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  1. Could anyone copy the feature list here. My phone has a lousy Internet connection
  2. Didn't know that one. Would really like to see a change log for 3.0!
  3. As far as I can remember there where no air support in ANY campaign ore scenarios in cmbn?? Are there in cmrt?
  4. Are there any air support in this campaign? Why not?
  5. Where are the air support? Ive played 10 missions ore so and never seen any planes.
  6. Battlefront game with good review score?? ...I must find another game, it was us against them!!
  7. If l understand this correctly. The airborne troops are replaced by either 82nd ore 101st?
  8. Actually I got a CTD with one of your mods the other day i think, dont know which but after removing these...no CTD. I love the mods anyway.
  9. Ive installed a lot of the mods released for CMBN this far. I wonder, do they affect performance much? And if so which type of mods affect the performance the most?
  10. Ok. I´ll try to stay adult for a couple of days.Thanks.
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