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Thanks to all!

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British Forces has been on sale for just about 48 hours and we have already hit our "worst case" 1 year minimum sales number. Even accounting for a drop in sales after the initial pent up demand, we're looking forward to hitting our "expected case" for sure and probably early too. Based on the continued sales strength of Marines we will likely hit our "best case" for lifetime sales in a year. And no, we're not going to say what those numbers are :D

This is very good news for all of us. You need us to make the games you want, we need you to buy the games that we make. As long as there is a balance between the two then we have a sustainable arrangement. It also helps that we're not trying to get wildly rich off of making wargames ;)

In fact, things are going so well with the CMx2 concept that we've been able to expand our development in a way that doesn't put Battlefront at risk of going under (like so many games developers turned publishers before us!). The strategy of allowing parallel development, internally and with 3rd parties, is only now starting to show its successes to you guys publicly. Now that we have quality people in place and a lot of the learning curve behind us, expect the pace and variety of releases to increase in the coming years.

Two special notes of thanks. First goes to the large numbers of dedicated individuals who are collectively referred to as our Beta Testers. Some of these guys have pounded on the game without mercy day after day, some have contributed stunning artwork, a select few have spearheaded the scenarios/campaign/QB Maps, one nutter spent gobs of hours doing animations, lots of invaluable help with research which wouldn't have been easy to do on our own, lots of fact checkers, and of course some screamed into a microphone so we don't have to imagine what a Scottsman with his kilt in a twist sounds like (thankfully, we don't have to see what that looks like! :)). All of our testers have contributed in some way, somehow, to making CMx2 a success.

Without this almost exclusively volunteer effort I can promise you that the CM would not be nearly as great today as it is. There's just no way we can do all of this stuff internally, nor can we afford to pay for all the hours people have spent on the various aspects of the game itself. I'm not saying the average customer should worship the Beta Testers, however it is good to keep in mind that without them you'd have a ton more to complain about ;)

Secondly, we would like to thank you customers. When CM:SF was released in a less-than-optimal state there was obviously room to doubt that we had the basic product that you guys really wanted. We pledged to fix the things which were broken, improve things which needed improving, and polish what needed to be polished. We asked for some patience in order to do this and, thankfully, all but a few of you extended it to us. Generally speaking, you guys have been great and extremely helpful in pointing us in the right directions to focus on. Of course we can't make everybody happy, but that was never out plan since that's about as possible as achieving world peace. As stated above, as long as there are enough of you plunking your money down then there really isn't more either can ask for.

The recent sales of British Forces, the continued sales of Marines and the basic Shock Force, show us that we've largely delivered on our commitment to ensure Combat Mission remains the best combined arms tactical wargame bar none. There's still more work to be done, specifically the new QB System for Normandy, however the core gameplay is in an excellent place now and will only get better over time. Whether you agree with every bit of CMx2's direction or not, I think we can all agree that Battlefront does not rest on its laurels like so many wargame developers do. Pushing the bar ever higher is what we really love to do.

Thanks again for your continued support and enjoyment of the games we produce as well as publish. While this isn't the right Forum for touting the non-Combat Mission stuff, we are happy to say that we have some exciting new releases coming up this year.


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Hi Battlefront,

I have all the CM games starting way back with CMBO ( I still play it ). As Richochet said above, you make them and I will buy them. Like others I was disappointed with the original CMSF release but I was also sure that it would be developed into a very enjoyable system. CMSF is such a good balance between game and simulation.

My best wishes for your continued success.

Regards John

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It is an absolute honour to be part of it all.

I cannot and will not disclose any of the Beta work but I can assure you that the guys there pushed together to get the Brits into shape and the dedication for a group of volunteers was outstanding.

Quite an inspiration.

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Thank you BF! And all involved on making the game possible. The artist. The units look awesome! The beta testers, and the mod makers for their improvements.. The game has come along way since it’s first demo, and I did not get it till v1.11, but I am hooked now. The only thing I would like to see are improvements with the situational awareness for the player. It is the best thing out bar none in this genre. I am so looking forward to Normandy and all it’s possibilities. Best of luck to you BF, you really do make the best!

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