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  1. https://www.rt.com/uk/534150-ajax-tanks-health-noise/
  2. I don't understand why many of those features are not available to the regular players. I understand why the first, and last four items would be restricted, but why don't we have the others. There is nothing secretive about the rest. I wonder does this mean we will never see those features available to regular players?
  3. Actually it is very straight forward. You both agree on a scenario, the difficulty setting, then you play your turn and email the file to your opponent. They play their move and return it. I always have PBEMs on the go, and have had for many years..................without any difficulty or problems. As Erwin points out, there is no need for a dropbox account unless you are playing very large scenarios.
  4. OK, so we know there are problems.....................what to do about them?
  5. An interesting article. Thank you for posting it.
  6. I couldn't care less what you think. I wonder who made you an expert? PBEM is a choice people sometimes make because it suits them........................if you don't like it, don't use it.
  7. The above has been my experience as well. Sometimes I give a hide command and move the unit after the tank has passed. I usually try to attack from behind the tank.
  8. Thank you Erwin for your reply.
  9. I am thinking of the Mods that colour the weapons at the side of the control panel. Does anyone know if a mod like this was made for CMA as had been made for the other games.
  10. Steve Grammont has been interviewed at the Grogheads Site. Just featured today. http://grogheads.com/interviews/21100#more-21100
  11. This provides some information. https://www.aslscenarioarchive.com/scenario.php?id=56000 There is a CMAK scenario made for this as well. You can download it at the blitz. https://www.theblitz.club/scenarios/sb-ww2-mod/blazin-chariots/b-15.htm?action=scenario&id=13750
  12. Formations would be nice. Line, Column, Skirmish, etc.
  13. I was quite surprised to find myself enjoying the modern titles more than the WW2 ones.
  14. I have noticed some LOS issues, but very rarely. Primarily in urban settings and on maps with gentle inclines.
  15. I started a QB and was surprised to find that the process has changed. I really prefer the old way. Start your self a QB and you will see what I mean. Explaining it clearly in text would be too time consuming.
  16. Will PBEM still be possible using the current email exchange?
  17. I don't like to drone on........but https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2021/01/2021-year-small-drone-arms-race-heats/171650/
  18. Thanks for the clarification. It is a lot clearer to me now. Considering the " lets blame Russia for everything " approach prevalent right now in the West, I don't think Russia would have taken the action they did without reason.
  19. Thanks for posting. A most interesting article.
  20. I wonder how Britain would react to a Russian Naval Flotilla exercising in the Irish sea.
  21. Thank you for your replies.
  22. I have always presumed that CM patches are culmative...................are they?
  23. When in set-up mode I would like to be able to choose to group multiple units so when acquiring their load outs, they are the same, without having to choose acquire for each unit individually. Map Generator by percentage for each type. Force generator by percentage for each type.
  24. As I recall, originally Company sized battles were the recommended optimum and effective size of a Combat Mission engagement. I presume that has changed. Company sized, perhaps a bit smaller or larger, does seem the sweet spot for me.
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