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  1. Honestly i dont know, i only know what i see after i look over the map after i got a totaly victory by enemy surrender, and what i see most of the time is things that could still deal quiet some damage. And in the 2 scenarios i described above, they where in quiet good locations, hard to dislodge. I do not have CMA, that sound nice, but i would already be happy if they would be a little bit more stubborn and surrender later. I dont ask them to fight to the last man, just a bit longer.
  2. As i said above, others as well as i, as players, we have nothing from that workaround if it is not used. If stock scenarios end too soon that workaround a scenario designer could use, is doing nothing for me and all others as players of that particular scenario. And the scenarios in question will not get better because a workaround exists, i talk about possible change that does improve the situation for any scenario in the game, not if some people could implement some measure to have it working differently in some few scenarios that use the workaround, that are two very different
  3. I know erwin, that is why the enemy in my Red Stream map do fight till the end...i alread did that back in 2008 in the original version, but in the stock scenarios or in mostly any scenario, hardly anyone does use it. And it does not help scenarios that suffer from that problem that scenario designers "could" do that, they have to do it too for it to work
  4. Let me throw this into the void... . If CMSF2 gets another patch, maybe it would be good to consider to reduce the premature surrendering a little bit. Its not cool for the enemy to just surrender after you clear half the map, often the enemy has still plenty of killing power left. They may be somewhat rattled but they can still kill you just fine. On Factory outlet it was very noticable, i did not even set foot into the first buildings, after i smash the reinforcements they get and shot up the SF in the first compound a bit, they just surrender. The syrian SF stil
  5. Hey what a nice surprise. I see so it does not show for everyone, that is weird. This are 2 screenshots from my steam version(2.03 bfc version looks the same for me). This is few seconds into turn 1, iron FoW setting, you see i spot only a few parts of the trench network but in fact i can see where all of them are, which i clearly should not be able to. I will attach a dxdiag, maybe that can be of use. DxDiagseptember.txt
  6. Hey, real quick, i work on some simple 90ies irak scenario(no javelins :D ), nothing special not terribly large, but i want to know what type of T72 would represent the iraqi ones from that war best? And if i add static tanks, also T72 or some older stuff? Also i guess no BMP2 only BMP1 right? Situation is, you as player run into a prepared defense after a wadi, trenches and such stuff, and some tanks in dug outs, that sort of thing, some feel good US action. Can i give the player the M1A1HC abrams as it is the weakest one in game, would that be ok for 90ies? Thanks guys
  7. *SPOILERS* Uhm i have to admit i pretty much failed at that scenario right now. It was my first NATO scenario, i played exclusively Army and USMC so far(RED too ofcourse), i do have UK and NATO since the CMSF2 release but i did not touch it so far, plenty for me to discover, so i thought i give it a try, Hinderlaag was the first in list so i took that one. I was quiet surprised, the dutch have tiny squads, half the platoon wants to sit around and snipe with these lapua rifles i had no extra ammo for, even the HQ has a sniper. Not sure what to make of that. If i remember correc
  8. Patch 2.03 out, Mk19 still terrible. I do understand that the Mk19, while performing quiet realistic in CMSF, was probably statistically too good(too many kills in average) as an infantry unit does line up at building walls and when the Mk19 opens fire at them, it just mows them down and makes probably more kills than it would do in reality(if that can be compared). Im my recent scenarios i played, the Mk19 gets about 2-5 kills in urban scenarios(like Al Amarah) when it is empty. That are about ~300 or so grenades for ~4 kills. That is some big nerf. Rifle squads get more kills. I
  9. Let me add here; After Patch 2.03 the FoW Trenches still do not have FoW. You can see all enemy trenches on the map right from turn 1. I do hope this is fixed in the next patch cause it is annoying.
  10. Maybe i missed something, i did register my base game + all 3 upgrade keys with slitherine, all that worked flawless. But on the "My Page" site it say "Steam Key: Not Available" ? Is there a problem or will they become available when the game does release on steam and not earlier?
  11. Hey Erwin, i remember we talk about my KG Himmelfahrt scenario for CMBN, you gave me quiet some feedback about it and i remember the thread derailed a tiny bit cause some thought you are overly critical while being passionate about the scenario , i just think, knowing you a little bit from that experience, i want to make you aware that the map is quiet long, like about ~ 3500-4000 meters, you will have to move a lot of units and do some road marchers, that means lots of laying waypoints. I do hope you still get some enjoyments from the scenario even if moving the units up is sometimes a
  12. Hi, After the latest patch the FoW trenches are fixed ( i just saw they are NOT fixed, you can see the FOW trenches from the start so just do not look too hard for trenches where is the fun in that ) and i finished playtesting my updated CMSF1 scenario which took a long time. I had to test it alone so i hope i get it as good as it can be. It will be a brutal affair, that is for sure Without further talk here is the scenario, if you played it in CMSF you know what you are in for but this time with some added surprises, also i slightly changed the attacker forces and reinfo
  13. A highly subjective statement but compared to what i remember from CMx1 the WW2 CMx2 tanks are a lot more accurate.
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