to use the infantry to move through the woods and to clear the enemy with arty and atgm's. But I would be amazed if anyone wins this battle on the first try. I recall I quickly went to the methods needed to advance in my battle, but still ran into plenty of challenges. I walked away with a minor defeat to the AI and felt good about it. But, if you play it again, using what you have learned about the enemy , you can win this battle. But no, its presently not a good h2h battle, As likely mentioned. Best played as Russian vs AI
  15. Open them hatches and let your tank Commanders ride to Glory. At this time frame, they all still can spot better from a open hatch. As was mentioned above, you will want to button them up once you are within range of enemy small arms fire. For most other things, the AI does a decent job of having them button up if they start getting incoming fire.
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